Saturday, February 6, 2010


I feel fortunate that my grandfather taught me how to wallpaper and I love doing it. I've always thought it was like wrapping the inside of a big Christmas present. It requires good measuring skills and sometimes logic, and in an old house when nothing is level or square, it may take some practice and a little luck to get everything just perfect.

Wallpaper gets a bad rap...and for good reason. There's an awful lot of really, really bad wallpaper on the market. Here's a few examples that give new meaning to "wall paper." I don't know that I would do these around all four walls, but on a feature wall or in a small space, I think these could look great. And I think grandpa would approve.
Adding the bird cage as an accessory is priceless.

Using old book pages with yellowed edges to create a grid is very creative.

Black and white pages add much needed pattern to this black and white room.

How handsome is this collage of maps?

I don't love this result but using vintage letters could really reinforce a sense of history in an old house.


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