Thursday, November 11, 2010

Window Week

There's something in the stars about windows for me this week.   I got a call from Sam over the weekend that my other new windows were being delivered on Monday.  These new windows are for the front of the house and the garden side where the picket fence and arbor are.  

This is my guest bedroom that faces the street.  The new porch roof is just outside these windows.  

And by the time I got home on Monday night, all of the windows on the front of the house had been installed!  There's just something about six-over-six windows that instantly feels historical...and going from vinyl windows to wood really makes the room feel classier.

Now, if you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember this photo of this same bedroom from when I bought the house which leads me to what will most likely be my next project.  

I recently started following the blog of Carol Beck at Sofas and Sage.  Carol has 13 years of experience in the industry and had her own window treatment and decorating business and is trying to make the world a better place one window at a time.  Carol loves to share her knowledge on her blog and her joy in doing so really makes her blog a pleasure to read.  When Carol announced her new Window Wednesdays series, offering to help with window treatment dilemmas, I was quick to send her photos of my dilemma.

You'll notice that these upstairs windows are very low on the wall and the curtains were hung right on the window casing.  

When I did my facelift of the guest bedroom...

...I moved the curtain rods off the window casings and put them up by the ceiling.  It really helped to lift your eyes up in the room and made it feel much taller...

...but I was really unhappy with the big gap between the window casing and curtain rod.  I love the amount of light the sheers let in, but they didn't help conceal my dirty little secret:  that big gap.

I e-mailed some of these photos to Carol and she graciously tackled my window treatment dilemma in her first installment.

See Carol's explanation of the solution here and while you're there, leave her a comment to let her know what you think of her ideas. 

You'll see that one element of the solution Carol offered was to have the curtains stack at the side of the windows...

...and you can see that just that one simple change adds a stronger vertical element that creates an illusion of height.

I've wanted to make some changes to this room and I can't wait to see how Carol's further recommendations enhance the space.

If you have a window treatment dilemma, why not become a follower of Carol's blog, send her some photos and maybe she'll address your situation in an upcoming Window Wednesday installment.


  1. hey steve,

    i think carol is a genius. i love what she did. i have all the same problems as you, i'm talking windows, of course. i just don't have any money to fix them!


    ps ~ i'm going to her blog now to check it out.

  2. I love her suggestion. Can't wait to see you implement it. I'll go over and check out her blog for sure.

  3. The new windows look fantastic and I love Carol's suggestion. I'll head over now and check out her blog!

  4. I agree completely about your windows; they belong and look excellent.

  5. Ok, this is just a whole lot too generous! The new windows look fantastic and I can't believe you already separated the sheers -- it looks terrific. I'm sure you'll see in many pics and magazines that there is often a large gap. It can be ok, it just depends on everything else that's going on. Anyway, thanks again for reading and participating. Got any other windows? :)

  6. Hey L up there is my progeny. Hmm. Your new windows look great and Carol's ideas are spot on. Your guest room looks so warm and cozy.

  7. simple change = big impact!
    They look much better pulled to the sides of the window - a little more classic and masculine.

    Love the linens on the bed. It's looking good in your little cottage ~

  8. I love the way stacking curtains to the sides of the window instantly adds the illusion of height. Can't wait to see what you do to finish this off! And can't wait to go visit Carol's blog!

  9. Your new wood windows look FABULOUS Steve!
    I so agree with Carol's suggestions for a solution for your room.
    I also liked that she mentioned in her comment that the gap can sometimes be okay, depending upon everything else going on in a room. I think that is important to note. (I have the gap:)
    Congrats on the new windows!

  10. Isn't it amazing how some people make it look easy. She is very talented. Will have to pop over and take a look. Love your windows !!

  11. nice! smart ideas.

    the guest bed looks so inviting with the different colors and textures.

  12. Charm, charm, charm is the word on the guest room, love the over head light, the small painting , the bed, all of it. The house is getting there, really smart and refined. Keep it up I'll be there in the spring!

  13. Hi Steve!
    The new windows are really striking! They actually look like they've been there forever, but without the drafts! I bet you've noticed a difference in the amount of outside noises you can hear. I so agree with all of Carol's suggestions. They make for wonderful and stylish windows without really spending more money. One of my pet peeves is when people mount their valances at the top of the window. It makes the window look so short and choppy. And then the ceiling looks short too. It's like the domino effect.

  14. Wow, Steve--what a great idea! I have my curtain rods upstairs on the casings and as of this minute, their days in that spot are numbered. Thanks for the inspiration. And also, the info on Carol's site.

  15. My mom always puts stickers or some type of colored people are her windows so birds don't hit the window thinking it's air. Windows are expensive but at least they save you money by giving you natural light.

  16. You changed all the windows in your house? Surely, vertical elements create an illusion of height. Anyway, I am planning on getting new windows and you just gave me a wonderful idea. I might consider doing the same thing. Thanks!

    -Ashlee Starns

  17. I have the same problem in my north of Boston home. In my bedroom (only 7' ceiling height), there is a wall of 3 windows side-by-side: two short with a tall in between. There's about 17" of wall space above the short windows; the tall window goes up to within an inch of the ceiling. I've been wanting to mount a rod at the top and hang my sheers from there, but the gap above the short windows would be too big.

    Love the concept of a decorative valance/panel as suggested by Carol's drawing. (By the way, couldn't access her site. Is it out of commission? Would love to read more window ideas because my 1875 house is loaded with challenges.)


    1. Kate,
      I've now put bamboo blinds (Walmart $36!) behind the sheers to add texture and fill that gap. It looks great.
      Carol has moved her blog and I believe she's moved all of the old posts to here: