Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn in Maine

Snug Harbor Farm

Here in the city we can pretend it's summer for a few more weeks.   But on Saturday, Carol from Sofas and Sage and I headed up to Maine where fall was definitely in the air.  Carol and I had such fun on our last outing to Cambridge Antiques Market, we made another play date.  I wanted to show her my favorite Maine haunts so we headed up north.

We started at York Antiques where we were gabbing so much we forgot to take any photos.  I think we were anticipating the requisite lobster roll.

We stopped at Withingtons.  That place has some of the most magnificent antiques.

They also have really beautiful lamps which I assume they've made out of old architectural pieces.

Nita, this one's for you!

At Smith-Zukas Antiques, I was enamored with this hardware.

And check out this wooden hat form.  I've never seen one like this before.

We buzzed up to Antiques USA in Arundel, Maine which had so many glass cases my eyes glazed over.    While were there, I saw this guy that looked familiar.  I thought, that looks like that guy that I've seen on TV.  But it seemed so unlikely he'd be at an Antique Market in Maine, I totally discounted it.

As we were leaving, he was right in front of us.  I looked at Carol and the look in her eyes said, isn't that that guy I've seen on TV?  And my eyes said, "Oh, my god, do you think he's that guy too."

Now, I would have left it alone because the last time I saw a celebrity I made a fool of myself.  I was in a  hardware store in Cambridge when I heard an unmistakable voice ask "Can you tell me how to get to Walnut Street?"  It was Julia Child!

I don't think I've ever my mentioned my love for Julia Child but it runs long and deep.  I always dreamed of running in to her so I could debate the best method of making the perfect hollandaise and tell about time I made her cassoulet for Christmas and everyone thought it was "pork and beans."  Oh, we would giggle about that.  And here was my chance.   I ran to the end of the aisle and met her face to face, eye to eye.  We were the same height.

M-m-m-m-m-mrs.  Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ild, I l-l-l-l-l-l-love you.  She smiled, said thank you and out of my life she walked.  No hollandaise.  No cassoulet.  I had ruined what would be my only chance of being Julia's best friend.

photo:  Sandy Poirier and Shag Boston

Carol handled it much better. 

It WAS that guy we had seen on TV.  Steve Santagati, relationship expert, author of The MANual.  He seemed pleasantly surprised that we recognized and graciously stood and talked to us for a bit.  He was looking for a glass doorknob so I gave him directions to Old House Parts.  He asked our names, he shook our hands and off we went.

Let me just say, the dude is REALLY good looking.  No one should be allowed to be that handsome.

On our way over to Snug Harbor Farm we drove past the Wedding Cake House in Kennebunk.

The autumn colors were in full bloom at Snug Harbor Farm.

And finally we stopped at Corey Daniels Gallery where I picked up a big stack of really old Chinese bowls.

They're all a little different and quite primitive.  Each one has a ring of the glaze scraped out of the bottom leaving the the brown clay exposed.  Does anyone know why?  It's not a test; I don't know.  I loved these because they feel like something you would dig up out of a shipwreck.

Anyone craving dumplings?

But this is a test.  I also picked up a pair of these legs.  Not the cat legs; the wooden ones.  Is he a ham or what?

The inner set of legs rotate to make a stand.  The upper part that's a different color has been added.  I'll show next time some of my ideas for these.

Carol was a great partner in crime.  She was much better behaved than me.  She bought a vintage wallpaper seam roller for $1.  I have a feeling we'll be up there again sometime. 


  1. Very handsome indeed...So next time you venture on up to Maine, will you please take me with you? Do you mind carrying a baby? I'll carry one too. ; )

    Mmmmm, lobster roll sounds SO GOOD!!! Miss those.


  2. Trina,

    There aren't too many babies I would carry but I'd be glad to if you would tag along.


  3. know me to heart skipped a beat when I glanced below and saw those urns. Then I laughed when you said you'd taken the photo for me. Yes, I love those urns!

    I'm jealous of the day you had. Looks like so much fun. I don't know who that celeb is.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with for those legs. I'm sure you'll think of something marvelous.

  4. Lost my post...grrrr.

    Looks like a fun trip. No slumming for you guys! I have no clue on many fronts though. Do not recognize Mr. Man (or his show). No clue on the rice bowls (maybe done from stacking them)...and no friggin' clue about the legs (best guess is a wash/ironing rack of some sort) prizes for me today!

  5. What a fun outing! Love seeing all those mums lined up in full bloom. How far are your from the Maine Botanical Garden? My fil is the director there and I have always wanted to go.

  6. I am so jealous of your Corey Daniels find of blue and white rice bowls! I've collected the very simple blue and white carp bowls since 1972 when I bought some at a big import store in Cali for .79. Up until three or four years ago, one could find them on eBay for three or four dollars, but now they cost forty to sixty dollars a piece. And Joe has broken all but two. When I saw your bowls, besides being envious, I knew you'd scored big. Nice find!! I might be inspired to take a trip north myself. One last junket with Gillian. Nice photos of SH!

  7. i love days like this. better than disneyland! you know i'm seriously jealous.

  8. Well, you could have given me a little more notice and I would have joined you. I have never seen a celebrity in my life up close and personal.

  9. Your outings always seem like mini vacations...beautiful places, exquisite finds and celebrities. I'm envious also. It looks like a wonderful day...and better that you found a great partner in crime. Looking forward to seeing what you conjure up with those sexy legs.
    There is no summer left's 52 degrees as I write this! :)

  10. The foot of pottery is normally left unglazed, so that it doesn't stick to the kiln during firing. I believe that they leave a ring unglazed so that the bowls can be stacked in large quantities to be fired in a kiln, rather than positioned in a single layer, taking up more space. If the bowl was completely glazed, they would stick together. I'm no Chinese Bowl Expert however : )

  11. That's a REALLY good explantion. I felt these were very utilitarian bowls and that makes complete sense.

    Thank you for chiming in!

  12. I really like the bowls and it looks like there was a ton of great stuff to be seen. I'd tell you I was jealous but I went antiquing too and got a fab bombe chest. Pics on my blog.

  13. What a great day you two had! I love Maine but I haven't been there in a really long time.

  14. I'm also a HUGE Julia Child fan! I did a post on her about a year ago. Check it out when you have a moment.

    I've been to the antique stores in Arundle many times - love 'em!

    I'm thinking dining room side board with the new legs!

  15. Great post - I wish I could have been there for the Withingtons part (I want those laurel leaf things) and the lobster roll part as a minimum. Which cat is that? It looks like Zazu but darker...your cats are very feisty looking.
    P.S. I have never heard you gush.

    xo Terri

  16. great finds! He wrote, The MANual, hilarious!

  17. What a great day out and so good to have a partner in crime to share the enjoyment.
    The unglazed areas on the bowls is where the base of the next unglazed foot of a bowl will rest when stacked in the kiln for firing.

  18. What a day! Perfect in every detail, lobster rolls and bowls, finds and flowers...

  19. That was the quintessential "apple pie" fall day! The kind of day that makes me want to bake and smell apples!! But really, antiquing was the best thing to do. If you don't know Steve personally, he is just as witty in person. And, Maine is such a beautiful place to search for great finds. If you've never been, those of you reading comments, you really should check it out. And as far as the celebrity sighting goes, if I seemed to handle it well, I didn't. On the inside I was 16 around a cute guy and on the outside a middle aged mom trying to be normal! Thanks for a great day, Steve!

  20. I'm so envious!
    Sounds like such a great day and so much fun!
    and you're right.
    That guy is CUTE!
    :D - Cindi

  21. Steve, there are so many goodies here, I don't know where to start, so I'll pick the top three! So, first. I have never, ever, very sadly, had a lobster roll, but I can almost taste it.

    Speaking of tasting, those mums look like delicious sorbet cones. So pretty. I love mums. They're such an underrated flower.

    Also, I CANNOT WAIT to see what you come up with for those table legs.


  22. What a great way to spend the day with a friend. Love the spindle legs and can't wait to see what you do with them. The Lobsta Roll looks delicious.

  23. So pretty. I am a huge fan of your area of the country and miss the amazing beauty.

  24. What a wonderful outing this must have been! All those treasures to see, buy and then.....meeting those two great people! I would have drooled big time over Steve...what a hunk. And with Julia..yeah, well I'd have shown her how I can copy her voice to a "T" and she probably would have said, "I don't sound like that!" Haha! Fun times. Thanks for the gorgeous photos!

  25. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. I believe its so precious because of the snow load that is soon to follow. Love the pictures of the Mums all lined up. We just painted our living room pinkish red, my inspiration... Mums! On a side note the lobster roll looks amazing :)

  26. Now that was a good trip.

    I haven't ever been to Maine.

    Do I keep telling you that?

    Am I hinting?

    You're right, very good looking...oh and I love the bowls too:)

    xo Jane

  27. y'all just had too much fun!! great new legs and can't wait to see what you will do with them! I LOVED the Julia story! Loved!!


  28. p.s. I thought that cute guy was you!!
    We're headed to most of these places tomorrow, so hope you didn't buy all the good stuff;)

  29. Oh what a fun day trip. Snug Harbor Farm, how come I don't know about this?

    Fun celebrity spotting and Old House Parts is a great place! Love it.

    Where did you have the requisite lobster roll?

  30. Elaine,
    You HAVE to make it to Snug Harbor. Obviously spring time is best but they're open all year. Their greenhouses are packed with the most beautiful topiary.
    Lobster roll is from Robert's in Kittery. It's beautiful, very clean and very FAST which is key with so many places to see. The sweet potato fries and the onion rings are also awesome!

  31. What a fabulous day this was!! It is on my bucket list to get to Maine....preferably in the fall...

    I saw on Sherry's blog where you wondered my I didn't like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! LOL I am probably the ONLY person in all of blog world that doesn't like it, so it is probably just me! I had heard that it covered everything, no priming, no prep...well, I painted a buffet which was pine, so that may have been the problem, but it took about three coats and it just kept bleeding for the staining...too many steps for me...clear wax, then dark wax, then clear wax again...girl, I got no time for all of that business! I drug that buffet outside, spraypainted OVER the chalk paint with heirloom white, then glazed it with my good ole' mocha glaze and was done in a couple of hours. I had been dickering with that dang chalk paint for three days and still wasn't finished. That was just my experience, which apparently, is NOT the norm! lol

    OH! Do NOT sand that chalk paint in the house! Dear Heaven!! It is like sheetrock dust...went EVERYWHERE!!

    But you may really LOVE it! :0

    Glad I found your blog!

    Lou Cinda ;)

  32. I love those laurel wreaths @ Withingtons. I can't believe you didn't purchase those for me!

    Love the JC story...I said the same thing - word for word - once when I met Diana glad I called her Miss Ross...

  33. Ha Ha...isn't Lou Cinda funny!!! That sounds like quite the and shopping. Does it get any better than that! And, I am just like you when I see a "celebrity"...My mouth opens but absolutely nothing intelligent comes out. I kind of sound like I was brought up in the back woods somewhere. I learned a long time ago to let them be.

  34. When will we see the efforts of your labors in print ??

  35. Nelson,
    The book comes out next June. S.