Friday, February 19, 2010

Beautiful Bookshelves

I keep running across photos of rooms that have these beautiful bookshelves. Some of them mix books with decorative objects and artwork but some of them just have books and they're equally as beautiful. They create a great texture in these rooms. I've never been to anyone's house that has bookshelves that look this nice so I guess there's some secret I haven't figured out yet.

This seaside cottage probably uses the same marine paint on the floor that I used as the inspiration for my master bedroom floor.
I love this one above that has the little central shrine.

I don't really collect books but these images make me want to.

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  1. These are some great images!

    On one end of our living room is a window surrounded by built-in bookshelves. Most of the shelves are filled with interior design books, but the second row of shelves holds a mix of blue-and-white chinese porcelain.

    The bookshelves are painted crisp white, the walls in the room are hawthorne yellow from Benjamin Moore's historic colors collection, and the books, of course, are multi-colored.

    It's my favorite wall in my favorite room of our house.

    You mention that "I don't really collect books but these images make me want to."

    In the college town where I live, there's a huge used book sale every year to raise money for scholarships. Most of the books are incredibly cheap. And on the last day of the sale, you can fill a grocery bag with hard-cover books and pay only a few dollars for the whole bag.

    I would guess that Cambridge must have similar opportunities.

  2. I love bookcases in a room - you can tell a lot about a person by what books they have.
    You wouldn't have to fill them all with books - maybe mix in some pottery, plants, unique treasures, architectural pieces ... I have friend who has two large ones and she covered the backs of the shelves with old antique maps and wired in two antique sconces. It is gorgeous! On the lower shelves she stores her serving platters and bowls - all mixed in with the books.
    If you want handsome, I think bookcases must be somewhere ~

  3. I have always loved image #1, I know this whole house by heart. She works for Martha Stewart in some capacity. I love her whole house but especially this room. Also, I've always loved image #3. Those books, the green drape and that rug just kill me.


    p.s. Glad you liked the pasta dish, I will def try with curry, interesting. Are you vegetarian or vegan by chance?