Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Can't Help Myself

I had to leave work early today to pick up my updated blueprints to get them to the Zoning Board by tomorrow's deadline so I thought I'd stop by this great little import store that's near my architect's house/office. I've wanted a little table for my back porch to set a cup of coffee or a cocktail and some snacks for guests. I found this little metal table from Africa made from a vintage sign. I liked that it didn't look new and I love the vintage green color. Sitting out in the weather, I even hope it gets rusty.

I'm never caught without my camera anymore, not just because of the blog, but I'm really trying to capture house colors and details like wrought iron railings, light fixtures, etc. As I was on my way back to the car with my new little table, I saw this huge Greek Revival house down an unassuming side street. And I just can't help myself. I had to snap a few photos.
This house is presently being operated as an inn so it's had some alterations that aren't typical such as the bridge with the big round window. The bridge was created to leave a driveway that dips down to a parking lot. This is the first Greek Revival I've seen that has pilasters that go right up the center of the house rather than just at the corners.

Here are those windows that go to the floor and check out the little wreath details on the entablature of the porch. Also notice the tongue-and-groove siding. The entire front facade of this house in done in the same siding. This was done to make it look more like stone, just like a Greek temple.
I'm not sure if this right-hand side of the house is original or not but this portico entry with square columns is beautiful. What do you think of the light? There were no electric lights when this house was built so who's to say what's appropriate. But I feel this light feels too colonial.
Here's a close-up of the fluted ionic columns. Fancier columns for a fancier house. And no porch railings. I'll bet their lawyers (or insurance carriers) made them put up the railings to limit access to the railing-less deck.
Here you can see the underside of the porch, painted sky blue just like many New England homes. And the deck is a dark green which is pleasant compared to the typical gray. Except for the Paul Revere light, I think this place has been beautifully restored.


  1. hi steve,

    how beautiful. i love the windows. and the little light doesn't bother me too much either. have you been inside?


  2. Great porch table! Is this Inn in Cambridge? A beauty for sure. I love porch ceilings painted blue and the green floors are a nice touch. Good luck with the Zoning board!