Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Architects Hired

I chose a local architect, a young-ish duo actually, to help me develop a phased plan for the house. I talked to a few architecture firms to find that they charged a percentage of the overall project cost. That could add up to a pretty hefty sum. I chose this firm because I felt like an hourly rate works better for me. I can use them as much or as little as I need...or I can afford. They will stay anonymous for now so I can reserve the right to badmouth them if I'd like. I'll refer to them as The Architects.

I did a tour of the house with The Architects, talked about some of my ideas, and went through a bunch of my inspiration photos to talk about what I liked about them. That was an interesting process I'll talk about in another post. They've been back to take photos of every room, and measurements of every possible detail inside and out of the house. This took about three hours. All of the measurements will be put into their computers so we can start playing with layouts. It'll be fun to see what they come up with.

I was a little discouraged to hear them say that an entire re-clad of the outside of a house can cost up to $100,000 in this neck of the woods. The below is a "before" photo of one of their projects, just a few blocks away from here actually.

I think this is uglier than my house but it's hard to tell how much ugly might be hiding under my vinyl siding.

And this is the "after."
This is a photo of one of their projects in a Boston townhouse which seems quite lovely.
This is the "before" photo of one of their kitchen projects....
And this is the "after." I'd be happy with a kitchen like this.

So the process is under way.

Photos: Steve Ritter and Brian Beaucher


  1. How exciting! Sounds like a good fit! Can't wait to see what they say! Okay, enough exclamation points. ; ) Trina

  2. Oh, I'm thrilled for you! Sounds like a perfect match. I know they're going to great things with your lovely home. Let us know right away what their ideas are ~

  3. Isn't it amazing what things in your neck of the woods cost? We're originally from RI, and after 27 years in the AF, we've settled in Texas. My oldest daughter and her husband bought a home down the street from you in Arlington Heights. The cost of living is just so different it boggles the mind! I hope your architects come up with something you love-so exciting for you.

  4. Let the fun begin! Such an exciting journey you have ahead - looking forward to seeing all your progess. Love what you've done with your master bedroom! Leigh

  5. what great fun and such a scary step at the same time. I'm always scared when people throw around big numbers like that. Can't wait to watch the progress.


  6. My son thinks the "old man" is creepy! He can't believe I paid money for it! Maybe he belongs in a handsome house? :)