Monday, April 25, 2011

Flowers Outside the House

Photo:  Urban Cottage
Bergenia cordifolia

Hi, I'm Bergenia but you can call me Pig Squeak.

The Bergenia has been in bloom for the past week.   It's amazing how quickly the flowers rise from underneath the leaves.  It didn't bloom last year so I was thrilled to see the light pink buds emerging from the waxy leaves.  It also looks to be spreading quite nicely from the two plants in added two years ago.

Photo:  Urban Cottage

I find this a rather odd plant to be growing in New England because I think it looks tropical.

The squirrels finished off my crocuses when they bloomed this spring.  I give up on them.   So this will be my early bloomer from here on in.

For those who asked about the pots in my last post...

They're zinc pots from White Flower Farmhouse.  Found here.


  1. hi steve,

    my bergenia blooms in december. and it does look tropical.

  2. My, you're blooming with posts lately! I don't think I've seen that plant before.

  3. I adore the lovely pink flower. If it makes you feel better. I had 26 (I counted them) figs ripening; all eaten by my sweet squirrels. Like you, I've given up.

  4. That flower is a beauty! If it's in a protected south side that may be what it likes.

    I don't know if it will work, but if you put some red pepper/cayenne pepper on the crocus that may work and keep the pesky squirrels at bay. I know other gardeners who have used this trick in their gardens.

  5. I have never seen or heard of Bergenia. It is lovely and the color very pretty. You've got me curious, I'm of to google this plant.

  6. You are on a roll Sir.

    Nice. Mine never blooms, well once, but not like that.

    I am rather jealous, but I'm still a follower:)

    xo Jane

  7. we have to love them??? I swear they come far enough down the tree, stick their tongues out and go "nanananabooboo" to the dogs. There must be an answer out there somewhere!

  8. Pig squeak? Really?

    Dayum squirrels...saw one pop the single beautiful (often month long bloom) of a dendrobium orchid. Just. like. that.


    Love your little zinc pot.

    And QUIT starting rumours...there was NO between the lines on my post, Mr. read between the lines...just a lovely discount.


    back to tending your pig squeak.

  9. after your winter, you must have been so ready to see those pink blossoms peek their heads up! they are lovely.

    silly squirrels eating your crocuses. i just discovered they are the culprits who've been digging holes in my garden.

  10. How lovely to finally have Spring come to visit. Portland is full of pink: Cherries & Dogwoods.

    Thank you for sharing.

  11. I've never seen those before.They are lovely. It is thrilling when flowers pop up out of the old leaves of fall. I'm always amazed when things come back.

  12. Beautiful shade of pink, love that when something flowers for the first time, I'm out every day checking its progress x

  13. Hi... wow... you've done an amazing job on your "cottage!" I could use your help! Nice to meet you,

  14. Hey Steve,
    Beautiful! I'm sure you're ready to see some flowers in the garden, huh? Although I'm familiar with Bergenia, I've never heard it called Pig Squeak before - cute! I don't see much of it around here, but I'm pretty sure I could find one to try out. You have, once again, inspired me!

  15. Wow, you've taken this flowers IN the house thing to a whole new level! The roses do set off those lovely old wood beams beautifully. I may have missed this, but do you know what type of wood they are?

    Looking forward to following your progress. And flowers : ). Thank you for stopping by!

  16. Dear Mr. Cottage,

    Thank you so much for your compliments about my log cabin endeavor. Things are progressing. The contractor scoured my 58 acres and came up with enough dead fall timber for the basic structure of the cabin. Probably he saved me a ton of money.

    This weekend I bought a small travel trailer. The refrigerator, stove, oven furnace and air conditioner all run on propane. The joy of this is I have no utilities at the building site. Now I have a place to sleep and eat out of the weather.

    I would be glad to start a web page but I don't know how.

    I will send you a picture of the front of the cabin if you will tell how to do that.

    Your spring flowers are beautiful, really. They are tender which is what spring flowers should be.

    My contractor brought me two Columbine plants. They are direct descendants of plants Lewis and Clark brought to Thomas Jefferson from their exploration west. Columbine did not grow wild in Virginia before that.

  17. Goodness you have great taste. I've been thinking about and coveting the zinc pot since you posted about it yesterday and was thrilled to see that you gave the source. I ordered one!

  18. That's my favorite color rose!! How'd you know, lol?? That was in your dining room bookcase, yes? Beautiful.

  19. God, my bergenia is a lime green mass on the ground right now, as the snow just melted off the top of it about two days ago. At least it is green, unlike anything in my yard. I am expecting it to flower in about a month. It is like living in the arctic here.

    xo Terri