Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Living Room Ingredients

Before I moved to this house, I had this Ligne Roset Nomade sofa. It was great for a one-bedroom loft apartment because it slept two guests. But at nearly 10 feet wide, there was no way it would work in my cottage. I also had a huge, low white glass coffee table that would have taken up the other half of the room. The coffee table went to friend and half of the sofa went to charity.
I replaced it with a Mitchell Gold Alex II slipcovered sofa. I don't LOVE slipcovered sofas but I like the versatility of switching out different colored and patterned slipcovers. And having three cats, I like being able to throw them in the washer whenever needed. This is the sofa you saw in the newly painted room with a Char Brown (warm gray) slipcover.

This is the Mountain Grass rug I bought from eBay vendor, Natural Home Rugs, that matches the one in the dining room. They were having a 25% off sale--and free shipping--last week so the timing was perfect.
I also bought this Wyatt chair from Mitchell Gold (although not in this color). I got it upholstered in a cream/chino khaki color. Since everything else in the room is very square, I like the curved lines. Since the room is small, I also liked the fact you can see under it, taking up less visual space.
This is the same chair with a slipcover I found at this Jayson Home and Garden store in Chicago. Check out the Flea section of their website. They've got some great stuff. I ordered with chair with a slipcover, but I panicked about my fabric choice when I got home and I called to cancel it. But I love this chair with the slipcover.
A friend of mine bought me this Pia coffee table from Crate and Barrel furniture as a house warming gift. It's perfect for a small room because it's almost invisible.
This is a close-up of the coffee table detail. It's kind of an aged bronze color and has a hand-forged feel to it.
So these are only things I know are going back into the living room at this point.


  1. WOW! You certainly have some good bones to start with! I think the chair is so comfy looking. Slipcovers are always a good way to give you endless possibilities. Things here always change, so that's a good thing.

  2. Oh, beautiful table from a wonderful friend! You are blessed!

  3. It seems like I'm always on when you post something!
    First, you have exquisite taste! Your choices are superb - I love the Wyatt chair. I think the curves of it will be the perfect compliment to all the right angles of the room, windows and couch. What nice friends to give you that table - it's perfect.
    Second - are you a designer or just have great taste...
    Now that you have the basics, next comes the fun part with all your personal touches and accessories. Looks like you're having a lot of fun in your Greek cottage! :)

  4. Hi Steve,

    I so love all these pieces. I cannot wait to see them in place. I think it is going to look so clean and classic. Perfect.


  5. I looked at this very coffee table and I pretty sure it's going to be my next purchase. I'm painting my walls a soft gray with gray couches and bright accents. I just hope the bronze in the coffee table won't clash with the grey.