Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Day in Provincetown

Last year I did a post on Ferol Warthen and the Provincetown print.  Her work is very scarce so I feel lucky to have one of her little prints (about 2x3 inches) entitled "Violets."  When mom and I were in Provincetown a few days ago, we visited the museum and I was thrilled to see...

...her original woodblock for the print.   I still think the blocks are as lovely as the prints.

Here are a few other random photos from our day in P'town.

Painting by Byron Browne at PAAM.

Penelope Jencks "Stuck" sculpture at PAAM.

The gardens were beautiful.

The next several paintings were ones that mom loved.  She made me take the photos so I thought I'd share them.  Our tastes are very different but the things she chose are still very lovely.

You can frequently see the charming seaside cottages...

...depicted in paintings in the town's many art galleries.  (I wonder if the owners find it weird?)

We enjoyed all the beautiful homes and gardens.

The quaint shops.

A little local color.

A place to sit and enjoy the artwork at Julie Heller East Gallery.

And a walk by John Derian's house.  

I first noticed this 1796 house when it went up for sale a few years ago.  It had great bones and amazing view of the harbor but was in desperate need of restoration.  It's been nice to see it come back to life.  See inside photos on Martha's website here.  It's very crusty chic.  I love it.

This was the only day during mom's visit that it didn't rain, so this was a great day.


  1. I love P-Town, I haven't been in years! I can't imagine much has changed, it's always been beautiful, especially Race Point!

    Your photos are beautiful and it sounds like you had a nice time with your mom!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  2. I'm glad you had a nice day to be out and about with your Mom. It's nice you can enjoy and appreciate each other's taste in art.

    Loved the house tour as well. I live vicariously these days it seems. Ha!

  3. What a wonderful place! You're lucky you live nearby so many great spots.

  4. what a nice day. of course i'm floored by the red cottage with the black and white awning. you're killing me.

  5. I want to see a picture of you and your mom! I visit Ptown frequently but haven't been yet this year - looks nice and quiet in your photos. I didn't realize John Derian bought that house - going to check it out online now. Thanks. :)

  6. A perfect art day with your mother. Those paintings are beautiful. It is curious when visiting a gallery with a friends how different paintings attract us, which makes for great discussion and conversation and through another's eye we can learn
    Great post

  7. Love the yellow floral painting your mom loves. :)

  8. What a lovely day.You and your mom are lucky to have each other. I adore the cottage that you show the photo of and then the painting.

  9. Sounds like it was a wonderful, meandering tour. I love drifting into cool little towns and taking in all the sights. I would love to visit P'town some day. I like the painting of that little cottage and the forsythia painting your Mum liked. So glad you got away for a little break.

    xo T.

  10. Mary from Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes and I had a very good friend who taught school in P-town before she was married and moved back home. We always had such a good time there when we visited. One of the prettiest places on the Cape. Loved all the art work!!

  11. I have always wanted to take the trip - you are motivating me with your wonderful photos. Sounds like a great time! Lori

  12. What a wonderful get-away with your Mother. And I can see why John Derian's house appeals; I see your sensibilities in many of the rooms...the vignettes, the shelf in the dining room. I only wish I had the vision to see the beauty beyond funky horsehair plaster walls before I covered mine!! Beautiful post; inspired me to take my daughter to Ptown this summer. Carol

  13. Ferol's work is astounding. By the way your Chihuly post is great as well. I have always wanted to visit Provincetown! Thanks for sharing so many superb images!

    Art by Karena

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  14. Okay, the sculpture of the guy taking his pants off is priceless. I've always wondered if people think it's weird that others photograph or paint their home, too! :) Glad you had a nice day with your mom. Life is short. That's a nice thing to do in a beautiful place, no matter the weather. Have a great weekend.

  15. Lovely photos, I was there many, many years ago and never forgot how pretty it was. Maybe someday someone will paint your house. Lana

  16. What a sweet day with your mom. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Provincetown looks delightful, I love the seaside cottage. Your piece of original art is charming and how wonderful to see the original woodcut. I rather like your Mum's choice of paintings, particularly the yellow one. I also enjoyed the 'crusty chic' house tour, many thanks for sharing. Love Linda x

  18. Looks like a great day...gorgeous homes. Mom. Perfect!

    I remember quietly roaming the streets of Provincetown as a pre-teen...trying to be un-obvious. In a HUGE winnebago with my family.

    It almost took down the town. embarassing. sigh.

  19. I love 'stuck', and his shadow! I imagine the owners of the lovely seaside cottage would be delighted with the winter painting of their home.

  20. Looks like a nice time with mom...and of course I was glad to see the Derian house...I like... did mom like my guest room?

  21. I've lived in Rhode Island forever and have never been to Provincetown. Why is that?

    Anywho, loved your pictures and the pictures from Marth'. I'd give my right arm to stay in that guest room.

  22. Love that town....although it has been YEARS since I have been there. Love John's house by the way! Glad you had fun with Mom....hope she liked you newly restyled guest room :)

  23. This is my first time coming to your blog. It's wonderful. I am in love with the yellow forythia painting and wonder if you remember which gallery it was in?

  24. Jeannie,
    Thank you for asking that. I need to go back and credit those artists and the galleries. I have photos of all the tags posted next to each painting. I do recall that forsythia painting was at the Kiley Court Gallery, Commercial Street, Provincetown.

  25. I am enjoying your blog immensely, and wanted to comment on this post. Many years ago, I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Ptown with a friend at her families little cottage. We were teenagers at the time and we had a wonderful time. I have since lost touch with that friend and have been missing her...this post brought it all back to me...just lovely!!

  26. Steve - I'm WAY behind on this post (blogging has been a challenge lately - reading and posting). I fell IN LOVE with the oil paintings in P-Town on our trip. I was so tempted to splurge on a piece! Always love looking at your photos.