Monday, February 8, 2010

Picking an Architect

I find the idea of using an architect a little intimidating. I don't want to build "Falling Water" or anything, I just need a little help restoring my front porch and maybe coming up with a few alternatives for modernizing my interior. So how do I go about choosing one?

I was a big fan of "Cottage Living"--had to take a mental health day when I learned they were ceasing publication--but I distinctly remember a Greek Revival house right here in Cambridge that was renovated by a local architect. I remember it not only because it was local, I remember I looked up the architect--his name was Tittmann--to see where he lived so I could go see it in person. (Yes, I'm a house stalker!) And I remember because I drooled on myself when I was looking through the pages.

So I googled "Tittmann Architect Cambridge" and found them. The firm name is Albert Righter & Tittmann and they're actually in Boston. Their website can be found here but below are a few pictures of their eye candy-- er, work.
This is the house I remember appearing in "Cottage Living." I'm drooling again.
A house with a crown? How absolutely majestic is that?
Another amazing Greek Revival. I love those little windows up on the freize.
Drooling again over this modern farmhouse!
All that's missing from this beauty is a wide open ocean view which I would bet is hiding just on the other side!

After seeing their work, I would bet my porch restoration isn't exactly the exciting project they're looking for. I guess I'll keep looking.


  1. Even though it's not my style, I would do just about anything to live in the Falling Water house - or any of Wright's homes. I'm madly in love with him.
    I would probably consult an architect just because he may have ideas on historically accurate details and how to utilize the space better. I'm sure your porch restoration is going to be fabulous!

  2. I agree with you, Sarah. I've been to Falling Water and recall the ceilings were about six inches above my head. But what a masterpiece it is.

  3. Hi Steve, I would totally call them! This is the perfect time to as construction is down (for new structures as well as remodels). I've also been told by contractors that this time of year is the best time to get the lowest prices because it's a generally a quiet time anyway. And even if you don't do the contruction for a year or so, at least you'll have the plans for it. Wouldn't hurt to call and just see - I think it's exciting! Trina