Thursday, March 11, 2010

Living Room Ingredients, Part 2

My living room rug has been shipped and I'm eager to get it down on the floor so I can move forward with setting up the room and figuring out what else I want/need. In the meantime, I've selected a few more things that I'll put into the room.

The earlier peek-a-boo photos of the barley twist table didn't really do it justice so here's a glamor shot of her showing off her gorgeous legs.
I got a lot of questions and comments about the convex sun mirrors from my Charles Street post and about their price. They were "quite dear" as my grandmother used to say. The smaller two were about $2400 and the large one on the mantel was about $4800. I think it's great to study the characteristics of these genuine beauties so you can choose a good reproduction or identify one at an auction or garage sale.

I ended up choosing this convex mirror framed in black with a silver accent from Mitchell Gold. I think this will be a great anchor for a salon style grouping of artwork as I showed in my earlier inspiration photos. They come in three sizes. This 18" model was $175 and they were having a 12% off sale this past weekend.
I bought this floor lamp for $10 from Sam who lives down the street from me. Sam is an 80-ish-year-old neighborhood fixture. He knows everyone (especially the "gals") and everyone knows him. He probably gets invited to 20 different 4th of July picnics and he probably stops by all 20. He was a boxer in his younger days and he claims he taught the Affleck boys how to box. Except for the bleakest days of the winter, he always seems to be outside where's he selling "treasures" out of the back of his van. He rewires lighting fixtures and always seems to have a few in different states of disrepair. This one seems to be in great shape except for the crushed shade.
Here's a close-up shot of the lamp. I think it's a great lamp for $10. Thanks, Sam.
And here's a vintage fan I bought from High Street Market on etsy. Kelly always has some fantastic vintage items and I immediately connected with this piece. It's totally refurbished/rewired and I thought would be a handsome addition to the living room.
Not only is the base beautiful, almost like an overturned flower, the inset name plate in the center let's you know this is the real deal.
Next, I need to put together the grouping of black-and-white framed artwork, make a decision on window treatments and maybe a few more lamps. Pulling it all together will be the fun part.


  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Love the vintage fan. I have seen a few but none as nice as this one.

  2. Your ingredients for a beautiful room are certainly coming together! Great finds! Can't wait to see the end result.

  3. Hi Steve, I so love your barley twist table. Those legs are drop dead gorgeous! I would love to add a piece like that to our home. Great find with the fan. It's in beautiful shape! AND so LOVED your comment about the frame being her 'dress.' Wonderful! Trina

  4. I'm really liking all the items you have picked out so far (the fan almost made me swoon.

    Can't wait to see the room all finished.

  5. Hi Steve, the table is gorgeous. I think it's going to be the perfect stand out addition to your room. Not only do I love the legs but also love that apron around the top. I bet Sam is a hoot! Make him your best friend - imagine all the unique pieces you can get, all with stories.
    The FAN!!!! You did GREAT with that one. To say I am envious is an understatment ~

  6. Hi Steve,

    Love all these ingredients. Love that fan. I have one of those myself. I picked it up at a junk store for $15. I love the story about the old man. My neighborhood would not be what it is without it's characters.


    p.s. I think the funniest thing in the whole post is that the mirror was 12% off. Who does that?!!

  7. I love the "barley twist" table. Great buy, no doubt! I have a similar antique bedside table from Granny that I've always called a "turned leg" nightstand. Love yours. Love Granny's too. Can't wait to see how both of ours turn out in the finished rooms (as if they are ever finished, ha!). Best, ADD