Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday in Boston

I thought I'd start my day by getting the fabric store out of the way. I wanted to find a few options for the roman blinds in my living room. I intensely dislike shopping for fabric because I always quickly get overwhelmed. I can always find fabrics I love for "somewhere" but never the perfect fabric for the project I'm focusing on. So after leaving Freddy Farkel's in Watertown with a headache, the temperature was up to 50 degrees so I decided to go for a walk in Boston.
I drove into the city which is 3 1/2 miles from my house, parked and decided to walk toward Charles Street. On one side of Charles Street is the Boston Public Garden...
...where I found the Witch Hazel in bloom...
...and on the other side of Charles Street is The Boston Common, one of the country's oldest public parks. It's 50 acres of open land dating back to the 1630s.
Facing the Common along Beacon Street, sits this row of mansions enjoying the obstructed rays of the spring sun.
And just ahead are the shops of Charles Street...
...where there's always a little something for everyone. After being cooped up all winter, it's nice to see shops moving back out doors.
How about a few spring flowers?
I think I'll stop into a few of the area's many antique shops...
...but maybe before I start, a little treat for energy.
What will I find?


  1. Ahhh-Beantown-it doesn't get much better. Before you know it the lilacs and peonies will be blooming!

  2. I so miss Boston! What a beautiful city. And I get so overwhelmed in fabric stores too. It makes my head spin! Happy Boston spring to you! Trina