Friday, February 5, 2010

Painted floors

I've always loved painted floors but I think I would have had the guts to paint the floor of my master bedroom if it hadn't already been painted. Now that I have one room with a painted floor, I've explored ideas for painted floors that I might use in other places around the house.
I love the idea of keeping some of the wood natural.
The light high gloss paint in contrasted by the dark walls makes this old house seem elegant and modern.
How cool is this plaid floor?

This floor is a wreck but how fun it looks with this large painted print.
And why limit yourself to the inside?

Credits: 1)Flickr 2)Apt. Therapy 3)Diamond Baratta Design 4) Apt Therapy 4) Flickr


  1. I am the biggest fan of painted floors - I say Go For It wherever you can! Great examples and inspiration.
    I mentioned you on my blog today so more people can follow you on your journey. :)

  2. I seriously long for wood floors and an old house.

    Unfortunately I live in an 80's suburban ranch with cement floors under berber carpet. Yum. *rolling eyes*

    Stopped over from the Yellow House. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your awesome Greek Revival.


  3. Love those floors . . . .wish I had real floors instead of yucky laminate ones.

  4. I love painted floors. I was hoping we could salvage some of the old floors in our brownstone and paint the bedroom floor. But there wasn't enough floor to salvage, so we ended up with a new subfloor and "new" vintage heart pine floors. They are lovely, but I sure wish we could have mismatchy/painted old floors and whole lot more money in the bank! Love the painted floor post!

  5. Love the plaid ! Anyone ever wallpaper a floor with polyurethane?