Saturday, March 13, 2010

Salon Style Art

The new living room rug arrived yesterday so I had a few friends over today to help me move some furniture around and get it down on the floor. The convex mirror I ordered... the one in this favorite photo I posted earlier, will take a few weeks so my thoughts are turning to creating something like this black and white, eclectic salon style grouping of artwork.

Collecting art is a huge passion--well, okay, problem--of mine so I already have a few pieces that would be perfect.

I think these these salon style hangings require some sort of order. Whether it's color, theme, shape, subject matter, etc., unless they're hung in a perfect grid like these, I think pulling them off successfully can be pretty tricky.
Although the colors are wild, I think it's the unusual shape of this grouping that makes this display so exciting.
Imagine the planning it took to get this large group of photographs into a perfect rectangle. P.S. Another thing I noticed only after posting this is that the "pattern" of the arrangment mirrors the apothecary cabinet below it. How cool is that?
This is an arrangement of MissPrint wallpapers that's quite fun.
This kitchen filled with B&W photos, although a little dizzying, makes me think of Paris for some reason.
Here's another grouping of black and white pieces that fit into a rectangle. But I think the internal negative space is also an important part of the success of this arrangement.

I have a feeling that creating these arrangements is harder than it looks and I'm sure it's something I would be tweaking for years to come.

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  1. Well, after seeing these, I guess my wall has a long way to go!
    I love this look! I think black frames with your mirror will look fabulous.
    Don't make us wait too long for the first pictures. :)