Sunday, November 7, 2010

At the Back Door

The painters are pretty much done and although I was disappointed I couldn't replace the back porches in this phase of the renovation, they're looking pretty good.

This is part of the house that has gone through a few different transformations since I bought the house.  I replaced a horrible farm-like fence around the decks to a railing that seemed a little more appropriate.

That all got painted to match the old vinyl siding.

And now the vinyl has been stripped away and the shingles have been painted to match the new work on the front of the house.  The new siding stops at the kitchen door.

These are the porches after stripping off the vinyl.

And here's how they look today.  I'm pretty happy with how the old blends in with new after painting everything.

The upstairs porch during the renovation.

The upstairs porch now.

The porch ceiling turned out to be beadboard and it painted up beautifully.  I've never really used this porch at all but now I could see furnishing it...

...and enjoying a bird's eye view of the garden and street on a hot summer's night.  It's fun to be up here and see the capital on the corner pilasters.

The downstairs porch before...

...and after.  This ceiling also had beadboard and although it was pretty water damaged, a good scraping, priming and painting resurrected it.  I even like my bargain basement $24 lights.

This view just after the vinyl was stripped off... looks like this.

And although it's 40 degrees outside...

...there's no reason I have to wait until next spring to enjoy it.


  1. Wow, what a great transformation! You have done a wonderful job.. love it! take care, Maryann

  2. You have such good house sense. I don't now how else to put it into words. Maybe I should just say you have great taste. I've loved everything you have done so far. The porch is always a great place to just sit and think or better yet watch the neighbors,Lol!!

  3. Fabulous! And I have to say, I *love* the outside "pilaster" corner treatment -- brilliant!

  4. Everything looks just wonderful. What an amazing transformation. I would love having an upper porch too.

  5. Paint really is one of the most transformative substances on earth. Add to it the removal of siding and new banisters and it's just about unbearable. What a change!

    I'd love to have an upstairs porch, preferably a screened one so I could sit there at night & not be eaten alive by mosquitoes.

  6. Looks great. Love the furniture out there!

  7. hi steve,

    of course everything looks amazing. i expect nothing less out of you. it all has a crispness to it. and all the details you agonized over are just fabulous. you must be really pleased.

    now would you please get a neighbor or friend to take your picture sitting on the front steps. i'd really like that. thank you.


  8. That is an amazing fresh and welcoming - love it!!

  9. Love the fact that you have furnished the porch, even tho it's 40 degrees. BEAUTIFUL.
    p.s. Love that capital detail on the pilaster.

  10. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! You have done a masterful job.

  11. Steve,
    All of your 'before' and 'after' photos are my absolute favorite - stunning and jaw dropping! What a beautiful space...the porches, the door, and I still swoon every time I get a glimpse of your fence and arbor - love, love, love it.

  12. Looks great Steve. That upper porch looks like a great little hideaway!

  13. It all looks amazing. There is just nothing like a porch. And, I second Janet -- a pic of you sitting on the porch -- you are a mystery! :) Looks awesome.

  14. I'm homeless right now..(its a long story and involves a recent marriage to an retired navy man and a job with lots of travel) We are in Boston right now for a few more weeks and we have been drooling over houses in your neighbourhood since we got here a few weeks ago.
    I can only wish for such a find when we are once again ready to plant our roots..what a fabulous're doing such a superb job of restoring and reviving. That house must be smiling from ear to ear~

  15. looks really beautiful! nice job!

    we just had all the old siding taken off our victorian farmhouse, and the original wood shingle siding is in really good shape. now i can't wait to paint it!

    hope you are enjoying your peaceful porch!

  16. That looks amazing! I love the simple colors you used, and the furniture on the porch.

  17. OK,
    So I was going to close it the side porch for my scullery, until I dug around and found this post. That's pretty damn cute! And I bet the garden is wonderful.