Friday, June 10, 2011

Dale Chihuly at the MFA

Went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston yesterday to see the Dale Chihuly show.  It was AMAZING!  

Photos don't do the work justice, although some of my photos are pure genius.  Enjoy.

A few nuns and a dude in plaid enjoying the heavenly scene.

I don't know any of these people but they were perfect accessories to show scale.

And if you'd like to leave with a souvenir...

If you're in Boston, the show is definitely worth seeing.


  1. his work is pure magic! amazing.

    now I just need to dust off my habit and get some plaid shorts for Dan since I now know the appropriate attire for the show!

    happy weekend...

  2. His work is brilliant...absolutely jaw dropping. and yes, your photos are incredible. :)

    My mother has a collection of his smaller (and cheaper) work. My stepfather was the director of the Reading Art Musuem and held a show for him several years ago. In appreciation he gave them a sculpture and the collection started from there. They light the glass up from behind on their shelves and it is beyond beautiful! I imagine this show was breathtaking.

  3. Absolutely stunning. He is amazing. Thanks for the great photos!

  4. His work is really amazing. And, why do I think you were thrilled to snap that shot with the plaid guy and the nuns! Also, clearly the tickets were discounted for those who wore cargo shorts... photography is very good...

  5. His work is awe inspiring. We are fortunate to have a piece on permanent display at both The Presidential Library and The Art Center. Oh, your photography is pretty great as well.

  6. I'm a big, big fan of his work. My favorite part is how they are lit and the shadows they create on the walls. Inspiring, isn't it -- to go to an exhibit like this?


  7. Just amazing! I've seen these hanging in homes on HGTV programs.

    Looks like it was a fun trip! So nice they let you take photos!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Beautiful pieces and beautiful photos.

    What kind of camera are you using?

    Have you and Shelley met yet?

    Starting to wish I lived in Massachusetts....

    xo Jane

  9. I used to work at a (very) small regional art center and I have seen a lot of art glass. I got overloaded on Chihuly and became jaded with regard to his work. However, seeing it in the context your photos, I feel the images of the interaction of people with the work gives it a different dimension. For me, one of the pleasures of art is to see it integrated with real life rather than just a “rarified” display. Thanks so much!

    I, too, would appreciate knowing what sort of camera you used. It wasn’t a cell phone, was it?

  10. Jane and JW, I use a Canon G7. Even using automatic settings, the black walls really helped open up the camera lens and made the glass glow. I really didn't do anything special other than turn off the flash.

    J.W., are you referring to the "collaborative" process? I'm not sure I'm in love with that idea.

  11. No, not the collaborative process. I was being too wordy. I simply meant that, for me, part of my enjoyment of art comes from seeing others respond to what they see. Sorry about that. It probably comes from doing so many show setups :)

  12. I see. I always love to walk around an exhibit of mid-Century art and listen to the conversations.

  13. Reminds me of the Corning Museum of Glass in COrning, NY...worth the trip if you're ever out that way (not far from Ithaca and Cornell Universities). They have a far reaching display from glass in ancient Egypt to contemporary works. Very interesting.

  14. Beautiful. I can only imagine how spectacular these works must be in person! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  15. We saw his work when we stayed at Atlantis in the Bhamas a few years ago. I thought it was complex and interesing. Then we stayed at the Bellagio last year and I saw more. I liked it, but it felt commercial to me. However, the exhibition you photographed blew me away. I thought how thw glass was displayed was amazing. Thanks for the show, I feel like I have a better appreciation of the complexity of his work. Loved the rowboat!

  16. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing that. I'll have to see if I can get over there.

  17. I love Chihuly! The movement...the color is phenomenal!

    We had a glass artist display pieces in our local botanical garden...while not Chihuly (Hans Frabel) WAS stunning!

    Great photog skilz, sir!

  18. Steve, I've seen his work before (onscreen, not in person, unfortunately), but it's still a thrill. Thanks for these amazing photos! Karin

  19. Looks fabulous - thank you! Cool nun! Abby

  20. Steve! I have read your blog (found you through Janet) for a while now... never commented but I must now! You are right this show is AMAZING! My daughter lives in Allston. She graduated this May from Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts... she took us to the MFA to see this show and we took lots of pictures too... WOW! She also wanted us to see the new exhibit Art of the Americas. What a fabulous new look to the museum!

    I had wanted to see if we could find your house in Cambridge to check out the new look, but there just wasn't time, LOL Regina's won out! My daughter and I have both been following your 'remodel' you have done such a great makeover job on this old lady!

  21. I knew Dale Chihuly ever so slightly in Seattle, circa 1980s.
    I used to wait on him, your know, as in- Restaurant. He was always lovley, but he was always being talked down about by the art community. I could see his floating Lake Union studio, across the water from my dog walks.

    When we were in Venice, October 1991, the was a Dale Chihuly city wide festival, with huge glass objects floating in the canals.

  22. Dear Mr. Cottage,
    Great pics. I've been to a Chihuly show and he is a wow.

    We are having window consternation at the log cabin building site. Windows made during the late 1800's had true divided lights, single panes, sized much taller than wide with thin narrow mullions. Todays windows approximate a 1.62 ratio of height to width of glass, and no true divided lights. This means to have my 3 windows made is going to cost me $1800 EACH - double hung 40"x30" , 4 lights without insulated glass, without tinting, without double E, and without vinyl clading.

    Getting rid of technological advances is expensive.

    Is the guest bedroom done? I need someplace to think. Ann

  23. Beautiful post
    This Spring I visited the his museum in St Petersburg Florida. I was particularly impressed by his garden sculptures, some sat in a water garden and reminded me of Monet's garden.
    You had a beautiful day.

  24. Lovely photographs. This artist is entirely new to me but obviously well known to many of your followers. Can you tell me about him?
    I too love hearing the comments made by people at exhibitions, they are often very funny!

  25. Thanks for sharing the exhibit with all of us. Gorgeous work. I'll bring my pocketbook when I go!! LOL

  26. I was lucky to see it in San Francisco at the De Young museum, amaaazing, Kathysue