Saturday, February 13, 2010

Upstairs Hall

Here's some photos of the upstairs hall. This is the "before" view coming up the stairs looking back toward the master bedroom. It's hard to see but the walls are covered in pink wallpaper.
And here's the "after" photo. The white oak floors have been stained with Minwax English Chestnut and given two coats of polyurethane. The walls have been painted with flat Benjamin Moore American White which is a warm grayish white and the trim is semi-gloss Decorator's White, also Ben Moore.
This is looking from the master bedroom toward the front of the house "before." The little vintage ceiling light is one of the few that I've kept.
Just a closer shot of the "before." The upstairs windows are low on the walls. The curtains were hung on the window frame which accentuated their position.
And here's the "after." I've moved the curtain rod up closer to the ceiling so the space seems much larger.
Now that I've neutralized this space, I can more easily envision what this can be. I can maybe see a small desk or a nice reading chair and floor lamp...maybe a window seat. I'll have to look for some inspiration.


  1. What? You didn't like that bumpy stained carpet? :) The color of the stain is gorgeous - I've never used that color but may have to look into it for our floors which are on the to-do list.
    I loved your post on the kitchen window wish - I can envision the herb pots all lined up. Really, how grand would it be to go over to your window sill and pick some fresh herbs for your dinner. I'm envious!
    I'm sure you are going to have the grandest home on the block.

  2. HI, It's me...the bratty, sexist blogger. Thanks for your comment...I love your blog and love your revival,,,it looks fabulous. I am a huge fan of Ben Moore Decorator White. Thanks for checking the way my husband loves your green rug from the before pics...just kidding.
    all the best, kelly

  3. That is the same color we stained our floors with. English Chesnut. I fell in love with the name! The space looks incredible. I just love it all.


  4. Yes, looks much better. The good thing about fluffy carpet is that it preserves floors for someone just like you! Trina

  5. Before and afters are so much fun especially when the "after" is such an improvement. A desk or built in bench would be nice. If you're short on storage space make the bench one where the bench top can be removed and you can store things within the bench. Hope I'm making sense.