Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wallpaper in your Closets

After moving in to my house I decided I wanted to use wallpaper to create the perfect mood in my guest room.  During my search, I came across several fantastic prints that I wished I could use "somewhere."  It was at that point I decided I might wallpaper the inside of every closet with a different pattern and then paint the floor in the closet to match.  What a pleasant surprise (or shock) it might be to a guest--or as someone commented, "a snooper"--who opens the closet to find a flowery, or bright or whimsical print inside.

Having wallpaper in your closets is like having a suit jacket that's lined with a loud or bright pattern.  No one can see your bright blue paisley lining but YOU know it's there and it puts a little spring in your step.  Makes you feel a little sassy, right?

So after the archeological dig through my closet wallpaper, I thought it would fun to match up some vintage wallpaper prints with some current rooms and see how the two paired.  Below are the results of my matchmaking.  These are mostly Ralph Lauren rooms and the wallpaper is 1940s and 1950s.  (Try to ignore the quarters in the wallpaper images.  They're there to show the scale of the wallpaper)

I think this is a perfect new pattern to add to the room.

I felt like this room needed something bold but feminine to center its masculine chi.

Three cheers for the red, white and blue.

Here I took inspiration from the linear coffee table and the botanical pressings.

Using the gold frames as color inspiration...

A combination inspired by the Chinese jar and the pink flowers.

A little hokey but fun.

This was a tough one.  The plaid is quintessential RL but the pattern in the maroon stripe echoes the zebra ottoman.

I love this combination.  I think I would wallpaper this whole room with this wallpaper.

Look how nicely this one goes with the aubusson carpet.

For the girly girl's closet.

I want that bed.

Just in case your potting shed has a closet...

And last but not least...

Isn't this one just perfect?  I LOVE this wallpaper!

But in case you prefer something a little more feminine,
here are two different options.

I had a lot of fun putting these together and I hope I've inspired you to replace a few skeletons in your closets with some exciting wallpaper.


  1. Mm hmmm....Is this where you're headed with yours? I picture all wooden hangers, perhaps a large mirror...
    And, of course, something unexpected ;).

  2. Your pairings are great. I'm more of a paint guy myself(probably due to a bad wallpaper experience years ago), but the wallpaper closet interior is a great idea! Wish I had closets to wallpaper!

  3. Sassy. Ha! you nut. The wallpaper pairings are great. Now I actually need some closets to paper.

    p.s. I think you know what Sassy's favourite paper would be.

  4. I LOVE special just for you lining. I once bought a pair of shoes and when I got them home I realized I was more attracted to the insole than the actual shoe! Oh well, they looked great in my closet!

    I really, really love the fox hunt paper. And also the mustardy one with the rose pink.... that is a great color combination.

  5. hi steve,

    love them all esp old ralph. he is so amazing. you did a good job pairing these up. i've always wanted to paper my one and only closet. maybe this will be the impetus to get me to do it.


  6. Great pairings! Love them all!

  7. What a great idea. Too bad my closets are so stuffed no one would ever enjoy it, lol!

  8. Hmm, I guess I have to take back my "why, why, why" would you wallpaper a closet!!! LOL!! Personally I like 'em plain! I think I would consider a stencil though. I do however like the hunt scene wallpaper, and I think it would be stunning in a dining room or a study!

    I know what you mean about the linings. When I did a lot of sewing I loved to sew "wild" linings into my clothes!

  9. You are so freakin good. Period. And you can probably make that bed!

  10. Gorgeous darling - you have an amazing eye. I love the fox hunt most.
    P.S. My first big girl navy suit for the office had a red and white striped interior and the navy pants had red and white stripes in the waistband, just like good menswear always had patterns inside. I felt so powerful in that suit with my stripes inside...

    xo Terri

  11. I love this idea. Like a small jewel box in every room. I have been thinking I need to do something special to my closet that holds my stacked washer and dryer. I was thinking of painting it some fun color...but maybe wallpaper is the way to go.

  12. What do you do for a job?

    I hope you earn money from interior design/decoration because you have a talent that leaves me quite speechless.

    And you know why that is? It's because my leanings are completely towards Mid-Century Design, but you have me completely in love with every idea you have.

  13. S....I was really do "get it". I love the hunt scene, but since I'm Virginia born and bred...I'd have to opt for our state bird....The "hokey" one?...not so hokey in my's crazy hard to find colorways like that anymore...soft and beautiful. I'm off to an appt. right now...but will be back in the p.m. to enjoy this amazing post again.......k

  14. Love your choices and a great idea to wallpaper a closet. I only wish I had closets to paper! I've been seeing some wallpaper I actually like (a lot) lately. Unfortunately, my closets are so tiny I would never see the paper once I put the clothes back in...sad.

  15. You know, your ideas just get richer and better everyday! I know I've said this before but your attention to design detail, amazes me....if I opened a closet door and saw wallpaper inside, it would absolutely make my day!

    I like the "hokey" one the best!

  16. Too much fun!
    I re-lined a classic navy coat with shocking pink silk once, it was brilliant...

  17. Fun post. Personally, I think the patterns mixed with the clothes would make me dizzy. Of course, my interior closets are painted white with wood hangers. Do you find that boring? ha!

  18. What a fun idea. Love your use of Sassy-ness!

  19. brilliant! you're so creative. i'm just wondering where my next cup of green tea is coming from. :)

  20. Really like this post. Love all of the beds! I agree a great idea to wallpaper closets.

  21. How fun! You've really got the 'eye'. : )

  22. What a great and timely post. I was just telling Neil the other day that we are going to wallpaper the closets at River House. Now you have totally inspired me. Its a perfect idea for a period house. :)

  23. I love the idea of wallpapering the inside of a closet. Two of the vintage wallpapers captured my attention. The first one was the paper for the potting shed closet. (if there is one) The second was the "hokey" paper with the seagulls and harbor shacks. Love them!!

  24. I think this is a super idea...I love wallpaper and I have several left-over rolls from past projects, this is a great idea and what fun it would be! Right now in fact I am wallpapering the walls of the bookcases in my media/library redo...just to give them a little added interest.

  25. Steve,
    You certainly have a keen eye for coordinating. I love the idea of wallpapering a closet. Ten years ago I had the furnace system renovated and some closet space was taken up by ducts and then covered over in sheet rock. The walls are in the same condition as when the renovation took place, unpainted and bland looking. I actually think I will paper the closets this summer. And thanks for the vintage wall paper links. I had not come across these before.

  26. Wallpaper boy....You have outdone yourself, and that was no small feat! Love the idea...Love it! But the skeletons in mine won't let me change a thing. Dayum bones!

    And, dear sir, what about your closet???What have you decided??

  27. I love this idea, like those really smart and conservative city suits that have an outrageous scarlet lining, or a demure dress over sexy underwear!

  28. I REALLY want to wallpaper my closet or at least paint a fun color there. I am re-doing it now and look forward to a little 'sassy-ness!'

    great piece...


  29. Have you ever seem Vivienne Westwood's paper?
    jumbblies - or jumblies. I love has a mod cheeky sort of squiggle.
    Fantastic paper with so much "tude" as my teen says~

  30. Anyone know where the cardinal paper is from? I would love to use this.

    1. It would either be Hannah's Treasures or Rosie's Vintage Wallpaper. I did this post a long time ago so it could be long gone but I'll see if I can find it.

    2. Peacock Lady,
      I'm 90 percent sure that it was from Hannah's Treasures. I have the image labeled at 1940s botanical wallpaper which matches the way they label their wallpaper. I no longer see it on their website unfortunately.