Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inverted Porch Greek Revivals

If porches were belly buttons, these Greek Revivals would have innies. These inverted-porch Greek Revivals, are a less common variation of the style--at least around the city--but no less beautiful. In fact, I think these look more like the Greek temples they are meant to emulate.
This one has some great stonework. Love the granite stairs.
I saw this one on the news when a bank robbery suspect fled the scene, broke into this house and was up on the roof to escape the police. I tracked it down from the news reports.
This one was just restored and it's really beautiful.
This one is just to the left of the one before. It's got a real vintage charm.
And this one just cracks me up. Those columns are crazy. The first floor windows open up like french glass doors which is really unusual. And I love the little detail over the attic window.

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  1. Hi Again!
    The last house in these pictures looks a bit like mine...the porch is definately an "innie" and my columns are identical to the ones in the picture.

    I'll have to post a picture of my house soon...loving your blog!