Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Autumn in the City

My street, October 26

First I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments about my house.  I've put a lot of effort into transforming my little urban cottage and I'm thrilled that others can appreciate it too.  I've been so rapt up in the project, I feel like I lost an entire summer but it was hard to miss the autumn color this morning.  We had some rain last night which always intensifies the color and morning sun made them almost florescent. 

The color peaks in late September, early October in the northernmost parts of New England and moves south toward Boston.  In another week or two, all of the leaves will be gone.  I think we're at peak right now in the city but I don't recall seeing color this bright in a long time.

I love spring and summer and I always lament the onset of autumn but with color like this, how can you not enjoy it?

I think autumn is starting to grow on me.

Even in the middle of downtown Boston, there's fall color to enjoy.  This park just one block from my office used to be a hideous two- or three-story cement parking garage.  The owners demolished the garage, rebuilt it underground and added this beautiful park.

This is a entrance to the parking garage.

During summer months, the park is literally packed with people enjoying their lunch hours sitting on the grass.  (The park hands out mats to sit on.)  I enjoy it most in the morning when people are scurrying to work, too busy to enjoy a few moments outside.

The park has a full-time staff of people constantly sweeping, washing, watering, trimming, planting and trimming to keep the park pristine.

Even when you live and work in the city, there are plenty of places to enjoy the amazing colors of autumn.


  1. I can't believe the colors either. I've been in Boston in October for the last couple of years, and I think the leaves are more colorful this year! The weather is a little warmer too. Personally, I like it when it's cooler, but I'll take this all while I can get it!

  2. Beautiful photos, all of them. How wonderful that the owners of a parking garage would do something like that and give so many people so much pleasure. Kudos to them. And lucky you to be able to enjoy it every day!

  3. A client of mine just returned from Boston, and I was a little envious of all the gorgeous fall shots she took, but, yours are amazing! I want to poke through your blog some more.

  4. Sorry I haven't visited your place in awhile......WOW great shots of seasonal color...AND I must say that your home is amazing. What a terrific job you have done. Great vision...thank you very much for sharing. K

  5. Oh, I love pretty parks mixed into an old historic city! I was thinking the same thing...the colors seem extra vibrant and bright this year. The reds around are almost a fushia color.
    Enjoy your little heaven in the city...snow is coming!

    beautiful pictures!

  6. hi steve,

    i so want to plan a trip to see the whole color thing. between you and joan, i'm dying. promise me that you will take pics with the leaves on the ground. i adore those shots. also promise me that if i show up on your doorstep one day you won't call the police.


  7. The park is such a lovely place! It's so great to hear businesses doing things like that. The leaves are gorgeous and one of the few things I like about fall.

  8. This is such an inspiring time of the year. With all the storms we are having, the leaves have and extra punch of color against the gray sky.


  9. Boston is such a beautiful city -- especially at this time of year. The fall color is so striking!

  10. Beautiful photos, our trees are just starting to really pop with color too. And I love that they turned a parking lot into such a lovely park.

    Kat :)

  11. The leaves in N.C. are still green. I cannot wait for the colors but we need a cold snap first!
    The park in early morning is perfection I am sure. Lucky you!

  12. I just saw the photos of the before and after of the house. I'm so proud and I didn't do anything. Please have a drink and toast! Fab. Fab. Fab,!!!!!!!!!

  13. What a sweet post... We're glad that fall is growing on you. These photos are so pretty!


  14. What gorgeous colors! I just came over from Deb's at Loyalist Cottage and what a delightful place you have here. I love what you've done with your historical home. The colors and the columns, the lights and the house numbers. I'm looking forward to seeing more.