Thursday, August 12, 2010

Carpe Diem

Sometime in the next week, take a day off to do nothing but enjoy yourself.

Call in sick.  Play hookie.

Give yourself permission.  

Hit the beach.

Read a book.

Mani, pedi, facial and massage.

Go on a road trip.

And then post about it.

I did it today.  There's something extra special about taking a day without much planning, when everyone else is going about their normal routine, just to have fun.


  1. I's so good for the soul!
    So, what'd ya do?

    I didn't get to comment on yesterday's post - your house is looking fabulous and I love the columns and capitals you chose. Sometimes, understated makes more of a statement.

  2. No kidding....need me some of that!

    thanks for reminding me Steve.


  3. hi steve,

    i will. next week we will be on vacation on the cliffs overlooking the pacific. if you want i'll post some pics just for YOU!


  4. Good for you Steve. That looks like the Merrimack bridge heading up towards NH?

  5. Good for you! Sometimes this is just what the doctor (or, in my case, therapist) ordered. I need to follow my own advice, I guess. Once my daughter heads off to college in your neck of the woods in early September, I will take a day, just for me. Fall is a good time to do this.

    I love seeing your project progress. I agree with Sarah, sometimes the understatement is perfect. It asks us to pay closer attention.