Saturday, May 19, 2012

Acme Fine Art

A great art exhibit opened today at Acme Fine Art at 38 Newbury Street in Boston.  If you're not familiar with the gallery, it focuses on artists connected to Provincetown.  Owners David Cowan and Jim Bennett have a great eye and their shows are always first rate.

Painting above is by Michael Mazur.

This "Provincetown Views" show captures views of P'town through the eyes of
the various artists that have spent time there over the past century.

This large show, hung salon style on several walls, includes a
nice cross section of periods, styles and media.

Here are a few highlights:

One of the earliest pieces is this wonderful 1916 high-key impressionistic
"Provincetown Garden" by E. Ambrose Webster.

"Fisherman's Family," an early Jack Tworkov from 1931, captures a moment in
time of this old fishing village.  I love how the interior
dissolves into a view to the lighthouse on Long Point.

Although lighthouses and water views aren't a specific theme, it would be hard
for any Provincetown Views show to omit them.

This is an early Hans Hofmann entitled "Lighthouse" from 1936.  It's electric.

"Toward Long Point" by Ron Shuebrook, 1969.

Ferol Warthen's Lighthouse, Provincetown white-line woodblock print from 1971.

Richard Baker's painting of the Provincetown Painters book not only
includes its own view out to Long Point but humorously includes the tape on the cover.

Anyone who owns this book knows the binding was very weak and
it's rarely seen without tape holding it together.

Even these two Giorgio Cavallon abstracts (right) paired beautifully
with a Helen Frankenthaler (left), evoke that view to the water.

A few paintings also represent Provincetown's interiors.

Mary Hackett's "Interior," 1971 depicts an old-school Cape Cod
cottage interior in her own sweet, folksy style. 

And Susan Baker's "Blessing of the Foc'sle" captures a delightful and fun
moment at the legendary Provincetown bar.  

Provincetown Views is a wonderful, diverse show and shouldn't be missed.
It is open through June 23, 2012.

38 Newbury Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA  02116


  1. Love impressionism since it makes you really notice the artwork but all wonderful. Looks like you had a good time!


  2. Some great work here, Steve. I really love the Shuebrook.

  3. This is a beautiful and important exhibition. Thanks for sharing and I shall try and include it.


  4. How wonderful! I am so glad you got to visit Provincetown right in your own home town. I love the salon style collection.

    xo Terri

  5. Steve this is a fabulous exhibit I wish I could be there; a great selection.

    2012 Artist Series featuring the Gifted Decorative Painter Theresa Cheek


    Art by Karena

  6. What a great exhibit! I adore the wide range of styles, subject matter, and medium.

    I am especially fond of artwork hung salon style. When I worked at the Smithsonian, one of my favorite museums was the Renwick which had many pieces hung just so.

    The Frankenthaler is pure genius. We lost an icon last year! I love her very large scaled pieces. Those are even more stunning in person.

  7. Oh this is great--what a fabulous array of paintings. I am definitely going to see it.

  8. Thank you for sharing this; impressive!

  9. Wow, I wish I was close enough to go. My favorite is the grouping of Frankenthaler and Cavallo but it all looks so inspiring. Thanks for the peek!

  10. Just the inspiration I needed!
    Wonderful, loose and playful~

  11. i like these a lot steve. thanks for sharing a corner of your world with us.

  12. Those are beautiful.
    I love the Lighthouse piece.


  14. Thank you for this post.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ferol Warthen.
    Frankenthaler & Cavallon...
    I still can't "see" it.

  15. Another valuable tutorial, Steve! ALL of these are wonderful. I wonder what it would be like to have one of these in my living room.

  16. The impressionist painting reminds me of the wonderful Gustave Bauman woodblock print that Rosalind owns. Been missing your posts as we are traveling in Alaska and for three days have not had internet service. Glad to catch up with you.

  17. mmmm, wonderful show. i actually liked every painting you featured, particularly the book with the tape

  18. Steve- wow, great art, especially the bold colors of the "Blessing".

    Confession: when I read the post title, all I could think of was Wil E. Coyote / Road Runner and all their crazy ACME products, LOL.

    For all my college knowledge, it's sad what sticks in one's brain via the evils of 1960s TV, LOL.

  19. Thank you. I just felt like I was at a gallery with a great host. i love seeing original art.

  20. Great post. Hubs and I try to go to local museums whenever we visit a new town. When we were in an upstate NY rural town, we stumbled upon a storefront that showcased local artists. It's always fun to see how differently people can express themselves. Our favorite was where normal household items were transformed into musical instruments.

    I've linked you up on my blog with a game to learn a little bit more about folks. If you'd like to play along, stop by.

  21. Yet another good reason to visit New England! I'm running out of wall space for all the purchases I'm making in my head. I'd never heard of the Provincetown artists before you introduced us to them but I'm reminded of the Taos artists. Funny how artists tend to flock together.

  22. I'll take the Shuebrook and the Hofmann...if you're buying...k

  23. I love ptown! That fiRst one looks like a painting ap on my iPad, love it

  24. Looks like a great show! I particularly like "Fisherman's Family" and the "Blessing of the Foc'sle." Baker's piece sort of reminds me of an unusual Malcolm Morley painting my husband has, painted on a triangular piece of sand paper.

    Thanks so much for allowing a glimpse of this exhibition.

  25. I LOVE that "Provincetown Garden"! LOVE it! All of the others are gorgeous, too.

  26. Greetings! I saw your blog listed on another's sidebar and came to visit. I LOVE your house! I just became your newest Follower... I will be back visit to click on your sidebar link to read all about your home, it's adorable.

  27. Wow! your photos are awe inspiring... each one
    is as a postcard you want to be in. I'm impressed...
    Thanks... Fay

  28. I saw the show Saturday and it was extraordinary. They've extended it for 2 more weeks. I wish they had a catalogue--but I can see a few of the pictures again here. Thank you!