Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

The past few weeks have provided the most stunning
spring flowers we've seen around here in a long time.

I thought I'd send a few Instagram flowers
your way for Mother's Day.

According to Saipua, this is a quince called Cameo.

Tulips at the Boston Marathon Memorial.

I didn't think you'd mind a little chocolate.

White lilacs grew outside just between our
back door and my grandmother's house.

They're always special.


After a heavy overnight rain, the lilacs
were hanging like clusters of grapes.

And the maple and cherry flowers were left
in colorful puddles on my neighbor's driveway.

A massive white Wisteria.

And my my favorite nostalgic Mother's Day flower.

No matter where I am, the scent turns me into a 7-year-old
playing outside my grandmother's house. 

Happy Mother's Day.