Sunday, October 28, 2018

House Update

Someone was kind enough to nominate me on Modenus as Top Design Blog/Social Media
influencer so I thought it would a good time to update the blog with more recent photos
of what I've been posting in Instagram this past year.   

I'd be honored if you'd vote for me.  When I last looked, I was at number 29!

I hear all the time that you miss the blog and while it was fun sharing the renovations while
they were in full swing, there's just not enough time or material to keep it up on a regular basis.
I know that many of you follow me on Instagram, but if you're not an iPhone app kind of person,
here's some images of what'S of been going on around the house.

The entryway hasn't changed at all.  I'd really like to paint the trim darker gray but
there are so many coats of paint on the trim, I can't bring myself to just slap another
coat on.  It really needs to be stripped before I paint again.

But how do I strip the baseboards without messing up the finish on the stair treads?

When I first moved in to the house, I furnished it with a lot of second-hand furniture 
that allowed me to save of improvements and I'm slowly starting to replaced it with a
mix of antique pieces that I've had reupholstered and...

...more modern pieces that I've slipcovered in white so I can swap out
pillows, throws and artwork that change up the look very easily.

In summer, I pare down even more and go without a rug on the floor.
I struggle with collecting and acquiring but I love this photo of the living room
where I've edited down to only a few favorite things.


The former dining room room has been turned in to a study.  I found an old mantel
which creates a great focal point for the room and added a few comfy club chairs upholstered
in a neutral herringbone fabric and a more modern footstool covered in steel blue velvet where
I can pile up books and magazines waiting to be read.

I had a bumper crop of Annabelle hydrangreas this year.  So fun to make a huge arrangement.

I love how cozy this room has become.

I absolutely love my kitchen.   In a historical house, I think it's hard to create a space
that has all the modern conveniences while respecting the age of the house.
I was so, so lucky to find the old store counter that provided the bin drawers and
column details that make up the base cabinets.  Everyone that comes in and sees
this kitchen comments on how warm and homey it is.  That makes me happy,

Back when I did the open shelves, there were a lot of people that felt the open
shelves would allow the dishes to get dirty and greasy.  By displaying items
that are used all the time, I haven't found that to be a problem at all.  And from what
I've seen in magazines and other media, open shelves have stood the test of time.

I'm still cooking and baking, trying to perfect my pie crust.

And I love making whole meals on the grill.  

Upstairs hasn't changed a lot.  I still have the wallpaper that I glazed with 
watered down paint to downplay the pattern.

If you're a long-time reader, you'll remember that the upstairs of my house was turned into 
an apartment around 1900, so doors were opened up between the three bedrooms that allow
you a view from the back to the front of the house.   It's kind of odd quality to
have bedrooms open up to each other but I do love the open feeling it allows. 
I've considered closing them up but there's no rush to do this.  

I still adore this old green painted cabinet.  I'm seeing a lot of reproduction 
furniture from Asia that has similarly distressed painted surfaces,
but nothing beats the real thing.

I did a lot of work on my garden this year.  The garden needs constant tweaking
as some things suffer and other things grow out of control.  I hired a landscape
architect to help me develop a longer term plan for my little outdoor space.
I would like to establish more privacy and move to plants and shrubs that look 
good for a longer portion of the season.

The grid at the end of my porch will eventually be covered in climbing hydrangea
and will provide a screen between by space and my neighbor's living room window.

 That's a quick little update.  I'm interested to know if anyone still visits so let
me know if you were here.  I've love to hear from you.

And if you voted for me on Mondeus, THANK YOU!