Monday, December 27, 2010


When blizzard warnings went up yesterday I thought it would fun to take a few before and after photos to show those of you who don't live in a Northeast city all the fun you're missing.

My side yard has about 30 inches of drifted snow.

I hope Sam doesn't need his tools until spring.

The side steps

To stay on top of the snow, I shoveled every two hours until 11:00 p.m. and then got up at 4:00 a.m. to dig out again, and then shoveled again at 6:00 before venturing off to work.

The back porch.

If you're fortunate, you have a driveway...

...because if you don't, you end up with this...

...or this.

Did you get snow?


  1. NONE here in the DC area ! But the eastern shore got slammed :)

  2. I feel your pain. It's still coming down here.

  3. We got quite a bit as well, but I guess not as bad as other places. Since it was light, it cleaned up pretty easily, at least. 12-18 inches, but I don't really know. So sorry you had to trudge to work this morning. It didn't bother me so much since I didn't need to be anywhere :).

  4. The wind is still at this moment howling like mad. No more snow of course but bitter cold. Love the photos of our December blizzard.

  5. So glad you got the snow instead of us. An inch on the ground and a few flurries is all I need. Have fun :)

  6. hi steve,

    i love all the photos. esp the cars buried. i'm in utah skiing so here they pray for snow. i love vacationing in it but sadly (for larry) am not sure i want to live in it...yet. it is v relaxing here.

    at home we were shoveling water out of the basement every hour last week. snow seems easier.


  7. Jealous! We had no snow for Christmas this year and as much as the shoveling etc. annoys me, I missed having a white Christmas. I didn't think it was possible for your house to be any prettier but the snow makes it look even more divine!

  8. Ha ha!
    Isn't it gorgeous though...for about an afternoon.
    We haven't got that much snow at one time yet, thankfully. Last winter we had a blizzard every week it seemed.
    Enjoy it and great pictures!

  9. Great pics! The snow makes it feel so much more holiday this week, I actually am enjoying it (even as the wind rattles my house right now!). I've got my mom hooked on your blog -- she was asking me about you on Christmas -- she especially loved your post on the ornaments.

  10. This same storm hammered the N.C. coast...something that seldom happens. I emailed a picture so you could see. It is hauntingly beautiful on the bare branches. Thank goodness I had no where to be. Not sure I could get to work in it as you do. brrrrr! It did make your home even more that possible?

  11. That looks shockingly like a Canadian winter! My family lives in NB which gets winters Hellfire most years (2 ft every week) but this year they are getting nothing but rain. We are having blue skies and balmy days. Weird weather, but I think that is fairly typical for you guys, isn't it?? Pretty for the first few hours until you need to go outside....xo Terri

  12. Goodness! I'm going to have to show my children these photos.

    Their eyes will pop out of their heads!

  13. Holy cow! You really did get dumped on! We did not get snow-- we went out to Colorado to spend Christmas with family, and there was no snow to speak of on the Front Range. And nothing but wet back in the PNW! I do miss shoveling snow (I know that's weird), although a big storm that dumped about three feet in about 12 hours just about did me in one year!

  14. No snow here. But it looks gorgeous at your house although I can't imagine getting out and digging through all that. If we have that kind of snow here in OKC...the whole city just shuts down and no one goes anywhere till it melts away.

    But doesn't your house look pretty nestled in the snow!

  15. Sorry you got that,Steve! We got slammed here in NC, too. It didn't stick here in Wimington, but we got stuck in it several times while traveling. I hope you at least have snowplows up there (we don't)! Happy New Year! Karin

  16. THIS is the exact reason I moved from Massachusetts to Nashville 8 years ago. But I like the pictures, and they oddly make me homesick.