Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coffee with a View

Today is supposed to be 98F/36C so I thought I'd steal a little time outside this morning before things get really steamy.  One of my favorite times of the year is when my neighbor's rose is in bloom.  I love how it spills off her arbor and over my other neighbor's fence.

Her little 1842  cottage is a 1/2 Cape and was formerly a soap worker's cottage.   In the early 1800s, a large soap factory in the neighborhood employed many of the new immigrants to the country.  At a few points in the census records, we see her 632 square foot cottage housing a family of six.

Have a good day and stay cool.


  1. Aren't you nice, showing the temp in both languages. The roses are beautiful, I can't believe they are out already. It's raining here today.

  2. Good Morning!
    What a stunning view! I love the whole mix...white picket fence, climbing rose bush, charming blue house...
    Her house is adorable. I could see myself in a cute little light blue cottage!
    Enjoy your coffee. :)

  3. But are you loving the cool rainy morning? With the accompanying thunder? My birdbaths are overflowing!
    Is this a view from your back porch?

  4. Well, we're going to be cooler here in Georgia than you guys today. Only 95ish. I may have to break out the fur!

  5. Deb, Yes, I'm bilingual.

    Shelley, The cool and rain was a welcome surprise. I had to water yesterday. Yes, this is my view off the back porch. It's really what sold me on the house. It has a very P'town kind of feel to it.

    A.J., Faux fur, I hope.

  6. Beautiful roses! And lovely colors in your photo. Hope you find a nice cool spot today.

  7. Dear Mr. Cottage,
    Those roses are really a knock out. How fortunate you are that your side yard view is not a dumpster!

    My log cabin construction is in the throws of personality conflicts. The bulldozer guy is at odds with the contractor, the carpenter is complaining to me all the time about the contractor, the mason hasn't showed up for 2 weeks. Jez. Meanwhile I have to earn a living to pay for all this conflict. Next time I'm going to give the contractor a personality test before I hire him.

    Is that a Japanese Maple I see in your yard? Beautiful. Ann

  8. You had rain?

    Charming neighborhood. Where are the pit bulls and the screaming children?

    Oh wait that's my hood.

    Stay cool.

    xo jane

  9. What a beautiful photo! There's nothing like a pleasant view with your coffee! Time to have mine before it hits 100! Can't wait to be on the road to Maine tomorrow!

  10. It appears the the soap cottage rose would rather live next door. I don't know why - the soap cottage is so cute!
    Ninety-eight degrees is surreal to me -- I forget that most of the country is located in places with real seasons. Weren't you just shoveling snow?

  11. What a gorgeous view you have...I would love to be her neighbor!! Actually, I am going to try a climbing rose this year and I am really excited.

    I hope your weather cools off. We were in the 90's until the rain we got last night...much bertter now!


  12. Dear Mr. Cottage,

    If you have not already visited this blog I believe you will find some here who has your sensibilities. Ann

  13. I agree - a gorgeous view indeed. I love the lush neighborhoods in summer, with flowers spilling out everywhere. I park in our garage via the back alley and was just thinking last night as I drove in the alley how pretty it was seeing all sorts of flowering trees hanging out over fences. Bleeding hearts are coming through a fence near me. I love to notice and enjoy these little things.

    Hot day there (thanks for the translation!!!). Yuck. Cool and sunny and lovely at 20C (68F) here.

    xo Terri

  14. Lovin that Japanese maple! BTW The new header is great!

  15. lovely!!! I'm so grateful for the rain(are y'all getting it too?) as our grass was starting to dry...

  16. You are indeed lucky!
    My neighbor gets to see my pink flowering crabapple tree in the Spring, my roses and annuals in the Summer and Mums in the Fall...
    I get to see his hot-tub on the driveway, his truck parked on his front lawn and now he tells me that he plans to put his fishing boat along the border!
    You are lucky indeed!
    :D - Cindi

  17. Gorgeous...and I can smell it. I can. was cooler and probably breezier here. In the trops!

  18. Yes, PTown! We did a wedding at the Red House last year and so much around there looked like the view from your back porch! Sweet!

  19. Hello

    I always think early morning is the best time of the day when the weather turns hot. It must be lovely to sip your coffee and watch the flowers grow. I bet they smell wonderful too.

    It is raining hard here and only 16C so perhaps I could borrow some of your sunshine and heat.


  20. That really is a lovely view, we in the east of england are in a drought at the moment, just heard it on the news, have a great weekend x

  21. What a fantastic view - wish I could sit with you and have a coffee, too. Have a great day and stay cool. Lana

  22. Wow, cool history. Did you enjoy our one week of summer? Wasn't it lovely? Cold and rainy again -- what's UP with this weather?? If I had those roses to look at, I'd have my coffee out there every morning until the blooms faded. Beautiful!

  23. Oh, it is all too easy to keep cool, cold even, in England in June!