Thursday, August 5, 2010

Putting it Back Together

I've been extremely lucky as far as the weather is concerned the past week. There's something quite disconcerting about seeing the back side of your electrical outlets hanging off the outside of your house and thinking it might rain. So I didn't get a lot of sleep last night hearing about the threat of thunderstorms overnight. Thankfully there were none.
I was really happy today to come home and see that the house was insulated and almost entirely wrapped.
I think God and my house angel Jennie have been looking over me because just as they were finishing, the skies opened up.
This is the first time I've seen water standing in the garden.
And our little private alley and street are flooded.
The holes for the new front porch footings were dug yesterday. The inspector came by today and approved them--they need to be four feet deep in our area of the country--so the concrete went in the sonotubes just before the rain started.

There's just two, and sometimes three guys working on the house each day so I'm pretty happy with the progress so far.
And check this out. When they pulled the shingles off the front corner of the house where I had put my test patches of color, We found these old pieces of trim they had used for filler. The ochre color matches the clapboards that were on the house but the first coat of paint on the board is gray. So I think I'm right track with my color scheme.


  1. You WERE really lucky the rain held off until that moment. I love the gray. You are in sync with your house!

  2. hi steve,

    see that's what kills me about my house. as you know it's red but we can see tiny bits of paint around windows and such that show it was once pale green and there are even traces of pink. but b/c it's been red for the last 50 years everyone thinks it must be red forever. this really pisses me off.

    oh yeah, this post is about you, i forgot. you are gonna be so happy this winter with insulation. your house is going to be so toasty!


  3. Amazing how fast it's progressing! I road by your street on my Trader's Joe run last week and honestly was a bit taken aback at the sight. Those rains were crazy. I do think you've got some house angels on your side! What's happening on the top and sides - are those next?

  4. I'm watching this progress through gaps between my fingers! Demolition makes a house look so vulnerable, and I'm accustomed to stone dwellings. I'm sure that it is going to be a great result. Somewhere to lie on your back and watch the moon come up?
    On the subject of rigidity in your artwork, I know just how you feel - I'm fine art trained and earned my living as an illustrator - I think that working from photographs often results in too much control in the finished picture. Try direct, full colour studies in place of your tonal sketching and see what happens.