Monday, December 31, 2012

Great Things at New Years

First, I'd like to tell you about the Great Reads series hosted by Rambling Renovators.
Jen was kind enough to include me as one of her great reads along with
several other blogs that may be totally new to you.  Two rounds of "great reads"
are already posted and I should be showing up sometime today.

And if you don't know Jen's blog, you'll certainly enjoy seeing her home renovation.
Her project gallery is filled with amazing before and after posts.
Be sure to check out her laundry room renovation.  It's incredible!

We had our first measurable snow Saturday through Sunday.  Since we had almost
no snow or rain all last winter, it's a great thing.  And it makes even the
scrappiest garden look like a winter wonderland.

This is the trouble with boxwoods in our area.  A little snow and they splay right out.

A rose bush.

The upstairs Christmas tree waiting to be picked up for recycling.

Across the street.

But inside, I'm looking ahead to spring.  I'm planting a new round of "yellow paperwhites" (seems like an oxymoron) which are said to have no scent.  I think they're just daffodils.

A few hyacinths, conifer and hops off the tree are ready for New Year's brunch
and fill the dining room with an aroma of spring.  They promise great things to come.

And may your New Year be filled with great things!

Happy 2013!

Stop by Jane's last Flowers in the House party of 2012.
You might see an old friend or make a new one.


  1. Glorious snow photos ending with a bright glimpse of spring. Love the Hops . . . I must find some and use in arrangements . . . and now I will look forward to checking out the READS . . .
    Happy New Year . . .

  2. The arrangement is gorgeous! Wonder where I can find hops? Happy New Year to you!

    1. Rene,
      If you can't find it on-line, a florist should be able to get it for you.

  3. Great that Christmas is over, I am looking forward to spring. Hopefully this year, the weather will be more cooperative in March.

    Happy New Year.

  4. I have never heard of yellow paperwhites and its the no scent portion not the color that will have me searching. I can't get past the smell of paperwhites.
    We have had two dusting snows here in central Va. They were my favorite kind; pretty enough to take a photo, no shoveling and melted before you can gets your boots on. :)
    I hope you show us a lot more of your lovely flower arrangements in the coming year.

  5. Hyacinths always spell and smell spring to me. Love your pitcher arrangement.

    Thanks for joining in, it's always more fun when we can come to your house.

    Happy New Year. Come on by, we have smoked salmon and more hummus.

    It's a party now.

    xo Jane

  6. I'm a horrible gardener so I look forward to the pretty that the snow adds to my woeful garden.

    Thanks for joining in on the Great Reads tour. All the best to you for the new year!

  7. Congratulations on being included in "Great Reads 2012," Steve. Such an honor! Your snow photos are making me envious -- I doubt we'll get any snow this year, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Your hyacinths are a gorgeous pop of color. Happy New Year to you!

  8. We just knocked all the snow off our boxwood but the snow did look pretty on them. Time to clean up all the Christmas decorations today so we start the New Year off with a clean slate. I wish you and yours a very Happy and Healthy of New Years Steve!


  9. we had a winter like you did last year, so far this year we're in the same rut, great to see your winter wonderland

    lovely to know you steve!

  10. The hyacinths and those cool greens look great in the white pitcher--I can almost smell them.

    Last year without snow just didn't feel right. Now I'm certain I'm in New England.

  11. The snow is beautiful and so are the flowers. Wishing you the best in 2013, Steve! Thanks for your blogging friendship!

  12. Happy New Year Steve! Looks beautiful around the urban cottage. :)

  13. Winter outside, Spring inside. It is nice to see snow again. Happy New Year!

  14. Happy New Year, Steve — and stay warm!


  15. Happy New Year! Love the Hyacinths-they are one of my faves. I have heaps of the deep purple and a few pink ones planted outside.

    Didn't know about the yellow paperwhites/daffodils-always good info here :)

    We've had snow every day since Christmas eve.
    Enough and then some for me. Even though I am supposed to live in the moment, and be here now, etc, all I can think of is spring/summer.

    So glad to have found your blog, Steve-here's to great renos in 2013!

  16. Hyacinths, already? How wonderful. Hope 2013 is a great year for you.

  17. Happy New Year from Ireland. Love the hyacinths. Sinead

  18. You are a Great Read Steve! Thank you for 2012, and here's to 2013. I'm going to bed with a good book!

  19. Love hyacinths, wonderful fragrance. Beautiful snow photos. Happy New Year! Denise

  20. From Minneapolis wishing you a wonder new year Steve.


  21. Happy New Year to you as well!!! We are buried in that snow storm.

  22. I love love love the snow photos. Snow's only redeeming quality is the beauty it creates when it blankets everything. I adore hyacinth - the little flowers so perfect and brightly coloured. I hope you (my favorite American) have a wonderful New Year and that it is prosperous and healthy! xo Terri

  23. Getting some mileage with those hops! nice choice with the hyacinth.

  24. Oh wow. I just stopped by her blog for the first time.
    I'm excited to see that she's doing a basement remodel...I hope to someday do one on mine.
    I was a little surprised that your most popular post was about cooking/photography but one never really knows what draws people in. I would have thought it was the exterior renovation, that was truly amazing.
    Personally, I have no idea which one would be MY favorite. I loved them all.
    So many have made me laugh right out loud!
    If I was forced to choose, maybe one of the ones where I learned more about Art?

    Anyway...LOVELY snow photos. It's so beautiful when it's freshly fallen.
    My snow has now been pushed, shoveled and broken into mini icebergs.
    And my backyard? It's like a murder scene but with yellow blood.
    Totally gross.
    Alas, I won't be sharing any photos myself.
    I'm looking forward to 2013.
    2012 had a lot of ups and downs. You were definitely an UP!
    Thanks for being you. I'm so glad you are in this world.

  25. Oh my, Steve, those are some glorious photos.

    Wishing you an incredible New Year!

  26. Happy New Year Steve, to you and your loved ones! Great photos! We have so much snow at the cottage it's insane! Heading back to MA tomorrow, work beckons on Wednesday!

  27. Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to more great posts in the future!

  28. I always have some paper whites going in Dec and the spacey scent. After that...cut white tulips until spring...
    :-) **Tami

  29. That shot of the tree covered in snow is stunning, Steve.