Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Fall

It's hard to believe that fall has arrived.  It seems like July 4th was just a few weeks ago.
But I will say I really enjoyed summer.   My job is requiring a lot more of my time and
attention and something really needed to give.  I took a vacation from the house even I
didn't  take a vacation away from home.  I appreciate all of you who left comments or sent
e-mails wondering where I was and how I am.  You're all the best!

Backing up a few months I was experimenting with stains to match my old bin drawers.
I thought a good match was somewhere between golden oak and golden pecan.

So a couple of weeks ago, I mixed up a 50/50 mix of golden oak and golden pecan
and just went at it.  This was right after I had stained one of the little
floating shelves.  And I was pretty happy with the outcome.

And then on to the upper cabinet next to the fridge.

This is the before...

...and this is after.

I didn't want the wood to end up too shiny so I decided to finish
off with just a coat of wax.  I've done the little shelf on the left
which you might notice ended up just a little darker than the cabinet
from the wax finish.  In the end, I'm happy with it,

Having the upper cabinet stained may seem a little unusual but I
think it's necessary to balance the bin drawers on the other side
of the kitchen.  And it's unexpected which I like.

You might also notice that I painted the panels around the fridge
the same color--BM Chelsea Gray--as the lower cabinets.
I really like how this turned out.

I have this constant internal battle between wanting
everything to be edited and spare on one had, and wanting
to display all my collections on the other hand.

Right now, edited is winning.

Next I'll be moving on to the shelves that flank the stove.

And I need to paint the windows.  There's plenty of time
to be indoors though coming in the next several months.


  1. Welcome back Steve. You've been missed!

  2. Your kitchen is lovely, it's good to hear you're doing well.

  3. GLAD to hear that you have had a break..........WELCOME back!!!!!! Happy Fall!!!!!
    All the best!!!! Rob

  4. I love all that you have done in your kitchen!

  5. Welcome back in the Blogoshpere.
    Sooo nice!
    I love it - your kitchen too!

    Greetings & Love

  6. so good to see you back. You hit the match right on, I'd say; and it looks great. Terrific shot of the flowers with your tiled wall in the background, too. I am so the same as far as editing and displaying - fun to switch between the two, don't you think. Folks come in my house sometimes and say, 'where's all your STUFF?' I love that....donna

  7. Welcome back Steve! I never thought of mixing stains, but it came out great! I love the pecan color - so perfect for fall. And I love the edited, minimalistic vignette. I can't wait to see how the painted bottom + stained upper cabinets turn out. It will be gorgeous :)

  8. Glad to see you back! The newly stained wood matches really nicely. Your kitchen is looking so dreamy!

  9. The stain is beautiful--rich and warm. Your kitchen is perfect--I love everything about it. I know exactly what you mean about the battle between displaying everything and editing. For years I've displayed (usually haphazardly, sometimes thoughtfully) everything, but now I am going he other way and loving it. Your shelf vignette is artful--such a lovely mix of textures and calm palette. Love your brown transfer ware.

  10. The upper cabinet next to your refrigerator looks lovely stained. Your kitchen just keeps getting better and better. I hope that even with the increased pressure of work that you managed to get some enjoyable use of the porch off the kitchen. It is nice to see activity on your blog again.

  11. Everything looks terrific and so cozy for Fall!

  12. It's good to know I have a kindred spirit, one who loves to edit and collect!
    Happy Fall,

  13. oh hi! so glad to hear from you. all is looking lovely there. that stain worked out perfectly. enjoy the fall S :)

  14. Hi Steve it is so good to see you and glad that you enjoyed the summer.
    Your home looks wonderful!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. Beautiful! Welcome back!
    I knew you didn't fall off the earth b/c of Instagram, LOL, but it was nice to see your blog pop up in my Feedly this morning. I get the editing/collecting thing. After our last move, I say all I want is a tiny home and far less things-until I see something amazing and start thinking about where I could put it in the house-but I'm a Gemini so I have an excuse, :)

  16. So warm, comfortable, stylish, lovely . . .
    Love the Chelsea Gray trim color around the refrigerator . . .
    Makes it look like a custom piece . . .
    Well done, perfect stain for the wood . . .

  17. looks great!! can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

  18. I am happy for you that you took a break but SO SO happy for me that you are back! As always your home looks amazing.

  19. Thank god for Instagram, I knew you were alive and kicking. But it's a pleasure to visit you and your beautiful kitchen up close and personal.

    Life, always getting in the way.

    Don't be a stranger.
    xo J

  20. Very nice to see you Steve, I figured you were probably super busy. You've been missed so it's nice to "hear" from you. The kitchen is looking gorgeous but what I'm really loving are the plates in the first photo, I have a weakness for china-dishes!

  21. Well, hello, Steve. Welcome back to blog land. We've missed you. Things are looking good in the kitchen. I love that last photo of the flowers, so pretty!

  22. Welcome Back!! I love the stained upper unexpected and wonderful!!

  23. YOU have been missed steve, glad to see you slipping right back in!

  24. Your flower arrangement looks so pretty in your kitchen...glad to see you back!

  25. Your matching of finishes is superb, Steve.

    I have the same internal battle about how to display things, and I do a balance act between clusters on one hand (what David Hicks would have called tablescapes) and completely bare surfaces.

  26. Goody, you're back in action. Glad you had a good summer break, Steve, but you were away for far too long! (Kitchen looks fab,)

  27. I bet you enjoyed your holiday at home Steve, the accommodation part of the package looks very classy. I have never seen that type of hydrangea growing down here in Oz and they intrigue me so. Best wishes to you.

  28. Welcome back dude. Still loving that dang kitchen.....and I agree....I try to scale back and then I sloooooowly start adding things. It's a battle for sure. And....I am still in love with that kitchen reno. When might we see this in print?

  29. I am just in love with your kitchen, too. Your work is excellent in every way. Glad you had a good summer. I am afraid we are all going to have plenty of time inside, again this winter!

  30. The stained wood looks perfect! I love your curated vignettes and how lovely your home is. It is such a breath of fresh air to read your blog and see what youre doing. Glad youre back! Happy fall Steve, xo Nancy

  31. So happy to see a post from you! I didn't blog as much as usual this summer either. Love seeing your kitchen. I think the stain choice is just perfection. Will this kitchen be in a magazine soon?

  32. YAY!!!! You're back! I check all the time, and clearly I wasn't paying attention the past few days, as here you are. You are my all time favorite read. The kitchen looks so beautiful, authentic and original. Bravo. And yes, you need that in a magazine. You know she's waiting.

  33. Looks great. I replaced every window in my home several years ago. 98 to be exact. The ones in my bathroom are still not painted. :/ You have plenty of time when the weather is bad. I should seriously heed my on advice. Happy fall.

  34. Left you a comment a few days ago but obviously it didn't reach you!
    OK, I'll try again.
    I said something about missing your banter
    and loving how you place the color and stain about your kitchen
    and how you inspire my own kitchen dreams
    and something else...but can't remember now....
    anyway, glad you are back!
    (Hope this reaches you!)

  35. Hi Steve,
    Your kitchen choices look great! Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards,

  36. Love your look, style and I am so glad I visited, it leaves me inspired with an urban French feeling.



  37. I love what you have done. Might I say, black would also have worked......and editing is key.
    You must check out local milk blog's kitchen. She is a stylist / photographer and I am so inspired by her ability to capture life. Document monthly your styling and editing on the blog or in photos and see how your collections change.
    Glad all is well, busy at work is a good thing and also stay-cations too.

  38. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love the wood - it adds such a nice warmth and balance to the steel and counter elements. Is your counter top marble?? You must show me your appliances and range hood - I want to see all the details! I just posted our second wedding post - very late I know. Just back from honeymoon. Hope you are very well. Sorry I missed this post earlier.

    xo Terri

  39. Hello Steve.
    I haven't been on blogger for a while but just had to drop by to see how your "urban cottage" is coming along loving your to catch up with your other posts.

  40. I am missing a new blog message from you. Hope to see a new one,soon. Take care.

  41. Just found your blog through the Hartwood Roses. Is your countertop marble or quartz?

    1. Thanks for stopping by. The counters are honed carrara marble. I'm loving them so far.

  42. Love your blog. I wish I had your design talent. We are renovating our hall bath and I cannot imagine a house Reno.

  43. Hello Steve -- I, as so many others, have missed you and your posts! Your home is perfection and your writing makes me feel like an old friend just 'catching up"! I hope all is well --- I just know there must be couple corners you havent shown us yet! Take care.

  44. Thank you for sharing this. I love your ideas. I want to do something like this to my house.

  45. Beautiful... You have an artistic eye and a real talent for restoration. My first home was a small historic bungalow in Oklahoma City that my husband and I restored and then sold for a profit. It wasn't easy, but it was very rewarding. I can tell yours is a labor of love. Thank you for sharing.

    ~ Kristi Kirk Trent, Oklahoma City

  46. janzi@ jeanninenye@yahoo.comJanuary 3, 2018 at 11:46 AM

    the most wonderful thing about your house is showing us the cool clear easy to live in interior and knowing over the years how much work you have put in to achieve this is inspirational. I love looking at what you have done as I live in a Georgian Rectory, that we bought off the church almost twenty years ago. I am still evolving the look... it never stops, but its pretty engrossing as I am inspired by blogs like your own.. Thank you so much for all the pictures and in the meantime, until the next post, may I wish you and your family a very Happy and Positive New Year!!!