Saturday, March 19, 2011

Master Bath

I've been working with The Architects again to finalize the plans for the new bathrooms and kitchen.  It made me realize that I've never shown this room.  So here it is.
The master bath is at the very back of the house.  Actually calling it the "master bath" is generous.  It's more of a museum devoted to design of the 1940s.
This is what it looked like when I bought the house.  It had the same color scheme as the master bedroom.
The Mastrullo's daughter said her father added these bathrooms when he bought the house in 1940.  Notice the plumbing is exposed.  Also notice that the sink has no trap in the drain pipe.  I hope you don't need  blow dryer because there's no outlet.
I gave this room a quick facelift until I could establish my overall plans for the house and save enough money to tackle these major projects.
You can't go wrong with a few coats of white paint.  
The clawfoot tub is painted BM Iron Gate which is a dark grayish brown and I love how it draws attention to the tub.

Just inside the door, a pair of vintage shoe lasts have been repurposed as clothes hooks.  The pink and orange flowered wallpaper has been replaced with a simple wide gray and white striped wallpaper.
The white is Decorator's White which seemed to match the white in the wallpaper quite well.
The tub must have been seldom used.  It's in pristine condition.
I added a white canvas roman blind and topped the window with a whimsical wooden valance I found in an antique shop.  Since I typically give up this bedroom and bathroom for guests, a vintage coffee pot holds items a guest may have forgotten.  New toothbrushes and trial sized toothpaste, floss, deodorant and moisturizers.   
The valance reminds me of water droplets but the bottom shapes also remind me of shoes which gave me the idea for the shoe forms on the other end of the room.
The valance was originally green.  I just gave it a few coats of brown and white paint and distressed it to make it fit in.
A small shelf holds a few decorative items.  An old mirror, a sea sponge, some bottles with coral and sea shells.  Above the mirror is an abacus.  I don't know why.  I like  the colors and pattern it provides but the beads are almost like puka shells.  Remember those?
The bottles were made by Artie of Color Outside the Lines.  If you don't know Artie or his blog, you should check it out.  Aren't these bottles great?  I love the marriage of the old glass and the coral and shells.  It seems like something that could occur naturally in the sea.    
My original plan for the bathroom was to expand into the closet to the left to create a large shower.  A new wider door would be moved to the center of this wall where a new sink would be centered on the back wall where the tub is.  And the toilet would stay where it is to the right.  A new closet was going to be carved out of the adjacent middle bedroom.
I've since come to the conclusion that I can't give up closets and I need to stay within the boundaries of the present bathroom.  The door will still be moved to the right to create room for the 4-foot by 3-foot shower.  Not grand but good enough.  If I put in some nice finishes, I think it will look great.


  1. Steve, your bathroom looked pretty good for an original 1940s construction. I'm glad you didn't modernize it. There's a quiet simplicity to the fixtures, the color scheme, that I just love. And the way it evolves, color-wise, from the bedroom is just perfect.

    The bathrooms in my 1928 house, when I bought it, looked as if they'd been decorated by bumblebees. Everything was yellow and black!

  2. Looks beautiful; love the decor and the tub makes me weak in the knees, lol!


  3. OK Steve...please tell me you are keeping the tub!

    And the shoes for hooks....can I steal that idea?

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. I love the bathroom, especially the tub. Closets are at a premium in older homes so I probably wouldn't change it either. How lucky to have two bathrooms!

  5. Wow it looks gorgeous! I love the valance and all your accessories.

  6. I think this bathroom looks pretty perfect as is. I love the stripes. I love the tub...I even like the exposed plumbing! How much more industrial can you get than that? That valance it fabuloso. I usually don't like valances but love this little quirky one. As've made a room something special. So I guess in the redo the tub is going away? I love that tub....but wouldn't want to use it myself. Love the wallpaper in the bedroom too. And look at that pretty kitty relaxing on the bed....too cute.

  7. well i love it as is. who needs a shower or outlets? i know it will be amazing when done though.


  8. I love the shoe form clever! I think it is looking great. Like everyone else I love the bathtub.

  9. I actually like it as is. Well, I'd probably change out the toilet for something more water wise. I like the sink but would maybe splurge somewhat on a new faucet. I also like the exposed plumbing. I would add some outlets though. Maybe some vintage looking tiles on the floor. What are you going to use in the shower?

  10. What a beautiful tub! How lucky are you to have such a beauty that didn't need to be refinished! I'm picturing carrera marble subway tile in your new shower . . . what do you imagine?

  11. wow!! It looks great! I don't think I would change a thing... who needs dry hair?!? I love so much about it, but the valance and the lasts are genius :)
    have a great weekend!

  12. Looks lovely - I can't believe you made such an effort pre-reno. Wow. I never cease to be impressed by you and your talents. That valance is so interesting and I love your little bath tray.

    I grew up with a clawfoot tub which my parents did not install a shower in until I was about 15. I used to wash my hair in the bathroom sink (or submerge). Those days are gone but I still love a clawfoot tub. Wonderful colour on it. I LOVE the first photo. SO are you losing the tub for the new shower?

    The reno will be perfect. I think enormous rooms are overrated, particularly bathrooms. They can take up so much real estate and since I am a shower-type, I honestly don't spend all afternoon in there. We are content with the small bathrooms in our house - they are functional but do need an update.

    Can't wait to see the final result. It will be respectful of the house and perfect, I know.

    xo Terri

  13. I thought the original bathroom was quite charming. Some day anyone who still has one will be the envy of all. I imagine the tub will be history, which is kind of sad, because it has such vintage appeal. I love the grey and white you did the bathroom in , and I love the grey and white damask wallpaper in the bedroom too.

  14. I am assuming that the claw foot tub is staying. It's a beauty. We have a small master bath, nothing spectacular but enough for us. As long as the space is planned out well you should be all set. Huge bathrooms are over rated. One more thing, I will be stealing the idea of the shoe forms, but will give you all the credit. Love them!!!

  15. I would love to be a guest at your house, even if it means using the hairdryer somewhere else...

    The valance and shoe hooks are two items I've never seen. Just love coming across the unique. Ever considered skirting the sink?

  16. I think it's charming and you are darn lucky to even have one...I've been in misery for years trying to share one with three guys! And I love how there was no mirror even above the sink!
    The stripes are wonderful, the shoe hook idea...I'm stealing, the tub is AMAZING and I love the exposed plumbing and the window is a huge bonus.
    A window and an orignal tub - that's all I would need...I see I wouldn't even have to reach far for my glass of wine. :) Can't wait to see what "the architects" finalize.

  17. Please say you are keeping the tub!!!!!

  18. I'm so glad I read this post!
    I live in an old home with a clawfoot tub too. I am currently trying to re-do it and I was thinking of getting rid of the rub and finding out the costs of building a big shower. Now, after seeing this I'm torn. I love your re-do as it is now! Maybe I'll keep my tub and get a shower attachment. Yours looks SO pretty! (When I moved in my sink had a trap but it was drooping off the wall about to fall off! LOL!)

  19. It already looks great! I can't wait to see what you do!

  20. It looks fabulous right now, but I know you are looking forward to having modern function! What a great find that wooden valance was -- I've never seen anything like it. So fun! Looking forward to seeing how your master bath progresses.

  21. You are ridiculously talented, my friend. What an eye. Not many could envision the valance or the use for the lasts. I wish you would post every day! I don't think I could tire of your inspiring ideas. Love that tub. Don't loose it :)

  22. Gotta love a man who does a pre-reno reno!

    You will love it. Can't wait to see

    And FWIW...the pink toilet seat is soo not you.

    Just sayin.

  23. so today I'm over visiting Linda^, and I notice you have a new post- but I didn't see a new post.... a computer troll ate you off my blog roll.... isn't that wierd?!
    Can not wait to see your new bath and what you come up with. I hear you about the closets (that's why we keep adding them whenever there is space)- these old houses have zero!
    Love Artie and his bottles- you chose some beauties!
    Soooo happy the snow is gone! What a difference a couple of days make!
    hope you are well....

  24. i agree with some of the others who think it is charming as is - and i love reading your thought process about your decorating.

    whatever you do to it, it'll be fab.

    and what an inviting space for a houseguest! lucky folks.

  25. S..I love your bathroom It is the definition of "charming"...and you can't buy charming. I wouldn't change a thing! I love that the mirror is to the left of the sink. The sink, toilet and tub are "keepers" in my book. You could always add a few outlets...and a low shower head with a curved shower curtain rod (hung high with custom curtain) would be great! Ooops...Listen to me...I don't live have perfect taste and I know that it will be amazing when done.
    P.S....just noticed the bedroom floors...Love Them k

  26. Your temporary solution was world class, but I understand the idea with making something nice until you can do the main project.

    We still have not done a bathroom remodel, after 9 years!

    The photos are just terrific!

  27. Steve- I'm a big believer in quality over quantity. I know you'll make it stunning, no matter the size. You always do! Karin

  28. Love your temporary fix-up. I'm not usually a fan of striped walls but it works perfect in here. And of course I love all your accessories, especially that valance. I'm trying to figure out how the shower will fit in while keeping the tub (which I hope you are keeping!) I'm sure whatever you do to it will be perfect. : )

  29. Steve, thank you so much for the link ... and WOW, my friend, those bottles look ABSOLUTELY stunning in your bathroom! Gorgeous! Thanks again! So happy you're happy with them!

  30. love your approach - the quick fix is wonderful and so well done and what you have in mind for the eventual plans sound great. the teapot is a fantastic touch - and just the kinda thing I love to do as well.

    enjoyed this post very much!