Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chandeliers and Used Furniture: Endangered?

There was a story on the national news this evening about GE shutting down its last incandescent light bulb factory today. 

So, I ask, what will happen to chandeliers?  Are they obsolete?  Will they become worthless?
Will people hoard incandescent bulbs to avoid having to use these?

I'm all for the environment but, I have to admit, I don't like the quality of light from CFL light bulbs and I've taken out most of the bulbs I've purchased.  Secondly, given the special disposal procedures of CFL light bulbs, I wonder how many people are really going to be compliant.  I imagine most of them will go straight into the trash.

And while on the subject of endangered, what about second-hand furniture given the rapid spread of bed bugs?  I don't even think about that one.

What do you think?  


  1. It hadn't occurred to be to be worried about light bulbs for my chandelier. And 3/5 bulbs are burnt out right now. There must be some good replacements being developed. LED?

    A lot of my furniture has purchased used, and since all the bedbug news I have become somewhat wary about it, but if I saw something really great, I'd risk it.

  2. hi steve,

    although i should, i'm too tired to worry about this. i'm just going to look at the pretty chandeliers you posted. god, they are gorgeous!


  3. Bed bugs are just that-bugs. There are ways to be rid of them, and they've been around for quite some time. I remember my grandmother (memere) telling me about how they would use a feather, dip it in kerosene, and wipe down each spring in the "box spring/foundation" under the mattress. They would also put the legs of the bed in a small dish-also filled with kerosene. Maybe that accounts for some of the distinctive scents we have with our grandparents/great grandparents homes!! Maybe we should bring our own stash of kerosenewith us when we travel??just a thought! I'm guessing a "No Smoking" policy goes hand in hand with this extermination plan. Anyway, I'll also risk it for a wonderful piece of furniture. Maybe lightbulbs will be the baseball cards of the future...everyone will horde, thinking they can make a profit, and we'll still be able to buy them. Why is this all so difficult??

  4. Oh my, I never even thought about this until you brought it up! Yikes, I love my incandescent chandy bulbs!! There really isn't anything that compares, except for candlelight!

    And tomorrow I'm heading to a huge barn sale that I'm photographing for a magazine...let's hope everything is bed bug free. For now I will just plug my ears, and cover my eyes singing La La La the whole while! ;-)

    Kat :)

  5. Oh my, I never thought about the light bulbs either. This is not good. Should we be hoarding them? I don't even want to think about the bed bugs!

  6. Hi Steve,
    I read your post and then left to google this bed bug frenzy that I somehow managed to not hear about! Let me just say that all of a sudden, I've started to feel itchy. : O
    And funny you should mention the chandeliers as just yesterday I tried to go online and order replacement bulbs for ours...but they didn't make the ones I needed anymore!
    Have a great fall weekend in beautiful New England!

  7. I have an old French chandelier and also a variety of second hand furniture on which I happily relax. Under the microscope we would see that bugs are everywhere.
    As they said in WW2, "Keep Calm and Carry On"!

  8. I never thought about light bulbs and if they become extinct I will be in bad shape...last count, I have eight chandeliers (one outside). I am kind of a "chandelier-aholic".(-: Bed bugs to me are the new big bugaboo; Gee, I have even picked up chairs off the street to redo.

  9. bulbs?? I'm hoarding. I'm a hoarder, there I said it!! Seriously, you should see my light-bulb drawer! I knew this day would come, but haven't wanted to think about it. I'm off to buy bulbs... little 7 watt, 15 watt, 25 watt, straight tip, curved tip, chandelier base, regular base BULBS!!!!

    p.s. the leaves are starting to turn!

  10. oh, and the bed bugs... can't think about bed bugs as I'm too upset about the bulbs;) Those new bulbs don't dim.... and they're ugly.... did I mention they don't dim? and they're ugly?????!! :)

  11. Please, if I have to live with one more of those ugly bulbs -- my husband has them everywhere! My chandelier is one of the last frontiers in my house -- I'll manufacture them myself to give us the right light. What a labor of love this must be for you -- I'll stay tuned. And thanks for following my blog!

  12. Chandelier bulbs. I don't know, is it really hoarding or just making a sensibly huge purchase? That's what I'll call it.

    I've been looking forever for the right sofa, but every time I see something approaching what I want on craigslist I worry about bringing bedbugs into the house. It's just not something I want to deal with. Ever.