Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I'm knee deep in a huge project at work that involves some
late nights and weekends and keeps me on call 'round the clock.
Fortunately I'm able to work remotely so I'm not stuck at the office
for so long but it's left me kind of floundering, not wanting to start
any projects.  So I move around from a little unpacking, a little
cleaning up in the garden, and a little organizing

I put three boxes of stuff over on the neighborhood "free" table
this weekend and it all went like hotcakes, including a new griddle, the hot
plate from my temporary kitchen, a half dozen Cafe Fanny cafe au lait bowls,
cookie cutters, some old mixing bowls and a few small pots and pans.
An elderly woman scored a brand-new aubergine Staub kettle.  Seeing her
makes me feel guilty I ever spent so much hard-earned money on something
to heat water...and then never used it.   I hope she loves it. 

I've also been tinkering with what goes on the kitchen counters and
shelves.  I'm back and forth over having them be spare and decorative or
completely utilitarian.  A little mix of both is how I'm liking them right now.

A little shelf above the dishwasher was to be for a few drinking glasses
and/or mugs but I love playing with little vignettes so this what's going
on here right now.  I still can't decide what to do with the shelves:  paint
them white, light gray or stain them to match the unpainted bin drawers?

So maybe I'm also procrastinating a little bit.

My little garden was trashed by the porch project and after seeing
Loi's garden on his blog, I want to start from scratch.  I was out raking
over the weekend and rediscovered this in the corner of the gardne
 that I don't believe I've ever shown you.  Any idea what it is?  

I'll reply in the comments to the first person that gets it right.

This work project continues through May 1st so please don't expect a
lot from me for a little bit.  I'll be back soon.