Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Decorating Inspiration from Eddie Ross

Eddie and Jaithan commented on my last post saying that they "lovie"d my finds from Maine and invited me to check out Eddie's holiday decorating videos and his $250 giveaway from Sears and K-mart.

After watching Eddie turn this...

Above photos:  Eddie Ross blog

...into this, I was inspired to do a little decorating of my own.

I added a blue spruce and cedar wreath with pine cones and pepper berries to the front door... 

...and a garland of pine and cedar with simple white lights along the top of the porch.

I love white lights in the wintertime.  It's seems like we have so little daylight, it's nice to come home to the lights on the outside of the house.  I have mine plugged into a photosensitive timer that turns them on automatically at dusk and leaves them on for 7 hours.  Trouble free.

The lit garland held up by the columns seems perfect.

I think a single candle in the upstairs windows would finish it off.

And the onion light bathes the wreath beautifully in light.

If you could use a little inspiration for your outdoor decor, check out Eddie Ross' video.

Don't forget to check out the $250 giveaway on Eddie's blog.  Learn more about it here.

If the video will not play, click here.

And happy decorating.


  1. Beautiful. All we need now is a little snow! Not too much though. Just a little will do to make it extra special. : )

  2. I LOVE the picture of the window between the columns! and your wreath is so looks beautiful surrounded by all the black -you can really see the waviness in the sidelights in that picture.
    Wouldn't a little snow be perfect ~ what are you doing on the inside?
    When's the holiday party...I need to book my flight. :)

  3. Your house looks lovie! Truly it does. The wreath is gorgeous, the swag and candles in the window would finish it off perfectly.

  4. hi steve,

    looking good my friend. what's this about a holiday party?

    i like it b/c it's simple and elegant just like you!


  5. I know.... I saw Eddie's Christmas makeover- such a talent! But, then so are you Stevie (may I call you Stevie? No??, okay then 'Stevie' it is!!!) Your front porch looks gorgeous. Dang..... now you make me want to go decorate mine and I was going to be all bah-humbug this year.
    And, not so fast with the "Trouble Free" part Mister... wait until that little snot-nose urchin who put her finger through your fresh paint comes by!! I think you should have some coal in a stocking to give to her the next time you see her and her mum!!

    Now go outside and look at your beautiful porch at night, and from across the street;)!!

  6. p.s. I have that same house number (well, except with 20;)- don't you love it?! Yours looks great at your front door.

  7. Tastefully decorated yet festive and very New England. Love the roping around the porch. I just bought my cedar roping today and the price took a large jump from last year.

  8. Ok, you know you have the perfect house for Christmas. There is nothing better than a white colonial at Christmas time. Perhaps I feel this way because I grew up in one...but nothing says Christmas better than a white house with columns and greenery and white lights.

    I've been busy here and hadn't been by Eddie's blog in the last few days and missed this video so thanks for posting. I'll go take a look.

    What does that tell you that I make sure to check your blog before Eddie's!

    Thanks for your super comments on my mantel.

    I think nothing comes across as pretty as it actually is in that room because of the yellow walls. They are actually just barely yellow...really ivory...but in that room they always photograph so yellow. So yellow that even though I like the way they look in person...I'm thinking of repainting in the spring...because I'm sick of that room not looking good in photos.

    Anyway....I absolutely adore the garland strung from column to column on your porch. And yes, I kind of wish we could just leave our white lights up all year. I love them so. I do have some up on my back patio all year. And I do have a neighbor that leaves them up on her front veranda all year...and it looks lovely.

    Great wreath too. I'm going to try to get my outside decorating done tomorrow.

  9. Perfect for your house, Steve! Everything is period-appropriate and simple, making it quite elegant. I love white lights in the winter too. Last year I loved them so much I left my welcome candles in the window year-round. Now they're part of the window. The house looks dreary without them.

  10. Love the garland on your home!!

  11. I don't think it could be any more perfect for your home , this outdoor decor. It is simply lovely and I lOVE it.

  12. Very classy, Steve! I managed to pick up a plain wreath and a garland to wrap around the outside of the front door, but haven't figured out how to liven them up. We don't have any outlets on the porch, which makes me crazy; but, I'm planning to add some silver and white pepper berries (faux) and/or silk flowers if I come across any. We're getting company next weekend, so that is my deadline. You could easily leave the lights and garland up throughout January at least. One year I left them up until spring since they brightened the porch so well and weren't really Christmasy (former house).

  13. So pretty- I just LOVE the look of your house- perfect!!!

  14. Steve, I love your simple and tasteful Christmas decor. Perfect.

    Thanks for the Etsy shop tip - wow, their work is stunning and so interesting! i am always hunting vintage too, but when I check out the handmade sections I never ceased to be amazed.

    I will watch the Eddie video. I love garlands but can never find fresh garlands here. I suppose with some wire I could make my own...unfortunately David is in charge of the outdoor decorations and he likes lots of lights and coloured lights and I can't get into the Frosty the Snowman thing he puts in the yard. But he loves Christmas so I let him decorate how he chooses and just tell everyone "David did that". Inside the house I am in charge except for the Christmas tree where he insists on coloured lights. I want white but since this is the only place where he exerts his desires in the home decor, I let him have his coloured lights. For once I would like a tree with white lights. But he is like a big kid, so I let him do what he wants for this one occasion and honestly it it not that big a deal. I mean, who needs tasteful?

    Your home is...!

    xo Terri

  15. Simply beautiful! I like yours much better than Eddie Ross'. Yours is very elegant and restrained.

  16. Steve,
    I just love it! When I think of New England and Christmas, it's exactly what you did to your home. Refined and classy. It truly is beautiful.

  17. I gave you a stylish blog award today....and mentioned you on my blog...pass along if you like but don't feel obligated.

  18. Hi Stevem Yes I found you from Nita! She gave me the award too, and when Nita thinks someones blog is cool I have to go see and check it out. I love your garland and white lights. I saw the Eddie video and he is a talented one isn't he. And so nice. I will be following you and poking around your blog. I am an old house person living in my first new house!! Thats what marriage above all else. Like Terri said, with her hubs wanting colored lights, sometimes its easy to compromise.

  19. Your house looks gorgeous Steve! What an entrance! Happy, happy holidays to you! I just love this time of year!

  20. Hi Steve! Your house is gorgeous. The garland looks great. I'm over here from Nita's. She gave me the award too. So I'm going around visiting everyone else. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back! Looking forward to browsing around your lovely blog!
    Have a wonderful evening ~Tammy

  21. Dear Steve, wow!!!! my great congrats for all the work you have achieved at your home!!!! I´m soooooo impressed!!! It looks so, so beautiful and charming inside as well as outside!!!!
    maria cecilia

  22. Dear Steve,
    The Greeks gave wreaths to the victors, so your Christmas decorations are very appropriate for your now beautiful Greek Revival home. All your hard work is such a glorious success (and your front porch far more stylish than Eddie's.) I love the look of the garland strung between the handsome columns and agree with you that greenery and white lights are the best decorations, (although we do put up a riot of colour in the dining room, as evidenced by my advent calender posting!)

  23. What I adore about YOUR holiday decorating is its simplicity. Just enough; not too much. Nice.

  24. Perfect for your house...classic elegance. (-:

  25. So true what you say about coming home to white lights...I just put up lights along our balcony of our ski condo. It is pretty looking out too.
    Mary Ann

  26. This is your first Xmas with all the new changes isn't it. Beautiful and simple, my favorite. Happy Holiday's, enjoy!

  27. Wow! this is great, I love the lights on the garland