Sunday, April 10, 2011

Study Construction Done

The construction portion of the dining room/study is done.  If it seemed like it went quickly, it's because the units were built in Sam's shop where they were sprayed with primer and then brought to the house,  Installation took two days.  

Sam made the frames slightly larger on the outside edges so they could be scribed to the walls.  This side has yet to be done.

The window casings were replaced with some of the trim that was left over from the living room windows.

And a crown molding was attached between the top of the bookcases and the ceiling.

Doing a project in an old house always includes the unexpected and it was the closet door that provided the headache on this one.  I never noticed it before but the door was attached to the casing because the door jamb wasn't deep enough to accommodate a normal door.   The door should be on the same plane as the wall, not the casing.

So the casings were ripped off, the entire jamb was removed (along with some plaster) and Sam made a new one in the shop to fit the door.  This required a little bit of plastering before the new casings and salvaged door were installed.

This door problem added $300 to the project but now it's done correctly.

I've been busy sanding the new plaster, caulking, spackling and priming all the new woodwork the past few days and testing out a few colors for the back of the bookshelves.

The green is Farrow & Ball's Arsenic.  It's a great color with a distinctively vintage feel but I don't think I want it in this room.  I'll consider it for one of the bathrooms...I think.   The other color is BM Whale Gray.   Don't like it either.  Too blue not warm enough.

So I've put the furniture back in place to contemplate the mood or feel I want the room to project.

The new-old door and casings are all primed and ready to be painted.  I'm also waiting for the new doorknob which will be bronze with a white porcelain knob.

Here's the trimmed edge of the seagrass rug.

And finally, here's the chaise pour le petit derriere.  I'm going to have a cushion made at some point but I kind of like having some plants here.

I'm really pleased with how this is looking so far.  I have a lot of work to do so I better get back to it.


  1. It's coming together nicely. I was thinking....I don't like either of those colors in there. So thank goodness you posted that they weren't right. I'm thinking pale warm gray inside. The door looks fantastic. The built ins look like they've always been there. I'm painting at a friends house today. Painting a room Sherwin Williams Rainwashed. It's a beautiful color. I might use it in one of my bedrooms...which are patiently waiting me to do something with them.

    This is such a cozy dining room. Perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

  2. Yes's exactly how I hoped it would look for you! I love how it really changed the room and has a definate dining/study feel to it. Can't wait to see the shelves all filled up and I definately love the plants!
    Please come to my house and help me! :)

  3. I've already asked, Sarah! The bookcases look great. Are you pleased? Regarding the door, there's always something else once you start a project for sure.

  4. S...It looks wonderful. You are really going to enjoy your new space. I particularly love that you bit the bullet and changed the door. That move changed everything. I've been painting a few cabinet backs in the last couple of months.
    Neutrals I like (considering the floors)....BM/Tyler Taupe and Soft Pumpkin(SP looks amazing on ceilings of white rooms).
    Color I like...BM/ Wales Gray/ or Pale Smoke.....may be too blue for you.
    Truth be told, It's going to be hard for you to mess that room up!...k

  5. I think that they look just wonderful. You obviously had a good craftsman.

    I quite like the idea of a pale duck egg blue, but maybe a half tint.

    They really are going to be fabulous all dressed and styled.

  6. Please send Sam down my way - please?

    It all looks perfectly right for the room. As if they've always been there. Wonderful!

  7. OMG I lovvvvve it!! How about BM Revere Pewter? It's a nice warm, soft gray. It's my new favorite, and I think it has just enough bit of taupe in it to play nice with the chairs. Of course, lighting is everything. When do you want to sell so I can move in?

  8. It all looks truly wonderful and appropriate - have you considered diluting the colours? It might just be too strong.

  9. Gosh. I didn't like those colors either, but I knew that if you did choose one of them it was because you had a much grander scheme in mind. I do love the topiaries on the sill. Do you know what kind of window treatments you'll be using? Choosing your fabric may be a good way to decide on paint color. It's all coming along beautifully! I'd still be thinking about it.

  10. Don't throw stones at me because of the following suggestion. :) I think I would leave it white like it is. It is clean and classic, not trendy and your things will be the focal point. Just saying.

  11. It really looks amazing. Can't wait until the final reveal!

  12. How interesting that you're all saying something on the light side.

  13. This is looking fantastic. I'm going to have to go with Nita on this, a pale, warm gray seems just right. Very urban cottage.

  14. I would think about using a linen/cocoa color. It would be color, but maybe not the first thing you notice when you walk into the room. I guess it all depends on what you want the focal point/ or lack thereof , to be. You already have so many wonderful pieces in that room. 2 cents worth...

  15. The bookcases look amazing!!! I think light would be gorgeous but I also have to be the voice of disent and suggest F&B Hague Blue- I just did the back of a white china cabinet in it and absolutely love love the colour. Another thought, if you want to stay light, is a blushy shade- would be fabulous I think:)

  16. I LOVE it! You should check out Martha Stewart's Bedford Gray, it's supposed to be the "perfect" shade (I wouldn't expect anything less from Martha)of gray. You can check out this link,

    I believe she used it in these photos.

  17. I like the white or the suggestion of the pale taupe gray. Boy Steve, everything turned out so nicely. Great taste!!

  18. I want you and Sam. Immediately.

    you would be happy here. We cook like angels and have a sweet sweet lab.


  19. It looks fabulous! I hope you find the perfect grey for your cabinets.

  20. hi steve,

    just got back from hollywood and i'm loving this. my only suggestion is to leave it all white. what a surprise.


  21. I love it already! I would leave it white, too.

  22. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! Steve, you're a genius, really. This room is coming together so perfectly. I can't wait to see it done. Well, I mean - I can, don't rush! :) LOL!

    Oooo, and if you're looking for a warm gray, check out Benjamin Moore's Sandy Hook Gray. It's a warm sorta browny gray that I think you'll really love, and really pops off of the white casings of your bookshelves.

    You could go all Candice Olson and have them backed with meeeeer. LOL!

    Talk soon,

  23. Gorgeous. Elegant. I love Sam. I think we all do. Almost as much as we love you. Great job Steve. I can't wait to see the colour you choose. A pale soft gray brown might be nice inside there. The chairs are lovely - everything will be wonderful. Don't overdo it. I love your skinny elegant plants. I have been looking for little olive trees but things like that don't grow here.


    xo Terri

  24. Wow, that really DID seem fast. Good for you for following through with your plans to do this space, because it looks just incredible. And I am really looking forward to seeing the paint you choose along with the books and accessories.

  25. Hi Steve, Wow this room is really looking great. I love the architecture it has now with the built ins. It is always good to ponder and try to visualize colors. I agree with Nita about a warm grey....whatever you choose, you will pick the perfect color I am sure!

  26. What a beautiful room! I love the shelves, and the table and chairs are just right. Do you know what you are going to put on the shelves? Since it's a dining/room study are you going to mix books and dishes or decorative objects? Maybe that will guide your color choice.

  27. Steve,
    Just as I suspected, it turned out beautifully, although I'm with you on the paint colors. I don't think I like either of these for this particular application, but I know whatever you end up with will be perfect. It always is. Karin

  28. I guess I should throw in my 2 cents too. It looks super nice--great carpenter that you have. I have to ask what is going on the shelves and what's the color scheme of the room beyond? Stay with something warm--this is New England.

  29. The room looks wonderful. I would suggest Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Grey for the back of the bookshelves, it is period appropriate and you could put summer blue hydrangeas in a vase on the petite window chaise. Suzy Fanning

  30. Old White by farrow and ball - trust me it's the best colour in the whole wide world for this kind of thing!

  31. How about a soft light gray in the bookshelves. Or if you want to step it up a bit...maybe a great coral.

    I want to see the opposite wall please...

  32. Just found your blog and I am loving have a great eye for detail and I like how your home is coming along.

    I think picking out the paint is one of the most challenging parts of doing a space...lately I have been leaning toward grays. I just did a bathroom in Teardrop by SW and I love it!!

    Your blog is have a new follower!


  33. You are right about those back-of-the-bookcase colors. I would like some color but I think maybe a faded color, nothing bright. The feel of the room is terrific, calm, under control, comfortable, and yet, so, so, stylish. You are doing a great job. Ann

  34. I love your choices...
    but I misread you header as STUDLY CONSTRUCTION DONE.