Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Tile

I got new tile today...from Roma Tile in Watertown.  The other tile store wouldn't
take back the other floor tile because it was "special order."  That was news to me.
And there's nothing on their invoice to state a special order could not be exchanged
or returned.  I may pursue it but thankfully the cost isn't a huge deal in the scheme
of things.  I'll probably donate it to a charity when I donate my kitchen appliances.

The people at Roma were much more helpful and gave me samples so
I could see everything in my house which makes all the difference in the world.

The new floor tile is Sant'Agostino Ferro, a ceramic tile from Italy.
The color is called black but it's a dark gray with subtle striations of lighter
gray and a tiny but of rust.  I got it in 6-inch by 24-inch pieces which I'll
stack in a grid pattern.  And it was a very reasonable $8.95 per square foot.

Although it could lean to a very modern setting...

...I think it has very traditional soapstone associations.  

I actually also see it as foundation of gray flannel.
The white subway tile will be a crisp white cotton shirt. 
And with a Greek key belt.

I'm much more comfortable with this choice.

The plumbing and electrical work have begun and I hope to have
the inspections completed next week so we can start closing up the walls.

I thought the beams in the ceiling just outside the bathroom were worth showing.
Not only are they gorgeous but there's some markings carved into them.
I'm not exactly sure what they mean but I think it's some method of keeping
track of which beams go where or some kind of checks-and-balances system to
ensure that all joists were pegged in to the main beams.  There are very 
few of these big major beams and as much as I love them, their placement
just didn't make sense leaving them exposed.

And, finally, thank you all for your well wishes for Angus!
He just had his follow-up visit to the ophthalmologist and he's
healed very well.  The surgery cost about the same as a 
Shaw sink and Rohl bridge faucet but it was well worth it.

Here's the happy boy this morning.  He's one handsome dude.


  1. So glad about Angus!!!! Such beautiful choices.

  2. Grey flannel and a crisp white shirt - I like it!

  3. Handsome tile and an even more handsome cat! He's worth every dollar you spend on him. Looking at him gives me a childhood memory of the fragrance of cinnamon toast :)

  4. Steve - so glad Angus is feeling better. He's beautiful and so lucky to have you, thank you for taking good care of your pets. Wilma had a similar procedure a few years ago where they froze off the eye lashes that were growing on the inside of her lids and causing a lot of eye ulcers. she seemed better after too.

    oh ps - the greek key is perfectly befitting for you and your house, so excited about your selection. Happy MDW!

  5. Glad that sweet Angus is doing better! I love the new tile selection. Yes, with gray flannel and a white shirt, you can go in any direction with the tie (i.e. your accessories). Brilliant choice. I did not get where the greek key is going - must be an accent tile. I will look back at your earlier post!

    Glad you are getting things settled. Those beams are amazing. What a wonderful home you have - full of old time craftsmanship and such interesting history.

    xo T.

  6. Angus is very handsome indeed as are your new tile choices. I love your analogy to a well-dressed man. That must be you! The changes are all for the best in the long run. I think you will have a lovelier bathroom with these choices and some charity will benefit as well.
    All the best...Victoria

  7. The new tile combo looks sharp! As does Angus :) Glad he is all better!!

  8. The new tile is beautiful! You might try Craigslist for the tile you couldn't return. I have had very good luck using it when I replaced some appliances and cabinetry in my house in MetroWest. And, thanks to your reviews, I know where to NOT buy tile in the future.

    And, as a cat lover, I'm so glad you're cat is feeling better.

    Good luck with the installation.

    1. Craigslist is a good idea

      And, yes, avoid Tile Showcase. I should have checked out their yelp reviews before going there.

  9. Angus looks like he's happy with you choices as well!

    The Greek key is awesome. Looks like a lot of the letter "S" in a row :)

    BOO to the store that won't take back something that won't work for you-I never get stores that alienate customers that way.

    When I was a mgr. way back when( before teaching) I was taught that people who have a good experience will tell-on average-two people, but those who have a bad experience will tell ELEVEN or more!

    You just beat that average via the interwebs-well done, Mr. S!

  10. I am so glad Angus is feeling better. Now that I have my daughter's cat, I am not only a dog lover, but a cat lover as well. The new tile is beautiful.

  11. I feel the same way. As a business owner, I run into people who have legitimate gripes and other people who are just jerks. You have to keep them all happy. So if I'm being a jerk, they should have made an attempt to make me happy. i believe that a company's good response to a problem will win better loyalty than if that problem never happened. That's a rare company it seems though.

  12. and the towels could be the tie.......

    paws up for angus, handsome indeed!

  13. Awww, so happy Angus is on the mend. Youre a good dad! Love that floor tile and the greek key! It is sensational. Hope you have a lovely Memorial Day.
    xo Nancy

  14. I really love your comparisons to menswear. Your bath will look smart indeed!

  15. I think the new choice is just so you! Looking forward to seeing it all installed. And I am so happy about Angus, but can't stop laughing at the cost comparison!!!

  16. I love your new floor tile!

  17. Lucy is quite smitten with Angus.

    I might have to bring her on vacation with me.

    The bathroom just keeps getting better and better.

    Did the sun shine today?

    xo Jane

  18. Angus IS one handsome boy. Glad he's healed well. I like the new tile choices. Classic and classy. That stinks about the ones you can't take back. Another strike against that place, eh?

  19. wonderful tile choices. and those beams are terrific.

  20. Steve,
    So glad that Angus is better, and yes so handsome.
    Love your new tile choices!

    Art by Karena

  21. He really is handsome. His doc is really good. Love your blog.

  22. I come from the land down under!May 27, 2013 at 4:15 AM

    Very chic. Greek key in Greek revival...subtle.

    Happy to hear Angus' surgery has been successful.

  23. Steve your Greek tile is gorgeous! I prefer the mosaic look rather then totally smooth. It gives it some texture and movement.

    Glad to see Angus is feeling and looking better. Our furry friends mean so much to us don't they?


  24. Susan's right. In this electronic age, you've told lots more than 11 people all over the Boston area. Many potential sales lost - for a few dollars (to them).

    Love that dark tile. The color variation will make all the difference in the world. Glad Angus is doing well..

  25. He IS a handsome dude. I love your tile! Those beams are amazing, too bad they can't be left exposed.

  26. Angus is looking fit and happy..Customer service is actually more important for a successful business than the product you sell!

    I can't wait to see the room finished, I'm sure it's going to be perfect! Craig's List is a good place for your unused tile and hopefully you'll make someone very happy :)

  27. love this post.
    the grey flannel, the crisp white shirt...
    the beams.
    such attention to the beauty in everything.
    and the perfect finish, Angus.

  28. I like the allusions of bathroom style to stylish garments; we should feel great in both, and I know you will.

    The marks on the old beams are fascinating, and I'm sure you must be able to access a reference to them somewhere. Perhaps that great book on barns by Eric Sloane.

    I'm also glad that Angus is recovering (and not holding you responsible for his discomfort!).

  29. Great tile selections, Steve. I can't wait to see the final results. I'm glad Angus is feeling better.

  30. I'm always interested in how others are upgrading or redecorating. I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be able to make up my mind about anything!

    So glad your man cat is recovering well :)

  31. Forget the dang tile....jumping up and down for the recovery of Angus. I am well aware of vet bills for last one was 5000.00 for spleen removal. That put a damper on spring shoe shopping. Go after those tile people....bastards.

  32. Lovely tile. Nice choice.

    Glad to see Angus is healing nicely. He is a handsome dude. I have 3 cats too and they mean the world to me.


  34. Been away. Just getting home and checking blogs. So sorry Angus had to go through this. He IS one handsome dude for sure!

  35. Steve

    I like your new selections. I am anxious to see the floor in place. I am especially happy to see Mr. Angus looking so proud and happy!!

  36. Ooooh Angus is quite the looker, and I do believe he knows it too. I know what you mean regarding pet surgeries, I've been there, astronomical but what else are we going to do, right? Anyway, let's talk tiles. I love your seections, I think they're going to look really gorgeous in that bathroom. I'm especially enamored of your floor tiles. Believe it or not I am picturing them on my kitchen counter which obsesses me no end since I can't decide what to put there (I hate granite)and lately I'm thinking slate. Can't wait for the next installment!

  37. Wow, is that floor tile going to be good looking, especially loving the contrast. Yum.

    As for Angus. Poor, poor kitty. So glad he's feeling better.

  38. Hugs to Mr. Angus. Handsome indeed and so worth every penny (huuuuuge animal lovers here).

    You have the best taste, Steve. L.O.V.E the Italian tile. And the "Greek Key Belt" - very sophisticated. Nice, nice, nice.

    Hugs to you.


  39. Love your tile choices. Am anxious to see the finished bathroom. Great looking cat too.