Friday, June 29, 2012

On the Road Again

Yesterday I spent the day in my car fighting pre-holiday traffic to pick up something in Maine. I made a special trip through a wonderful historic town (just so you could see it!) and I'll share some of the photos in another post. 

The first time I went to Snug Harbor Farm, I was admiring these large stones that I saw in a few places around the farm.  The way this one is placed, it's almost like a little area rug inside the gate.  I love the effect.  I thought they were some kind of huge millstone but it turns out they're old well covers.

One of the shops I frequently visit has had a collection of well covers that I've admired for the past year.  I'd love to use one as a "landing" at the bottom of my back porch steps.  Fill the hole with soil and plant moss or thyme, and I think it would look awesome.

Some of them even have a flat edge that would fit perfectly up against a set of stairs.

They're a little big to fit in your trunk but the store will deliver and set them right into place.

I wonder if they have a layway plan?

On my way back from Maine, I zipped over to Rockport to pick up a painting I fell in love with a few weeks ago.  I put a moratorium on art buying but I couldn't stand the idea of it going to someone else's home.  I've always found this artist's work very inspiring and this painting really has really sparked my desire to pursue artwork again.  I'll do post on his work sometime soon to see what you think about it.

Anyway, I had my camera with me so I thought I take another photo of Motif #1.

Here's what it looked like when I was there last month.

Rockport Harbor.
And here it was yesterday.  No fuzzy edges on things.  Even though the town is now teeming with tourists, and there is some dude to my right with a camera much nicer than mine, the photos give the feeling of complete stillness and solitude.

I was on the road for six hours.  I'm happy to be staying at home for the holiday.

What are you up to?


  1. It looks like your little trip was more scenic than mine. D.C. traffic, 95 traffic, 99 degrees, four hours...ugh.
    I can't wait to see this artwork.

  2. We are off to Colorado to visit the newest grandchild with Camille and the twins. We will stay to the west to avoid most of the horrendous wildfires burning on the east slopes of the Rockies. I am in love with the well covers! They are aged beautifully. Have a lovely Fourth!

  3. I have the perfect spot for one of the well covers. I wonder do they deliver down south;) I will have to keep my eyes peeled for one down here.

    The pictures are all wonderful, but the last is my favorite. I think it should most definitely go in a frame.

    Enjoy your time at home.

  4. It's cabin on the lake for us! Kerry, I "feel for you"...we were on I95 too...the heat is unbelievable!! 17 spending the weekend! Happy Fourth! franki

  5. We'll be staying home as well. It's supposed to be in the upper 90's - maybe even getting to 100 degrees inland - this weekend, but hopefully we'll get some relief by the 4th. Really can't complain since we've had such beautiful weather til now.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful adventure while the temps were still cool!!! The stoop landing idea is fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing more pics...

    Rockport Harbor is one of my favorites, although I'm usually driving thru it at about 5 AM in the morning on my way to one of my favorite fishing spots. (There's this tiny little hole in the wall breakfast place just past Bearskin Neck on the right that makes the world's best jelly donuts I always stop at.)

    Sally and I will be right here in Salem. Hopefully there will be a sea breeze in the late afternoon and evening these next few days.


  7. I pray I have a chance to go to Rockport Harbor! I would have checked into the first available room for rent and never left. :)

    We have a few plans going on over here but this weekend I'm enjoy the sun and the garden.

    Happy Summer Steve!

  8. love your images... sorry about being on the road so long... ugh... never fun.
    relax and enjoy your holiday... xx

  9. I love Rockport and have always enjoyed looking at Motif #1. We aren't doing much just a family cookout at my brother's house in Peabody. Should be relaxing and low key.

  10. What a pleasant trip Steve! Love the well covers, do you think they would FedEx to California?

  11. Home hiding from the heat! Perhaps a margarita or two and a bit of Marie's guacamole! Hope you have a good weekend.

  12. Did you use a wide angle lens? It's a great photo. We are celebrating Canada day this weekend, July st and as usual I'm doing nothing.

  13. Hubby has Mon/Tues off as well as the Fourth-so we are wrapping up the back fence, getting/spreading three yards of cedar bark for our bottom terrace, and starting the pond.

    Add in a couple of movies, a concert on Sunday and a waterfall trip and those couple of days off will fly by!

    Relaxing, like art, is so subjective, LOL.

  14. I would love to travel to ROCKPORT MAINE... However we are staying in North Texas enjoying 102 degree days!! Thanks for sharing those pictures! love it!

  15. Reading your blog just reinforces my need (it's a need) to move back north. I have this illusion that all houses up there must be as beautiful as yours or that I will be able to make one like yours. Until then I'll be cooping up inside and avoiding the 106 degree weather here in the south this weekend. Have a good one!

  16. Wow--Love the well covers and what a great idea. There is something so appealing about turning something utilitarian into something artistic. Can't wait to see the art you bought...


  17. Steve, it always is fun to take a road trip with you. Enjoy a lovely 4th staying put. We will either spend the afternoon with friends who live in a small PA town and toast the important day with Black Cows or head to South Baltimore where folks take to their roof top decks to watch the fire works. Best of all would be to work in both options. First I must hang my brand new bunting on the screened porch. It was a Christmas gift. I am so very proud of it.
    Linda in Burke, Virginia

  18. Linda,
    Sounds like some great options. I'm envious of your bunting. I'd love to have some for my porch!
    Have a great holiday!

  19. This is the first time I've seen well covers like ours. We work from five wells and have the same covers on them the open middles are to check the depth of the wells....ours are full. We're staying home the whole week since the husbands birthday is the fourth but it's always fun. Enjoy your week Steve, I love traveling with you!


  20. I can't hardly wait to see the painting that has inspired you so!

    My plans depend on the weather. Right now we are having severe thunderstorms but it could be clear in the morning and then I will continue working on the yard.
    If it's still raining I will probably pop in a DVD instead of doing what I REALLY should do.
    On the Fourth we all stay inside with the music or TV up loud so that everyone isn't terrified of the fireworks.
    Then the day after I will be taking a "Wine & Art" class at the Figge Musmeum. (because YOU inspired me to do so.)

  21. Inspired by your last post, I almost went to Rockport yesterday. Decided not to, as I had a long drive today to upstate NY. I don't need a guide to the New England--I just read your posts!

  22. Steve, I haven't been to Rockport in ages! I'm due, this may be the year!!!

    I think the boathouse has to be the most photographed building in R'port! Don't you!

    Now that I have my brothers & sisters, nieces & nephews coming to OOB, ME for the 4th I'm suddenly wishing it was July 5th! LOL!!!

  23. that harbour is so beautiful. you're making me wait to see that new art???!! meanie.

    happy 4th of july! we have canada day on july 1. long weekend here too. we are going antiquing tomorrow out of town but the selection is dire compared to yours.

    oh, and those rocks - totally amazing..

    xo t.

  24. Steve, We're on the road for the first time in yrs. Connecticut, then the Cape.

    Fleeing the torrid heat of Virginia.

    Leaving early Sunday am, will honk when we drive into Ma. on Monday.

    xo Jane

  25. Steve,

    That's my favorite thing about New England; the perfect little towns you find on drives through. I can't wait to call it home!


  26. Love your photos of Rockport. . . brings back memories of over fifty years ago . . . I could spend hours reading you . . . and looking . . .

  27. Hi!
    I've been reading your blog and loving it for about 2 years, but don't think I've ever posted before.
    I think it's great that when they deliver the well covers they will also position it for you too. But I was thinking that to make the most of that offer, a bit of ahead planning might be worthwhile. You know, if you're going after Moby Dick in a rowboat, don't forget to bring a bucket of tartar sauce, right;D

    Ok, so: have the over-all dimensions and thickness, and dig the doughnut ahead. Have some sacks of sand standing by. That might save having to hire strong bodies to come over later. To make sure the guys will be able to spend the extra time for positioning, you could ask ahead if they'll settle the thing properly (not just dropping it in the vicinity) for you, and maybe give the workers a tip for the extra effort.

    Thanks again for your lovely blog.

  28. Hi. The dude may have had a better camera, but no way a better eye. I remember seeing those covers. So cool. and yes, one would look amazing off your back step. Go for it. :)

  29. Ooooh love those stony little doughnuts!

    Maine is a beaut isn't she?

    I used to work there summers when I was in school!

  30. Ooooh love those stony little doughnuts!

    Maine is a beaut isn't she?

    I used to work there summers when I was in school!

  31. Your photography is simple amazing. You should sell those images or make posters or something! Love the well cover idea.

  32. UGH! I left a comment but blogger is being a real PITA tonight!

    Gorgeous shots, Steve. I've never been to Maine, but I told Scott that we're going in September. We were supposed to go to Texas - but that's not going to happen, so ... Maine it is!

    P.S., Thanks for dropping by and leaving such glowing compliments on the new photos! The camera is everything I wanted and more, AND MORE! The 240 page manual is a bit daunting though.

    I got my bundle (camera, 2 lenses and the high definition memory card) at Target. The price was good, considering.

    I've vowed to take at least one photo every day to make the expense worth it. :)

  33. What a great road trip. I want to pay a visit to Snug harbor Farm. Just the name has me wanting to drive 9 hours from CT. (ok, to be truthful it's only 4 hours and 36 minutes door to door, but I tend to exaggerate). I just read your post from last August.

    Love your photos of the harbor...the foggy day and then the day when the sky looks like a painting --it's so beautiful. Enjoy your holiday at home...I'm sure it must include some entertaining?!

  34. well i can just imagine telling larry that i put a rock on lay away.

    what piece of art did you buy?

    love that harbor. pretty no matter the weather.

    i am up to nothing. really.