Thursday, February 4, 2010

Facelift: Master Bedroom

Even though there is major work to be done inside, I've decided to live with what I have for awhile to make an major decisions about ripping out walls, moving bathrooms, etc. That being said, I didn't want to live with things they were either. I decided that I would go through each room and do a quick makeover, a "facelift," until more major renovations will happen.

There were a few things I had to get done before I moved in: 1) Rip out all of the wall-to-wall green shag carpeting 2) refinish the white oak hardwood floors I found underneath and 3) strip as much wallpaper as possible. My mom was coming for a visit about a month after I was to move in so I also wanted to get a comfortable place away from all the mess for her to be comfortable. I set my sights on the master bedroom with a goal of spending as little money as possible.

Here's a picture from inside the master bedroom looking toward the front of the house. On the right, you can see the greet carpeting in upstairs hallway as it goes down the stairs to the front door. On the left, you can see through the middle bedroom and into the front bedroom in the distance. The brown door on the right goes out to the upstairs porch.
Below is a picture looking out toward the upstairs deck into a closet which is fairly large for a house of this age. The door to the very right of the photo is the door to the bathroom.
Here's a shot of the other corner of the room. This is a great shot of the wallpaper, the pink curtains, the pumpkin-colored floor and the ceiling fan. I love painted floors but this color didn't work for me.
And here's an after shot. After peeling off the wallpaper, the walls were in rough shape so I decided to wallpaper with a light gray damask print I found for $7.99 per roll. All of the trim is painted Benjamin Moore's "Decorator's White" semi gloss. I also added a new white ceiling fan from Home Depot. The duvet cover is Pottery Barn purchased on eBay and the bedskirt is also a Pottery Barn ticking print found on eBay. And the vintage braided rug, also eBay.
Here's another shot looking toward those same windows overlooking the porch. I bought bamboo blinds from Home Depot and white sheer curtains from eBay that were $5 per pair. This better shows the floors which I repainted in Benjamin Moore's "Calypso Blue." It may seem a bold choice but I took my inspiration from cottages I've seen in Provincetown on Cape Cod where they used leftover marine paint to paint their floors. The oriental throw rug is one I had and just seemed like a nice complement to the other colors and patterns. I believe the entire makeover cost less than $400.

This room is ready for mom to visit!
You're also getting a quick peek of the master bathroom. This room also received a quick makeover and will be subject of another post. It's a museum to 1940!


  1. Hi Steve, The Damask wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous and so very classic. I LOVE IT! And what a deal for only $7.99 a roll - love that too. Trina

  2. Yea! Inside pictures! You found some great deals-gotta love Ebay. :) I LOVE the damask wallpaper and the painted floors. It's going to look so awesome when you get it all completed.

  3. Hi!
    Just found your blog and the photos of your house - love what I've seen so far.

    My family and I renovated an 1850's vintage Greek Revival in Connecticut - you've inspired me to blog about our renovation journey, which isn't over yet...we're about to take down the wallpaper from our first attempts in the hallway (think peeling seams that never adhered!) and re-do it. I'll let you know when the pics are up - I'll bet YOU can relate!

  4. I've been looking through your blog for over an hour now, it's just fascinating! I'm so envious of your project, both in style of house and area! Living in the UK such houses are dreams to me, I'll definitely be back to read more!