Monday, February 15, 2010


As I started going through the house to do my quick makeovers my thought was make it look somewhere between farmhouse and cottage but as I consider what I'd like the house to look like after doing more major renovations, the first word that comes to mind is handsome. I like a lot of different styles from modern, to vintage, to cottage and maybe even country when it's done minimally. Here are a few images I've collected that really have a handsome feeling that I think would work for me. I'm noticing that these all have a have a reduced color palette which makes me wonder if that's part of the key.
I absolutely LOVE this kitchen (which was used in the movie "Message in a Bottle"). There's seemingly no real cabinets. Everything feels much more like furniture. Love the brown and cream, the farm table, the dark beadboard ceiling, the big lights. I'll have see if I can get the DVD. This leaves me wanting to see the rest of it. I'd just bet it has a big vintage stove.
The message I'm getting from this bathroom is to be careful not to do too much in a renovation.
It's amazing to me that even with these crusty walls and funky floors, this house has a real elegance. I want that mirror!
And in this room too, I have to say I love the walls.

And I love the simplicity of this masculine bedroom.

Does a masculine/handsome interior require dark colors and a reduced color palette?

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  1. I love your term "handsome." I picture: chunky wood of all types, no bright colors, wools, dark fireplace, rustic furniture, natural materials - no hanging fish or deer heads allowed!
    If you go with these pictures, it will be exactly what you want.