Sunday, February 28, 2010

Living Room Inspiration

My inspiration for the living room makeover--and probably the entire downstairs--came from the website of Kelly McGuill found here. Kelly is an interior designer, photo stylist and blogger. Her website is filled with lots of eye candy but I'm particularly in love with this room below. All of her rooms seem clean, crisp and classic that leave the highlight on the unique things we all like to collect during the course of our lives.

I would probably never pick a wicker chair but I really like the pattern and texture it brings to the room. Perhaps I'll need to get one. I also like the textures of the wicker box and rug, although I want to reach into the photograph and pull the rug over under the legs of the sofa.
Many of her rooms have a mix of white and wood with a pop of bright green that make me think of spring.
Here again, a reduced color palette of white and wood that make the unique roadrunner weather vane the star of the show. Love those chairs too.
White and wood. Love the farm table with the white chairs and vintage advertising sign.
Here's another room and that just makes me think of spring with the pops of bright green poking up through the snow.

I'm sure if you check out Kelly's website, you'll find a lot of things that inspire you too.


  1. Oh! I love her designs too. I love all the neutral with the pops of color and texture. She is the best at mixing textures and styles and neither too feminine or masculine. I love all the pictures you chose -I agree about the rug! :) Sarah

  2. Soooo, did you paint this weekend?? I'm very curious to see how it all turned out!

  3. Such lovely photos - I just want to jump right in and enjoy the lovely space. Thanks for pointing me to a great designer.