Monday, August 2, 2010

Ongoing Demo

The front stairs are totally gone. It took them an entire day to break up the old stairs.
See all the lathing strips and plaster above the door? This was put on the outside of the framing just under the sheathing as an old form of insulation. Unfortunately all of this needs to come out before insulation can be blown in.
One of the cats checking out the progress.

Meanwhile on the garden side...
This is back side of the dining room wall. Opened up and stripped of all the extra lathe and plaster. Pretty interesting contruction, huh?
The house is all post and beam construction. Here's a closeup of one of the mortised joints.
Most of the vinyl is gone. Just the upstairs deck ceiling and soffits to go.
Another view of the garden side. I kind of like the dark brown. Does this require another sangria party--I mean, color caucus?
A rare look at the back of my house and two neighbors' houses. As you can see, my back yard is about 2 1/2 feet wide.
And just a quick glamor shot of the back porch.

I was outside over the weekend just doing a little cleanup when a woman walked by and, with a look of disgust, said "Are you LIVING in there?"


  1. Oh, your poor house! Be very glad you're not doing that work yourself.

  2. So did all your neighbors get together and decide that all the houses should be gold and brown. :)
    You must be pleased with all the progress so far. It's going to feel so fresh and clean when it's all done.
    Isn't it interesting to peel back all the layers and see what other people have done. I hope you find something fun hidden behind one of those would be more fabulous if it was something of Jenny Ray's.
    Have you made a decision on the front door?

  3. Good thing your neighbors had to make the decision before demo! Your cat is pretty brave/well adjusted. I wouldn't see my cat for days/weeks. Color caucus or not, I think a Sangria party is always a good idea. I'm glad to see that glamour shot-the house may not be intact, but your sense of humor is!

  4. I love to see the "bones" of a house and how everything fits together, perhaps from having done so much construction on my house. There is beauty of a different sort in the framing. It is fascinating that your house is a post-and-beam underneath that genteel facade. Good luck with the rest of the project and remember that a glass of sangria makes everything a little brighter!

  5. A sense of humor and a sense of adventure are the real tools with this sort of project. You seem to have them both! Onward...!!!

  6. How exciting! I can't wait to rip apart our exterior, hopefully in the spring. Came over from Janet's blog.