Monday, June 14, 2010

Trip to Bountiful

Just got back from a little vacation about a 500-mile drive from Boston. Here are a few photos to enjoy while I do my laundry and sort through all my photos.
Any guesses where?

It's not the ocean.

And I scored this vintage schoolhouse light that I think will be perfect for my kitchen.
More later.


  1. Beautiful light fixture, and I can only guess one of the Great Lakes? Canada somewhere? Great pictures wherever you went. Looks very serene, not a bad thing!

  2. Welcome Back! Did you take these photographs because they are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! They would be gorgeous in black frames in your living room. I don't know where they're at but had I gone there, I don't know if I could have left! Can't wait to hear where you always find the most charming places... :)

  3. hi steve,

    i have no idea where you went, but i'm with sarah, i'd frame these. they are gorgeous.


  4. I know where you went, but I'm not telling.

  5. Hi Steve,
    Beautiful place. Beautiful photos! I love your posts on these wonderful getaways of yours.
    ; ) Trina