Thursday, March 4, 2010

Living Room Insomnia

3:34 a.m. and I can't stop moving furniture around in the living room of my mind. I HATE when that happens but I can turn it off.

As much as I was going to let Kelly McGuill be the style guide for the living room, my mind is taking the room in a different direction. I'm still thinking it should be a reduced color palette but instead of the white and medium-value wood, my mind envisions something more black and white but softened with wood.

Maybe something more along the lines of this...but not so cluttered.
I was also thinking that I might like have some bamboo blinds with drapes like this (sans all the flowers, the draped end tables, all the pillows and least two chairs)...
...but now I'm really leaning toward the simplicity of a roman blind, but recessed so the trim remains exposed. I love this grain-sacky kind of look.
I'm totally in love with this modernist painting. I wish I knew who the artist was. It makes me want to get the art supplies out and experiment. I would love to do something like this as a large wood block print. But I'd definitely like to have a table, console or chest to display some of my favorite things...
...maybe like this.
But I also love this black-framed convex mirror surrounded by a big grouping of artwork framed in black. I have quite a few black and white art pieces and would love to try to put something like this together.

Hopefully I can turn my brain off now.

Sources: 1) Domino 2+5) ? Sorry 3) BH&G 4) Townhouse 5) Joseph de Leo Photography


  1. I have a feeling that whatever you do will be gorgeous! How long have you been living in your house?

  2. Good luck with turning the brain off. Let me know where that switch is when you find it.

    I'm loving that first image. I think it suits you.


  3. Oh man, I've been there! Hope you are able to figure it out to your liking soon so you can get some sleep.

    p.s. If were voting I pick photo # 1 (the uncluttered version) with a spot in the room for #5. love both photos.