Saturday, November 27, 2010

R. Jorgensen Antiques...and Flowers?

Whenever a friend visits from out of town, I always like to take them someplace they've never seen before.  My friend from Upstate New York who was visiting for Thanksgiving had never been to Maine before so I thought that would make a perfect day trip.  

Our first stop was R. Jorgensen Antiques in Wells, Maine.  The building and property alone is worth a visit.  This 1685 building in on the National Register of Historic Places.  And check out the incredible espaliers on the outside of the building.

Check out the birds' nests.

This is what it looked like last summer when I visited with my mom.

The inside has been lovingly restored with paneling from a Portsmouth, New Hampshire mansion and the antiques are some of the finest quality I have seen anywhere...ever.  Every piece is spectacular and in perfect condition.

As amazing as their collection of antiques is I wanted to show you some the most incredible bouquets of dried flowers they had throughout their two buildings of showrooms.  These aren't your mother's dried flowers.  These arrangements, usually presented in layers, seem more modern, elegant and fresh.

So check them out with this amazing antique shop as their backdrop.  I think you'll enjoy them.

photo: R. Jorgensen blog

photo:  R. Jorgensen blog

You'll notice that almost every arrangement has a magazine under it to protect the surface of their antiques.  This is a perfect example of the level of quality you'll find at this shop.

Okay, not an arrangement, but I love this mirror.

I think this green and orange combination was my favorite.

The dried arrangements unfortunately aren't shippable--I was going to send you one--but I think there's a lot of inspiration here.

And if you're ever in Wells, Maine, R. Jorgensen is definitely worth a visit to see their treasures.

R. Jorgensen Antiques
502 Post Road
Route 1
Wells, ME  04090
phone:  207-646-9444


  1. hi steve,

    when sarah and i come to visit you, take us here please.


  2. How stunning they all are. The photo of the dining room table was my favorite. Wells is lovely and I will definitely stop in to this antique shop the next time I visit there. Have you been to Essex MA. lately. There are quite a few antique shops to browse around in. Then of course when your shopping is done you must eat at Woodman's for some delicious Ipswich clams.

  3. Janet,
    It's on the list!

    Kitchen Window,
    I've been to a few of the places in Essex and they were great! A what a beautiful Colonial village. And I guess I'll have to check out Woodman's!

  4. Oh my God...Janet took the words right out of my mouth!

    Really though - had you not told us, I would have never known these were DRIED flowers. They are stunning and I will NEVER show my little wicker basket of dried flowers again! I almost want to now throw it out.

    I spied that gorgeous rug in the entry...wonder if I could afford it. It looks like a beautiful place to spend the day - you're such a great friend.

  5. Well then, it's a good thing I'm so close and you can just drop it by the house!! Really beautiful arrangement. And, sit down, but we've never stopped there. Why?? Must remedy that on the next visit!
    So glad it was such a great visit.

    p.s. must call Art about lantern, damn it!;)

  6. What amazing espaliers! Absolutely love that. And these arrangements have my mind turning with what to do for next year at Thanksgiving. I love the ball shapes in the urns. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love the arrangement with the feathers. I wonder if I could replicate it. It would be gorgeous for next year's fall decorating, but I may never put it away.

  8. Lovely! Each time I thought I had picked a favorite, I scrolled down. Thanks for allowing me to join you on your visit.

  9. These are exquisite. Great inspiration. I need to try to make something like one of those. Let's see how that goes hahaha...

  10. I've never been to Maine, but it's one place I've always wanted to go. Now I want to go more. Dried flowers smell good, don't they? I don't have them around the house but I love to walk past displays in shops and breathe them in.

  11. That beautiful building looks just like mine on the inside! Not. Love the dried flower arrangements, they are so different. I'd love to see more of that lovely place. I'm off to check out how far Wells is from me on google maps.

  12. Hi Steve, I read your last reply to my question concerning art and agree with many of the artists you selected. Cy Twombly makes me him. There are two present contemporary artists I also love... Todd Murphy's work is haunting and Amanda Tally's is very fresh.I could go on and on...
    Now, about the dried flowers...I love the feathers!!!!

  13. Dianne,
    I'll have to check out those two artists. Thanks for letting me know about them. I don't follow too much contemporary art but love to look at any art.

    I agree about the feathers. It's a very handsome arrangement.

  14. Dianne,
    Maybe we can do a bus tour!

    I was just looking at Todd Murphy's work.


  15. this is the A list of antique stores... the owners are so hospitable too.. the quality of their furnishings and presentation is wonderful. My Mom loves to visit this shop each time we go to Maine. Great choice.