Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Maine Picks

While in Maine I thought I would look for some inspiration for the guest bedroom.   Now that the outside of the house is done, I have an idea in my mind what I want the interior to look like and it's always fun to find things that match that idea.  And there's no better way to kick off Christmas shopping by buying some things for myself!

As you saw in my earlier post about redoing the guest bedroom I was considering glazing over the wallpaper and coveting some of the bedding from Restoration Hardware.  As you can tell from that post, I'm aiming for a very neutral gray/brown color scheme.  And, if you've been following me for a while, you've also seen that I look unique vintage items.

Here are the things I found that fit all of those criteria:

This is a press of some kind.  I don't know what it's supposed to press but I thought it would be fun to put different things in it to fit my mood or the season.  Maybe a holiday Easter egg...a stack of old get the idea.

I love the legs on the press.  It looks like it could get up and walk away.

This is a little Kosta Boda head I already had to put into the press today.  I think we've all had days we feel like this.

I LOVE this globe!  A black cast iron stand and a silver earth.

It's even got Boston on it.

Some vintage candlepin bowling balls that say "Lovie."  These have my name all over them!

Two vintage wooden disks from industrial wood molds.  I thought these would make great bases for cloches or just a stand for just about anything...

...kind of like this.  These wooden disks and "Lovie" balls came from the gallery and studio of a local Wells artist.  It was one of the most amazing places I've ever visited.  I'll have to tell you about it later.

I like these lamps because they look and feel like old silver trophies.  These were made by Smith-Zukas Antiques that I showed you back in the summer.  They're made out of old vases and the bases are black marble.

I think with a black shade, they'll look really handsome.  I know this shade isn't right.  If anyone can tell me the rules for lampshades, I would be appreciative.  I want a drum shade so it doesn't compete with the  shape of the base, but I'm not sure how big it should be.  I'm not convinced the finials are perfect either.

This old architect's drafting table would make a great bedside or accent table.  It's cast iron and the base is telescoping so the height is adjustable.  Smith-Zukas is making a top for me out of reclaimed pine.

I also thought I'd visit my country home away from home: Snug Harbor Farm.  If you missed last summer's post about Snug Harbor Farm, you can read it here.  They say they're open year round so I decided to see what was going on this time of year.

I was able to walk through the greenhouses and pick a few topiaries to bring home and enjoy for the winter months and then I headed up to the shop.

Check out this little work area off to the side of the shop.  It didn't photograph well but it's just enchanting in here.  The lit balls seemed to be floating in air.

Inside the shop, these wonderful little terrariums welcome you inside the front door.

Preparations for holiday visitors are well under way.

And the shop is packed with holiday decorations and gifts for the garden lover on your holiday list.

If you're in the Wells-Kennebunkport area next weekend, Snug Harbor Farm is having an open house from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.  You can find more details here.

Thank you, Michilyn, for being such a great host!

Back at home, my new topiaries have found a regular home in my sunny kitchen window.  When visitors are coming, I'll move them from here so everyone can enjoy them.

I deposited my new picks from Maine in the living room so I can enjoy them and get a feel for them before I make more decisions on the guest bedroom.   Here they are so you can get a look at how it looks right now and see how these new things fit in with my other things.   I think I'm happy how this room feels as you walk in from the new front porch.

This is the back corner of the living room.  It's what you see when you walk in the front door.  I've also got the gray and brown color scheme in here.  The painting on the wall is something I recently bought at auction.  Auctions are a wonderful place to get wonderful original art at reasonable prices.  It desperately need a new frame but it's not high on the list right now.  I might take it apart and paint it for now.  I think a weathered gray frame would look great.  I think I also need to put the drapes back up.

I love this photo.  It makes the house look really light and airy.  I'm editing out the TV and its stand from the left of the photo.  I'm still looking for a solution for the TV.  I'll show you another day.

This is the front corner of the living room.

And, finally, this is the front wall of the living room showing the new windows that go to the baseboards.  It's so bright in here.  You can almost see me in the convex mirror above the chair.  I'm sitting in one of the Louis XVI chairs that I showed you a while back.  I've not done anything to transform them as of yet because they turned out to be too small for the living room.  I think they may work as a side chair in the bedrooms or as a formal arm chair for the dining room.  So that's project on hold.

Are you getting an idea of how the guest bedroom will look by the ideas I've discussed?  Is this a place you'd be comfortable visiting?


  1. Your new finds are lovely. Your living room looks so bright and airy. I love it. Maine looks like a great place to find great things. Do you want to come over and strip off my living room wallpaper???

  2. love, love all your new purchases Steve!! The press is my favorite, and the head in the press- priceless! Hey, why didn't you buy that fabulous, iron lantern next to your table base- that's spectacular!!!:):)
    Your topiaries are perfect! I love my topiaries from Snug sure to water the pots themselves when you water the plant, as it helps keep that beautiful green patina on the pots longer!

    And apparently it's your lucky day:) as in my antiques business we specialized in lamps and turning antique found objects into lamps. And there are definitely rules!! So, we'll talk! Basically it's a scale/proportion thing; and you never (never, ever;) want to see any part of the harp under the shade! I like the shape of the shade to repeat some part of the lamp- in this case you could use a square shade to mimic the marble base, or a round (i.e. your drum) since you have those great rings on the base of the trophy; or even a scalloped based shade to mimic the scallops on the top of the trophy. I think the drum would look great! I adore finials (you should see our "parts" drawer;) and think they are as important to the lamp design as the lamp itself! A bad finial can totally ruin a wonderful lamp. And yes, I think that finial is overpowering for the lamp. The finial needs to be the perfect accent (not a main player) for the piece. I'm thinking a little round black marble ball finial would set the base off nicely/ or a silver similar to the base metal.

    You definitely hit the jackpot on your trip to Maine!! Congrats!
    Happy week!

  3. Looks like you had one of those "GOOD" shopping days! I can't believe all those treasure - the lamps are gorgeous! And need I say more about the silver globe!
    It definately looks like a guest room I would want to stay in ... I don't where Janet's going to sleep though! :)
    The whole house is coming together beautifully...aren't you just overthrilled with all that light.
    Did you sing Merry Christmas to ME all the way home? :)

  4. hi steve,

    so much goodness here. i love the way my room is shaping up. it's going to be really great. thanks.

    also, i love that convex mirror. is it an antique? i want it.

    love all your picks from the antique store. esp that globe. i want that too.

    joan knows all there is to know about lamps and shades and proportions. so she will help you with that. love those lamps too. put them in my bag will ya?

    ok, so everything is perfect and i'm sufficiently jealous for the day. good job.



  5. I happen to love your "finds" right where they are in the living room! :)

  6. Hi Steve,
    Living room looks just about perfect, and the guest room plan sounds like it is shaping up beautifully. It definitely sounds like someplace I'd love to visit, but would you PLEASE take me shopping when I visit? PLEASE? Karin

  7. Dianne,
    I love them in the living room too but I moved things so I could enjoy them, soak them in for a while. There's a possibility that some of them might stay. I'm constantly moving things around the house to contemplate different things about them. It might be a little crazy but as long as I know it, it's okay, right?

    Sounds like fun! Anytime.


  8. Well none of you are going shopping without me!!!! :)

  9. What amazing treasures you came home from Maine with. The topiaries are my favorite. There is something about live plants in a room that makes it feel like a real home. Your lamps are just stunning and I usually get my lamp shades from Concord Lamp in Concord Center. They tend to be a bit stuffy but really know their business. I know I have said this before , but I think you have impeccable taste. I wish we were neighbors so that I might pick your brain for ideas.

  10. Thank you for the virtual trip to Maine, Steve. Aren't old tools and such interesting? They have the work grained into them. The little head is perfect for your press.

  11. i'm smitten with the green table your kitty is sitting on, and with all the soft light floating into your rooms.

    for sure looks like an inviting place to stay!

  12. What I love most about your home is its elegant simplicity. (It is the quintessential Greek Revival style so prevalent in Cambridge. I attended Radcliffe and would park some distance away to walk by many such as yours). I have enjoyed reading about the restoration of your lovely home; such a nice feeling to bring it back to life! You have a really nice eye for putting it all together. Maine really is a beautiful place to visit with good photo and shopping opportunities. Like you I can make it to Wells in no time; such a pleasure to be there and find the coolest things. I especially like those 'lovie' balls. (My best friend's mom who is 90 uses that term of endearment; it is her signature call to us and makes us feel so special. Good karma in this room. I love it! PS. Jorgensen Antiques is such a neat place. I attended school in Orono, and would make time to get off the Turnpike on to Route 1, to explore.

  13. I AM that Kosta Boda head. What a great glimpse into your style, and Im totally intrigued by the new finds -- especially the globe, and well those wooden orbs, too. What I really love seeing though, is the mirror in the front hall. You've shown it a couple of times and I think it has my name on it.

  14. nice finds..and fun to see. Love the old press~

  15. Love your finds. Especially adore the globe - I'm a sucker for globes and this one is certainly special. Your tablescape looks fabulous!

  16. Nice finds! My favorites are the lovie balls and topiaries. I love the photo of The Shop work area with the light balls. I'd like a closer look of the painting you got at auction! Who is it by? I've saved Sunday's Globe article about Maine Rt 1 Antique shops which I'm going to read now. Will have to take a road trip one of these weekends!

    Thanks to Joan for the lampshade tips. i just bought a lamp base and seeking the right shade.

  17. "Lovie" all your amazing finds! I think interesting objects are like interesting people--they always take the conversation up a notch!

    Speaking of taking things up a notch, we've got a $250 giveaway this week! For details and holiday decorating tips, come see us at

    E + J

  18. Wonderful finds!! Yes and very comfortable surroundings and color palette.

    I have a $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!
    Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  19. What a lovely blog you have!!! I look forward to reading past posts and following along. I'm your newest follower.

  20. i'm drooling... thanks for sending me this post! i've got a lot of catching up to do at the urban cottage!