Thursday, April 28, 2011

Land and Sea -Snug Harbor Farm and Parsons Beach, Maine

Did I tell you I almost killed my toparies?  I was underwatering them and they didn't let me know until it was too late.  I cut them back and they're recovering but I'm not sure they'll ever be the same.  I had to run up to Maine today so I thought I'd stop and see my friends at Snug Harbor Farm.  They're just gearing up for the spring season so I thought I focus on the succulents in the greenhouses.

Blue and orange





Gray and green


Snug Harbor garbage can

On the way back toward Wells, Maine, a thick bank of fog was rolling in off the ocean.  I thought I would turn off and look for the beach.

Down this road which reminds me of France...

...were these beautiful salt marshes.

Over the dunes...

...was the roaring ocean...

I love going to the beach off season when no one is there.  You can pretend, if only for just a few minutes, you're the only person in the world.

Mussel Beach

Dinosaur bones.
I hope you enjoyed this quick little look at Land and Sea in Maine.


  1. hi steve,

    great photography! i was noticing the topiaries on the kitchen island, they were looking a little ummm, sad? did you get new ones?

  2. you found it!!! that's the one I was telling you about- isn't it fabulous?! And we play like it is our beach too! The last time we went (late Fall) it was evening and there were tiny clam shells ALL over the beach!! It was like an Easter egg hunt!! luckily I had bags in the car!

    glad you had a good trip!

  3. That first picture of the marshes is out-of-this-world beautiful. It's one to be framed.

  4. Oh Steve, what gorgeous photos. The captions for the photos are wonderful. Mussel Beach being my favorite. The lone seagull was an awesome photo as well. Maine really has it all!!

  5. wonderful adventure - thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures


  6. Thanks for sharing your trip with us...I am becoming more and more interested in succulents, we don't really have a large variety of them in the Midwest.

    Enjoyed your beach pictures, just hauntingly beautiful!


  7. Two of my favorite things - succulents and marshes...thanks!

  8. Steve, you have outdone yourself this time with the scenery photography..the weathered fence over the dunes is stunning. I love when the ocean is rough and gray and stirring up the beach.
    To feel like you're the only person in the world among that beauty must have been an amazing feeling ~
    It's such a different world living in the midwest...that's why I rely on you so much to take us along on your travels!
    I forgot to tell you - I love that box/tray that your topiaries are in - hope they survive. :)

  9. I love when you stumble across the elusive dinosaur bones. Such a special place! It's wonderful that such secluded and pristine places are still out there. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. 1 each please of the succulents.

    And boy, oh, boy, when we leave your house we get to go to beautiful places and see wondrous things.

    I'm loving it.

    xo Jane

  11. I am always so surprised at the difference in your beaches and ours ( N.C. coast). We have absolutely no rock formations or loose stones. The white sand goes on for miles and is full of shells. Both are beautiful in very different ways.
    I live within walking distance to the water. :)

  12. Gorgeous. Maine is fab. Growing up just east of Maine in New Brunswick, we visited often as a child. Looks like home...
    Glad you had a good trip and some time to see nice things..!
    xo Terri

  13. i love the pics of the large/medium/small pots - so cute.

    I'll take the blue and orange succulent. so pretty! well, they all are. even the trash can looks festive.

  14. Well, there is something about New England that fascinates me, though can't explain why. I have a friend who lives there and love seeing photos of her walks along the beaches and so on. Enjoyed yours very much... I much prefer beaches when there is nobody there, when it is a bit wild too.
    Thanks for leaving the comment over on my blog... I live on the edge of the Royal Estate at Sandringham, and if you wanted to check up on your ancestor, then the website is There is a 'contact us' link, they are really helpful people so may be able to confirm, or not, about the gardening ancestor. He may of course, be buried in our local churchyard... was he a local man? And I know Shouldham Thorpe, having got a cocker spaniel from a lady there many decades ago.

  15. The photos are really beautiful!

  16. Steve - Great trip you took us on! Thanks. Love the succulents. Last time I was in Cali, visiting family, I noticed they were really big there. These beautiful, colorful plantings were everywhere. I'm gonna have to try some of those. Have a great weekend! Karin

  17. I love the beach in the off-season, for me it's a great place to think and gather my thoughts, especially when decisions need to be made. I enjoyed my trip today, especially since I can't get there this weekend!

  18. Beautiful photos! Yes, the beach is so lovely when is is empty - makes one really appreciate the enormity of nature! Lana

  19. Sorry to be pedantic, but it's actually Parsons Beach, named for a local philanthropist whose descendents are good enough to still allow visitors to this beautiful private beach. Your photos of it are wonderful.

  20. I love the beach off season too! Although, I haven't been near a beach in a long time. But I do think the best time to go. Love all those succulents! Oh..the garbage can full of pansies...pretty too.

  21. We used to go to Maine every summer...It IS beautiful!

    Your images, dear sir, are outstanding!

    Did'ja bring home a succulent or three??

  22. Hi Steve!

    I love Snug Harbor Farm too but have a real succulent-phobia so I always have to avoid that greenhouse. The texture really bothers me for some reason---no sedums in the fall.

  23. Those pictures look like they came out of a magazine...mad skills....I would have had to lug the dinosaur bones home somehow :)