Monday, October 29, 2012


Fall often comes a few weeks later in the city than it does to even the closest suburbs.  The foliage and flowers are all quite beautiful right now.  

Even though this so-called Frankenstorm seems to be taking a big turn around us, we're supposed to be whipped with high winds and rain that is already taking down the leaves and flowers.  

Enjoy the colors of fall.

Each fall, a rug takes its place back in the foyer to welcome wet feet through fall and winter.

I hope everyone in the path of this huge storm stays safe.   

If Jane doesn't lose power, she's having a party today.  I thought I would bring the 
birthday flowers that Shelley surprised me with on Saturday.  They were a 
sweet reminder of spring for a fall birthday.

I'm not sure the party can happen by candlelight so it may be postponed a little bit.
If you have no power, it's okay if you show up late.
Just stay safe.


  1. Beautiful pictures. The tree with the yellow leaves is gorgeous. And your birthday peonies are lovely; a few months ago we were all showing off our peonies and now they are rare as daffodils. Stay safe.

  2. And here I was SO ready to catch you.

    I see what you mean by falling...pretty.

  3. Beautiful photos...nature's Colorado are so amazing. Hope you're birthday was grand! :)

    Yes.. everyone stay safe! It's a little scary sounding.

  4. Everything was beautiful last week. How quickly things change when an unwanted visitor named Sandy comes a' visiting.

  5. What? Happy Birthday, my friend!!!!!! I wish you many, happy, healthy more. Your images, as always, are works of art. I am home today, as going to the office is not worth the commute in the storm. I'm working from here where, hopefully, we will be safe and warm. I hope all of your readers in the path of Sandy stay safe.

  6. I'm glad you took a few photos of the beautiful fall foliage, because with the wind that whipping around my yard this mornibg the leaves will be only a distant memory. Love your fall rug! Stay safe.

  7. Oh I missed your birthday? I couldn't have competed with the peonies.

    Your pictures are a reminder of my favorite season. I believe there won't be a leaf hanging on a tree after tonight.

    Stay safe and keep your powder dry.

    xo Jane

  8. Great photos! Happy Belated Birthday to you! A friend of mine once had a candlelight party, it was sensational! Have fun! We've battened down the hatches!

  9. The colors are so lovely and ALIVE! You are an excellent photographer.
    Am I the only one who noticed the pending storm has something of a brand name? I'm such a conspiracy theorist...I'll shut up! LOL!

    Be safe!


  10. Pretty flowers! Hope y'all keep the power on and the shingles too.

  11. Didn't the Fall colors seem more vibrant this year? Soon all gone. I love those pink mums and your pink peonies. Happy Birthday! Be safe.

  12. Thanks for the Fall tour — I can feel the crisp air . . .

  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Steve. So glad I still have power to enjoy your lovely post here. Very pretty photos! Especially all the fallen wet leaves....I love those images. Take care, and stay dry ~ Loi

  14. Oh! I'm so mad that I didn't know it was your birthday!
    Although I have no idea what I could have gotten you.
    well....ok, a little black cat is what I'm thinking right now!
    Anyway, I do hope it was Happy.
    BEAUTIFUL photos.
    and you don't look a day past...29!
    (stay safe during Frankenstorm!)

  15. Beautiful photos of the Autumn leaves that will be a distant memory in a few days. Love the pink mums, dahlias and peonies. Stay safe.

  16. Happy Birthday! Even if it is somewhat belated.

    The peonies are stunning-as peonies always are. That Dahlia rocks!
    As does your winter rug.

    Fall is pretty in its own way, but I will always be a summer girl at heart.

    Wonder if we all prefer the season we were born in?
    I'm late May, and you will probably never hear me extoll the virtues of fall and winter. Hmmm...

    Hoping you and all my northeast friends/family ride out the storm that is Sandy with a minimum of fuss. Last year we were in NY for Irene. FUN!

  17. I love that color chrysanthemum. all of your photos are perfect New England autumn images.
    I'm worrying over my sick pear tree. I hope it stays standing and doesn't fall onto my neighbor's roof!

  18. really pretty images that make me grab my sweater tighter to me!

  19. It's really starting to blow up here Steve. Definitely no leaves will be left on our trees. May have to borrow one of your images as a screen saver...

    So far, no power loss...
    Stay in, Stay safe...


  20. Stunning peonies, dahlia and autumn foliage. I'm waiting for the peonies to come down in price, so I can have my once a year treat of a bunch. They have just hit the market here and are still so expensive.
    Stay safe.
    Penny x

  21. gorgeous! love all the colors!

    and that storm looks wicked.

  22. I weep with emotion over your fall pictures.

  23. Gorgeous photos Steve! But that rug looks too beautiful to let people wipe their feet on it!!!

  24. Happy belated birthday Steve, many good wishes.
    Am following the progress of Hurricane Sandy from Australia hoping that you all remain safe and well. Lots of us from Down Under are thinking of you right now.
    The flower photos are just delightful and show someone who truly loves flowers and being a florist that makes me happy. Checked out Shelley's blog and loved it. Wondering if you get to see many Australian Native flowers over there. It is Native season here at the moment and they are spectacular - check out banksia coccinea and waratahs and see what you think.
    Wishing you all the best, Tricia

  25. Oh had I known it was you birthday I would have baked you a pie. I hope it was grand! The colors are fabulous. Bonnie

  26. Did you have a birthday?! I guess I am not a good reader.

    Hope you fare well in the storm. Looks like all the colours will be on the ground soon.



  27. Oh, "birthday flowers" means your birthday. Happy 40th. ;0

  28. Inspired sequence of photos - the fallen leaves look like a deconstructed weaving!
    And a perfect pairing of chrysanthemum and pot.
    Many happy returns.

  29. Just all gorgeous images, Steve. I especially like the leaves. Stay tucked in and safe with all the wild weather. Batten down the hatches! We here in Houston know what hurricanes can do.

  30. How I miss a real Autumn! Stay safe and warm and let us know how you all fare in the wild weather.

  31. Pretty pictures! Am thinking it would be worth the move north just to be able to grow peonies! Hope you are safe and sound. Take care.

  32. Steve, I loved your images as always. Hope you and the Urban Cottage are weathering the storm with little damage.

  33. Happy Birthday! Your photos are beautiful and I'm sorry your gorgeous pot got broken. Hey, Broken Item of the Week!

  34. insanely gorgeous!

    hope you are safe and sound steve

  35. Beautiful photos! Happy Birthday!!!

  36. Dude....if your day job doesn't work out then I suggest photography. Course it is hard to pay the bills when you don't have that reg income rolling in......hope you had a swell birthday:)

  37. hey steve...happy birthday! Fall looks is it looking now? So much devastation. We never even lost power...feeling very lucky.

  38. Hope your birthday was all you wanted. Your fall pictures make me sentimental. Caucasian rugs are my favorites. Spare the muddy boots from it! (But I've done it, too.)

  39. One of the things I like about fall is the different color leafs that fall. I like to collect the leafs and make art with them. After I put the leafs together I frame it in different rooms.