Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maison Decor

Blogging offers the opportunity to easily connect with people around the world but nothing is more fun than finding local bloggers. One of those local bloggers is Amy Chalmers of Maison Decor.  Amy is a designer who loves french country, cottage and vintage styles.  We've often mentioned how our styles are so different but we can appreciate what the other does.  We even joked about how we should open a store with a line down the middle.  Her side would be light, feminine and romantic; my side would be dark, masculine, rustic and industrial.  It would have something that would appeal to every shopper.

Amy not only opened a store without me, she's opened two stores this year...and, although a little envious, I couldn't be happier for her.

Amy's Malden store sells vintage furniture, chandeliers, reproduction mora wall clocks, window treatments and new and vintage home accessories.

Many of the furniture pieces have been given a new life with various decorative paint finishes.

In fact, both shops sell Annie Sloan chalk paint, Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint and a variety of brushes, waxes and other painting accessories.

Amy also offer Annie Sloan painting workshops.  This is a recent class in her Malden shop.

The South End, Boston location has a much more masculine feel.  Note the 1798 Swedish Mora clock and the heavily carved antiqued French armoire mixed with new London tube roll signs and Parisian apartment clocks mixed with a vintage globe...

...and other "mantiques" as she calls them.

I walked away with a cool vintage Kodak camera on a great old wooden tripod.

The tripod needs a little refinishing but I thought it would make...

...and awesome lamp.

Amy's shop can be found online but if you find yourself in Malden or Boston,
stop my Amy's shops at the following locations:

50 Summer Street
Malden, Massachusetts

(click link for shop hours and more information)

524 Harrison Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts

(click link for store hours and more information)


  1. I LOVE Amy! Thanks for showcasing her work and her shops!



  2. I love the term "mantiques"! I prefer the less frilly look too. If my son son ends up in in Boston for college next year, I just may visit one of Amy's shops.

  3. I am going to check out the Boston store.

    Hey, I picked up Cottage Living at Lowe's today and saw your house. Great pictures. I thiink my favorite thing is the shelves of quilts.

  4. Steve -
    I'm so jealous that you can go shopping at Amy's stores when I'm so far away. I have to depend on her blog and phone updates. It's amazing she opened not one...but two stores this year. What is next for our amazing, Amy?

  5. Steve thank you for writing about your trip to Boston and including info on my Malden store. I remember well talking about sharing a shop together! If I ever open a big co-op type place, I am gonna be calling you! Heading to Lowes to pick up the Cottage Living book today (my day off)~I am proud to say my friend's home is in the pages of this favorite (I have collected these issues)!

  6. You and Amy have similar great taste! What a find; great locations and great pieces.

  7. Well done to Amy, her shops look wonderful. I recently visited a local historic house, which was totally fascinating as it was split in two, just as you describe in your opening paragraph. It is called Castle Ward, and half of the house was decorated in classic Georgian style and the other half in Strawberry Hill Gothic. The husband and wife could not agree and so they had a dividing line. As you approach the house it is very classical in design on 3 sides and the 4th side is Gothic. I think you would just love it! Love Linda x

  8. I have been to this shop and I love it! Nothing like going to SOWA, lunch and then shopping here. I bought an AMAZING humidor and I just adore it. I need to get back in. DELIGHTFUL shopping experience and the prices were excellent. Thanks for highlighting this little gem.

  9. Looks like my kind of store...going to check the online site now. Very pretty stuff!

  10. Love both stores.

    Maybe she'll open her 3rd down here?

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

    Wanna come over for the returns?

    xo jane

  11. What wonderful shops! I love the term "mantiques"- very clever! Best of luck in both locations, and love all that is showcased. Thanks for sharing.
    xo Nancy

  12. They look like wonderful shops.
    Will have to add them to our resource list...


  13. I've seen Amy's shops over on Nita's blog and thought they looked just fabulous. I'm full of envy too. I've always had a fantasy of being a shop-owner. I lean more to the Modern Eclectic who knows What! style of decor but I appreciate her soft French Country look too.
    I'm so happy for her. Such a great success!
    Seems like the Boston area is overflowing with talent!!!

  14. Chalk and milk paint sound fascinating. Thank goodness I'm far across the pond and can't be tempted by all these lovely things!

  15. Amy is a good friend of mine and an awesome person! Glad to have found your blog, I will be following you, love what you have done with your home!!!

  16. What fun! WIsh I could visit both locations.


  17. Love the Swedish tall case clock! On my list for our next trip to Boston.

  18. I am making note for my next Boston trip. So many lovely things. Thanks for the introduction. Bonnie

  19. I think I met amy while in line for that nyc blogger audience of the nate berkus show a few years back. great to see her again here. donna

  20. So happy you shared this info! I love finding local shops and bloggers as well! Can't wait to visit her new shops!

  21. I spy a few things I'd like to check out in person...and I can't wait to see the lamp!

  22. Great shop. We have to go to Portland for anything like this-two hours away. I miss the cool shops down in Dallas-Lula B's, and the like. So fun to rummage through other people's stuff. Also brings home the lesson of impermanence-and how nothing is really ours for keeps, it's sort of on loan from the universe.

    That said, I have been intrigued by dough bowls lately-one may have to find its way to my dining room table in podunkville, OR :)

  23. What a lovely shop! I'm like you though, I like a little more masculine take on interiors. I'd hang out in your shop and gaze admiringly over at hers. :)

    Have a great week, Steve!

  24. I want to go and check it out...right now! Tempting, after being home so many days with a house full of people (kids)...but then their is talk of another storm. Only a little more than three hours away...I would take the train, but then how would I get my purchases home?'s why I always drive a wagon.

  25. Cool! Can't wait to check them out! Thanks for sharing.

  26. What cool shops! I love everything. Your lamp idea is the bomb.

  27. I love Amy; she has accomplished so much the past year! I wish I weren't so far away. I always see things I would love to have! I am thrilled that she has mixed it up and has some interesting masculine looks.

    Have a great weekend Steve!

    Art by Karena

  28. My daughter & I went to the SOWA shop & loved it. We bought chalk & milk paint plus some maple sap collection buckets. It was very easy to get to from the Mass Pike. Best wishes to Amy & her son.

  29. Oh my, why don't I know about this? I live and work close to Malden and I could easily check this out on my lunchtime. Thanks for posting about this shop!

  30. Would love to visit this shop, looks fabulous, but too far away from us here in Engbland! I use Annie Sloan paints a lot, very beautiful once you get the waxing technique right. x

  31. Went there yesterday after reading your post. What a fab store! And Amy is a sweetheart. We talked for about an hour and I walked away with the dining room curtains I've been waiting four years to find.