Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Around Here

All photos from my Instagram

It's almost summertime.  When the warm and humid
air meets the cold ocean air, we can get really foggy mornings.
And a 75 degree day can suddenly turn to 55 degrees when
the sea breeze backs in.  It's hard to judge what to wear.

But it's planting time.  All the garden centers and
nurseries are packed with urban gardeners looking for
something new to plant in their little plots of earth.

All the lilacs, Lily of the Valley and tulips
have yielded to Spirea...

...and allium...


...and bearded iris.

I had in my dining room?

I'm happy to see it thriving outside.

What I'm not happy about is my bathroom floor tile.

It looked beautiful in the store.  I even took a little piece of
floor that had been taken up from the hallway so I could match the color.
I think I was just so impressed with how real it looked.

But when I have the tile juxtaposed against the real wood floor,
it looks...well, really fake.

I'd say it's a faux bois faux pas.  But better to figure it out before it's installed.

I'm hoping to pay a restocking fee and get something different.

Finally, it's been a really challenging week.

Angus, one of my three cats, has had a problem with his eyes that's
gotten progressively worse.  It's called entropion which is a turning
in of the eyelids.  Can you imagine what it would feel like having all of
eyelashes growing in your eyes.  It seemed to have gotten significantly
worse over the past few weeks so he finally had his surgery last Thursday.

When I went to pick him up on Thursday night, he got his e-collar off and
immediately rubbed his eye against the carrier and ripped out a stitch.  
I decided to readmit him and pick him up the next day after the eye
doctor had a chance to look at him.

This is what he looked like when he got home.
It was a tough few days with an upset, hurting little boy
that could get his cone off in a second and didn't want to sleep.
The pain meds seemed to make him only more agitated.
It's hard when they don't understand what's going on.

But I'm happy to say that after five days, he's healed very quickly
and as the swelling goes down his big almond eyes are coming back.

He still wears the cone at night and while he's unattended but
he's able to enjoy a few moments without it when I can watch him constantly.
He seems much happier and hopefully this will be the end of the problem.

That's what's going on around here.

* * * * *

Thoughts and prayers to the people of Oklahoma!


  1. I had a spirea like that under my bedroom window when I was growing up, and my mother called it "Bridal Wreath". Just looking at your photo brought back the memory of its intoxicating scent on a twilit evening. I think I need to plant one, don't you? I hope your little guy feels better soon. - Cheryl

  2. Cheryl,
    I think that the kind of spirea it is. I thought it was Bridal Veil but I have a friend that calls it Bridal Wreath too so maybe I'm wrong. My grandmother had one so it's very nostalgic for me too.

  3. Your poor baby! Is Angus named after ACDC's guitarist?
    Or is he simply Scottish :) Hope he continues to feel better daily.
    So hard when they don't get that it's in their best interest.

    My mom had that Spirea in her garden as well, and it was HUGE!
    I think she called it Bridal Wreath, too.

    I remember playing Barbies under it with my sister and the Stephans' girls. The scent was divine, but I think ours bloomed more towards June? Hmmm...

    You are smart to return the flooring if it's not the perfect thing.
    I say white marble hexagonal :)

    1. Yes, Angus is Scottish. How did you know. His middle name is MacPherson.

      White marble hex is definitely under consideration. Or basketweave.

    2. Well, I KNOW this sounds crazy, but I've had lots of Scottish references this week-my Ma passed away fifteen years ago today
      (May 22nd). I think she's saying HI-and she knows how to get me to take notice, LOL, by doing it on the 'net!

    3. No crazier than dimes, right? You just have to be open to the messages.

  4. Angus looks rather wild ish there in the 2nd photo. Lion -like, and very handsome.

  5. Oh poor sweet Angus. The little darling - I want to scoop him up, but I suppose he would like everyone to bug off and leave him alone. How stressful this all must be for him (and you). Not only do they know realize we are trying to help them, but they can't say how crummy they feel. Poor little dear.

    Sorry about the floor. Ugh.

    xo Terri

  6. I'm sorry your little guy had to go through that. It's hard to watch them suffer.....I so much enjoy your blog! Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us....Lois

  7. We had a spirea bush by the house when I was a kid, too. I also remember how briefly the flowers stayed and how messy the shrub was.

    I dearly love iris and that one is such a pretty pink. I think potted Christmas trees are wonderful. So happy they can grow outdoors instead of becoming mulch.

    I'm glad your orange furbaby is feeling better.

  8. My gosh! Your poor boy! I've never heard of such! Love your instagram pics. I still have not gotten into instagram. I guess I should. I keep meaning to...I just haven't. I love shopping for plants in the spring time...so much fun!

  9. I call it Bridal Veil also. My mother had one and it was a beautiful ending to a Michigan winter.

    Poor kitty. I'm glad he's healing quickly and yes, how horrid it is to be an owner of a suffering animal who doesn't understand what is happening.

    Cats are not happy coneheads. Lucy was supposed to wear one after her surgery. That lasted for all of two minutes.

    I'm in love with that pink iris. Maybe the squirrels will plant one in my yard.

    Happy almost summer.

    xo jane

  10. Wow what a different climate we have, oh to garden over there, just been doing some revamping of me garden have 4 tonnes of pea shingle arriving Friday for a path around the cottage, so glad Angus is on the mend.


  11. OMG. Poor Angus. He did look rough post surgery. That must have been hard to see him like that. I'm glad he's doing so much better now. (I love his squishy tummy).
    Yes, this weather is crazy but I get so happy seeing all the flowers. I have an explosion of Daisies and Catmint here and I'm drooling fool at the Garden Centers. Thank god Winter is finally over.
    and yes, thoughts and prayers for all those in Oklahoma. Seems like there has been so much tragedy in the last few years.

  12. Funny but the plants and flowers you listed are exactly what's coming out around here although my lilacs are a little slow. Angus is one handsome boy and glad to hear and see he's feeling much better.


  13. You did have a hard week...I'm so sorry your poor cat had to go through surgery...but I'm glad he's doing better now...I hope you can get your money back from the tile! Shoot..that's a bummer

  14. My kitty just had some serious orthopedic surgery on one leg and hip, so I understand how hard it is to watch them sit unhappily in the cone. Hang in there, cats are tough and it will be so much better in a few weeks!

  15. The final shot of Angus is the best character portrait of a cat I have ever seen! With a dark halo too - he looks like a politician.

  16. Poor Baby! I'm glad he's feeling better...bummer about the floor, better now than after it's installed though, good luck with finding a replacement...I'm actually here enjoying the lilacs, lily of the valley and so many more. You weren't joking when you said the garden centers were busy! It's amazing to see the selection here...so much to look at...wish I could bring some home with me!

  17. I hope dear Angus is right as rain very soon, poor little guy.

  18. Oh poor kitty! It's been cold and rainy here. You are way ahead of us, flowering wise. As usual.
    That's too bad about the floor. It always looks great on those tv shows too.

  19. Poor thing! I hope he's getting better...

    And the flowers are fantastic. In may I wish I was a gardeneer!
    Today I tried to buy some seeds to plant something on my windowsill (I live in the city), but didn't find anything.

  20. Oh poor little Angus...I am glad he is feeling better. He looks like my "Tiger". Orange cats are just the best! You had me thinking about that floor for our fixer...glad I read this before I headed out the door...I know you have impeccable taste...what are you going to replace it with?

  21. Sorry to hear about Angus! I'm sure it has been very stressful for you both but I'm so glad he is now better. Give him a big hug for me.

    Bummer about your bathroom floor tile. Maybe you can reconsider the marble from Amazon now? I didn't buy enough for my bathroom at Roma, so going to buy the rest through Amazon. I'll let you know how that turns out!

    Beautiful flower/plant photos!

  22. Poor Angus!!!!!!! A pet is like a child and the worry can be awful. I hope you both are feeling better. I havent done a thing about planting yet. Hopefully next week. And as for the flooring, just dont do it unless you love it. Which I know you know ;-)

  23. Poor Angus. Fortunately, he is on the mend. Your garden looks beautiful. Too bad about the floor tile. Bathroom renos seem like they should be easy because of their size but, as I am finding out, they can be quite difficult. I am sure it will look fabulous with the next flooring pick. Marble perhaps?

  24. Glad cat-kin is better. It is so darned hard when our animal family members are hurting.

    Summer is creeping in here, too. I'd like to hang on to spring for a few more weeks, tho. Everything is luscious!

  25. Great pictures---I'm clinging to my Blackberry, but Instagram makes me want an iphone.

    So glad Angus is feeling better.

  26. Ohhhh, poor sweet baby....My yellow lab, Bo, had the same condition, and the same surgery. He also was able to somehow get the collar off, and immediately tore out the stitches ! He also had a second surgery, but I am happy to report that it was also successful, and he never had the issue with his eyes again. You were right to do the surgery - imagine how painful it must be. If left untreated, the vet told me they can eventually be blinded from the cornea being irritated......BTW - Angus is a GREAT name !

    1. I did it just in time. He did have a small corneal ulcer that healed in the few days. Good to hear the surgery helped your dog. Thank you on the name. Not only do I love it, it's always fit him.

  27. Hi, Steve - We just came home from CT, and it was much cooler there! Already hot and muggy in DC. Poor Angus :( Glad he is doing better. My dogs run when they see the Elizabethan collar. I feel terrible putting it on them. Love all your Instagram photos!!

  28. Just want to say....I love your blog! Thanks.

  29. Thank Angus is one handsome boy. Glad he's feeling a little better.

  30. I can imagine it's been a tough week for you both, but good to see that Angus is on the mend. You're a good parent.

  31. Oh bless his heart. I am so glad to see he is getting better. Oh I just can't imagine. The eyes are such a sensitive area. Love the flower photos. Bonnie

  32. Angus looks like a sturdy lad and cats don't hold grudges.
    No doubt you'll solve the tile dilemma with your usual aplomb!

  33. Oh, poor Angus...and poor you. It's never fun when they're sick since you can't make it better and you don't really know how much they're hurting. (obviously a pet crowd here). Your Instagrams are gorgeous, not at all surprising. Here comes Summer! We think.

  34. Steve, first, I love your photos, especially the allium (gorgeous!) and the pink iris. I'm sorry the tile didn't work for you, but you're right, it's better to make the decision before it's installed. You cracked me up with the "faux bois faux pas" comment!!! Lastly, I'm sorry about Angus. It's awful to see your pet in pain, unhappy and unable to understand what's happening to them. I had eye surgery on my right eye last month (a corneal condition; I'll need to have surgery on the the left one also), and I can truly sympathize with Angus. Having eye discomfort is no fun at all. I hope he heals quickly.

  35. I agree with Bonnie - "bless his heart" and, Steve, "bless your beautiful heart". Not only do you care for your beautiful pets with warmth and love but you choose the best flowers to photograph - its hard to choose one as they are all stunning - but the Alliums!!!!!!!!!!!! Tricia.

  36. Your cats even have middle names? Love those alliums...beautiful photo!

  37. Oh poor Angus, that would be very painful and irritating!
    I am so glad he is okay now,

    Please do join my latest giveaway and feature.
    Art by Karena

  38. Of good Lord....that poor kitty....the pictures made me sad. I really hope all is well and I am so familiar with those "party hats".....