Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Bedroom Projects

I have a few projects ahead me before I can pull the master bedroom together.
I'm going to be pairing the antique Swedish chest with a modern bed.

You've seen the bed before but you never would have recognized it.
In the guest room, I disguised its modern lines with a bright mustard toile bedskirt,
and the headboard was almost entirely hidden by the pillows.

I bought this Ligne Roset bed many years ago when I lived in a modern loft in downtown Boston.  The upholstery is actually a slipcover but it's quite faded so I'd like to switch it out.  I contacted Ligne Roset to order a new slipcover but they're unfortunately no longer selling the bed and they won't make me a slipcover.  Nice customer service.  

I've purchased new drapes for the bedroom and this color just won't cut it.  So I'm going to try to make my own.  I've mentioned before, I grew up with a mom and aunt that made all of our clothes and since I've always been interested in how things work, I learned how to use a sewing machine.  It's been a long time but hopefully it's like riding a bike.  I can always get an upholsterer to make one but I'm up for the challenge.  I think the headboard will be the toughest.

The platform has basically one long strip of material with velcro
on the top and bottom to hold it in place.

And the corners are mitered.

I'd love it to be a handsome, suit-like material maybe like a tweed or windowpane plaid but I might practice with some drop cloth material that could be a summer slipcover if it works out.

I've taken off the bathroom door so I can strip it with The Silent Paint Remover 
I got it as a gift last Christmas.  I have yet to crack it open.

I should have done this during the summer but hopefully we'll still
have some decent fall weather so I can do it outside.

The hinges have gone into a bath of Arm & Hammer washing soda
to strip them and I'll just reuse the old hardware.  


  1. Oh do keep us posted! This would be too ambitious for me even though I used to sew a little bit. (Very, very little bit!) The clean lines of the bed will work wonderfully with the Swedish chest. Have fun with all your projects!

  2. I think that you will find that it is, indeed, like riding a bike! I'm sure you've already realized that you can use the old slipcover as a pattern? I can't wait to see the results! (On the other hand, if it gets too daunting, no one will fault you for having it done by a pro.) You're so brave about trying things!

  3. Upholstery is not difficult except for the piping. Of course I've only done all of one chair and that was in high school. Ah well. The bed looks like a fantastic piece of furniture and I know it'll turn out great.

  4. You can totally do this! I have complete faith in you...sewing boy.

    Ya might want to even consider womping up a leisure suit out of that bedskirt. ::running and

  5. Steve, sewing is not unlike working with wood-mitering corners, straight lines, yada yada'll do fine and in the end you'll have a bespoke bed/covering! You could also use fabric glue on that Velcro.

    BTW-that quilt is FAB! Antique? Family heirloom? Thrift store?
    I have one in the works for my winter project-I like so many different patterns, though, it's difficult to pick just one. I also have some unfinished blocks from Mark's gran-we'll see what gets used.

    I didn't know washing soda could be used as a paint stripper-I just did some with vinegar, and it was amazing. (We are almost done with the rebuilding/painting of our garage door, and it was the handle/hardware I wanted to reuse)Learn something new almost every time I visit here!

    Good luck getting some good fall weather. We are forecast with highs of 50 and lows of 25 with SNOW possible this next three days. UGH.
    I should've painted that garage door last week!

    1. Susan,
      Not sure if the quilt is antique but surely vintage, Florida African-American abstract Flying Geese pattern. It's very fun.

  6. I don't think you'll have too much trouble covering your bed Steve, you can use the old cover as a pattern, and if it is any use I can answer questions - preferably on Skype so I can see what you're talking about. I sew in my sleep by now!

  7. Good luck with the sewing project. I can't even sew a button on a shirt. I'm sure you will do an excellent job.

  8. So ambitious of you! I'm no good with a needle and thread. I can't even sew on a button -- I ask my hubby to do it. He darns socks too. My mom used to make curtains, bedspreads, shower curtains. I didn't get that gene. I'll look forward to seeing your progress.

  9. I like the idea of making your own slipcover. Using the old one as a pattern is a wise idea. I used to love to sew but I bent the needle on my last project and that was the excuse I needed to stash it in the basement.

  10. Hi Steve,
    You should have no problem with the headboard slipcover...over lap the piece on the back of the headboard and use velcro strips so you can snug it up. I think a suiting fabric would be amazing...can't wait to see the finished room :)

  11. Did I ever tell you how I used to ride 10 miles a day on my bike?
    So after all these years I got a nice Cruiser Bike...and forgot how to stop! It was pitiful.
    But I know you are much more talented than me, look at those amazing painted wallpapers walls! They turned out great, unlike my current bathroom project that has me tearing my hair out.
    Yeah, if anyone can do it, it's you.

  12. I do love those sculptural artworks on the wall of your bedroom and that quirky little stool!
    Good luck with the sewing challenge.

  13. steve, you absolutely can do it - easily. take lots of pics or make sketches befoe you take it apart. thentake it apart carefully so that you can use the old pieces as patterns or guides. muslin or a summer duck as a first try is a good idea. sending you good upholstery vibes!!

  14. crazy for the men's suit wear concept!

    my upholsterer does like WEBB suggested above; summer duck.......good luck!

  15. Sewing a slip cover for your headboard is basically like sewing a big pillow case together. If you choose not to add the edging, it's even easier. Trying it out with less expensive fabric first is a good idea. And like you say, it could be used for summer time use ;-)

    Sometimes mitering corners can be tricky. In this case, if it's too difficult and you decide to go with straight seams, no biggy. It'll be covered up mostly with the mattress :-)

    Can't wait to see your finished project! Go for it! Let the sewing begin!

  16. Great idea to make a new cover for the bed - especially in a tailored fabric. I can't quite see how the frame is covered but the headboard should be easy. In addition to using the old slip cover as a pattern, you will probably want to fit the new cover to the bed, just in case some of the existing fabric is stretched out. Simply lay the pieces on the bed, wrong side out and pin them together with straight pins running on the seam line. Remove the pinned covers carefully and mark the seam line by running a contrasting color of chalk over the pins. Re-position the pins so that they are perpendicular to the seam line and stitch it up. That way the slip will fit snuggly and look very professional. I don't know if the current slip is lined, but I'm assuming that the padding is all on the bed itself and the fabric is unlined. If that is the case, you can also add a thin layer of dacron to give the upholstery a fresh, plump appearance. Just buy the dacron by the yard and either staple it to the headboard and bed frame or tack it in place with #8 tacks. Last suggestion - I'm sure there are lots of tutorials on the internet if you get stuck or have questions. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Good luck!

  17. Hey! I've got that very same bedskirt... :) REALLY like the idea of using a "men's suit" fabric...if you can find some fabric with "stretch" in it...better yet for moulding around your headboard. This will be FUN! franki

  18. So glad to see you are back on a roll! xo

  19. Hi Steve, I second and third your idea and all the suggestions to use drop cloths for the first round. Once you've refined the pattern, then go for the suiting which will look quite smart. This should be a really easy project since it's so tailored. I agree with PattyM on the plumping (not too much) so it looks brand new. Looking forward to the finished piece!

  20. You go!! Can't wait to see what fabrics you use. I know I will love it. But I do love that toile! But I'm looking forward to a masculine look.

  21. This is very ambitious indeed. I can't even do a project with a staple gun.

    But I can admire. I'm ready.

    Carry on.

    xo Jane

  22. Silly goose, let me have my workroom make you a slipcover!
    Meet me and we'll source the fabric.

  23. Looks like you have a healthy list of activities lined up for fall. I am impressed by the slipcover plans. Very nice of Ligne Roset to provide ongoing customer support. I am sure they were happy to take your money, and lots of it, at the time! Oh, it will be so lovely with a men's suiting fabric. Can't wait to see it evolve.

    xo Terri

  24. I love it that you got paint remover for Christmas! Good luck with the slipcover...wish I could help. :)

  25. I saved the picture of your bed with the yellow toile at least a year ago...very drawn to it for some reason. And seriously love the star light fixture. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  26. It may seem complicated at first, but I have faith that you are up to it. I like the idea of suiting material, but I might avoid a pattern because getting it perfectly straight adds an extra degree of difficulty.

  27. If I can make a slip cover for my sofa after only sewing for a year, then you can make a cover for your bed! The secret is cutting and pinning everything in-side-out.

  28. I love the way you mix antique and modern--you do it really well. Look forward to seeing the Swedish chest and modern bed. Good for you for tackling the cover!

  29. I shall miss the mustard toile :)

  30. you sneak.

    antique chest with modern bed? why didn't I think to do that myself?

    you always come up with the best combinations. sew? I might have to disown your talented self.

    was also admiring your bamboo blinds; just got a pair up myself in my bedroom - under panels. love that look.

  31. I'm so jealous that you are actually going to give slipcovers a go. I have a sewing machine, but so far have not even made a pillow. I'm just way too ADD to figure it out. I got half way through PattyM's helpful reply comment and went to empty the dishwasher. ---I'm back. Looking forward to seeing your finished project.

  32. I can so relate to seeing project slide as time slips by... Sally and I had planned on taking on our bedrooms this summer. (We got one done, but not the new master, which is what we really need and want. the story of the cobbler's children once again...) Work is picking up and we just sort of look at each other and shrug our shoulders... I applaud your taking on the challenge of new slip covers. I grew up with a Mom who refinished furniture. Hope I can still remember "how to" when I take on the old bureau in the basement...


  33. Ooo, can't wait to see what's under the paint on these hinges. You think they'll be the same?

    Also, you are a brave soul to tackle the slipcover. I'm curious to see how it turns out. (I really want to make a drop cloth slipcover for a simple daybed.)

  34. I love seeing your projects! I think you'll figure the slipcover out just fine.

  35. can't wait to see the finished project! i really like the idea you have for the fabric. and here i am terrified of making a slipcover for a simple chair in our master bedroom. i am better at making things with my hands then when i need to use a machine. (sewing machine) don't know why anything other than straight lines gives me the willies.

  36. Great to watch you put your house together with such style. Will have to come back to reference when I get stuck with mine. Although that could be years down the road. It's never ending!

  37. Ditto all of the above.

    I love that you got paint remover for Christmas. :)

    Someone really knows you.

  38. So....I open up my Pottery Barn catalog, and there is Steves tree front and center! Didja see it???

  39. I agree with Katie. Silly goose.....let her help! You could cook her a good dinner. For me food is always the trade since the cooking talent just did not get passed on to me.

  40. Never mind all this fabric talk -tell me all about the two lovely constructions on your bedroom wall.

  41. Your slip cover can be easily done... I'm certain that you have the skills to get it done. I've reupholstered and slip covered several's easier to slipcover. :-) you have a Pinterest account? You have great ideas...would love to follow if you do ...