Sunday, June 30, 2013

Unique Things and Bathroom Sneak Peak

I'm a sucker for unique one-of-a-kind things.

Add hand-carved and with a crown, and it's as good as sold.

My first name means "crown" so  I've always considered it kind of a personal logo.
Doesn't everyone have a personal logo?

But what the heck is it?

At first I thought it was some kind of a game board.  The outer ring
has the numbers 1 through 31 but once I saw the middle ring with the
labels, J31, F28, M31, A30, M31, J30, J31, A31, S30, O31, N30, D31,
it was clear these represented months and the number of days in each month.

January 31, February 28, March 31, April 30, etc.

But when I got the inner ring, I was stumped.

L, M, M,  J. V, S, and D.

Any ideas?

The back says in pencil "Made by Elliot Rogers, Oct 1841."
This inscription isn't a good clue; in fact, it's misleading.
There's another notation that says "Made for..." but it's illegible.

If you haven't figured it out, I'll give the answer at the end.

Let's take a sneak peek at the new bathroom.

I finally got my marble on Friday and I couldn't wait to dry fit
everything together to see what it looked like.  I painted all day
yesterday so hopefully everything is looking quite pulled together.

Here you can see the corner of the Swedish console vanity,
the new honed cararra marble top and the basin sink.  The horizontal
planking and chair rail are in the background.  I have to say I'm
pleased with the overall vibe referencing the age of the house.

I also have to say I'm in love with cararra.  I can't stop looking at it.
I'm really pleased with the corner detail and ogee edge I used on the marble.
You can see the top of the table's leg has this clipped corner and you may
recall that clipped-corner detail is repeated in the toilet base and tank.  The
ogee edge is also quite similar to the original top that is now the lower shelf.

You can also see a little bit of the floor tile.  The tiles are 6 inches
by 24 inches and after a lot of thought and discussion, I decided
to place the tiles with a 1/3 stagger.  I originally wanted to place them 
in a grid pattern but thought it might be too modern.  The 1/3 alternation
makes it feel more like hardwood would be placed.  So I think it's perfect.

The colors were a challenge because the Swedish console was a much different
gray than the Greek key mosiac and floor tile.   I find grays really difficult.

In the end, I chose Benjamin Moore Icicle--one of my favorite go-to whites-- for
the walls because it related to the greenish-gray of the console table and Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray for the chair rail and trim.  This is the first time I've used Stonington Gray
and I love it.  It looks great with the mosiac chair rail and cararra mable vanity top.

Today I'm sealing grout (after mowing my keep deep grass before it rains again) and
then hopefully the plumbing and electrical will get finished up this week.

So back to the calendar.  Did you guess?

It's French.

The L, M, M, J, V, S and D are the days of the week,

Lundi = Monday
Mardi = Tuesday
Mercredi = Wednesday
Jeudi = Thursday
Vendredi = Friday
Samedi = Saturday
Dimanche = Sunday

Even though I took French in high school, I never realized the 
French months all started with the same letters as they do in English.

January = Janvier
February = Février
March = Mars
April = Avril
May = Mai
June = Juin
July = Juillet
August = Août
September = Septembre
October = Octobre
November = Novembre
December = Décembre

As to why the notation on the back in English will probably remain a mystery.

I'd love to find something to use for pegs since it would make it a piece
that's interactive.  It might be fun to put in the guest room marking
the day of the guest's arrival.

Have a great week!  I hope you don't have any Google Reader nightmares to report.
See you on the other side.


  1. Am still concerned about commenting come tomorrow, so hope this will not be our last contact.. but am trusting you and Bloglovin.

    Love the way the bath is coming together. Maybe in another week you can quit teasing us.

  2. Great find, I like the unique too. Can't wait to see the bathroom. Hugs, Marty

  3. Did you mow? My grass is two weeks long, a field of clover you might say if you have a more carefree garden outlook than I do.

    Pretty sure you don't.

    Love the calender.And your new throne room is looking fit for a king.

    xo Jane

  4. Love your French calendar! I'm interested in what you will end up using as pegs. Hmmm. you've got me really thinking on that one.
    I LOVE the marble. Absolutely perfect.
    I'm drawn to things with the Moon because of my name but I would say my personal logo, of course, is a black cat.
    I did the Bloglovin thing too, hope to see ya on that other side also!

  5. Cool calendar! Your vanity looks great--that corner detail is stunning. I have carrara marble in the new kitchen and love it too.

    Thanks for the tips on the grays--I've never painted gray, but am moving in that direction.

  6. I really like your unique crown piece . . . in French . . . And your new look, sink, marble, details . . . are very, very tastefully perfect!

  7. Good Morning Steve,
    Love thew French Calendar, I had a feeling......
    Now to the cararra marble. I absolutely adore it; a true classic!
    Also what a great find! I wonder what my personal logo is?

    Art by Karena

  8. Steve/Crown... I think we should start calling you Prince Steve!;)
    Love the calendar and love, love the sink and marble. Don't you just love it when everything starts to come together!
    happy Sunday Prince!

  9. Steve, you are such a tease — the little reveal of the bathroom looks great — I look forward to the big reveal. I'm guessing that wonderful calendar had some great pegs that went along with it. I'll bet they has little knobs on the end.

    1. Oh, my! I meant of course that I'll bet they HAVE little knobs on the end!

  10. What an unusual piece! I love how the bathroom is coming together as I knew it would. That little table is just perfection!

  11. I'm loving that piece! Who knew you were a "crown", which is fitting to being king of a great house. I'm a "joyus song" but I doubt everyone would agree with THAT on a daily basis, lol. I used Stonington Gray in Sam's room and I can't get enough of it, so I can only imagine how great it looks in your bathroom. I need to come see it. It all looks genius so far. Of course. ;-)

  12. Love the calendar...where is it going to be placed? Your vanity is perfect Steve...every detail. Carrera is hard to beat! Can't wait to see the is coming together beautifully!

  13. What a timely find!! Oh, the possibilities... franki

  14. my inner antique dealer did guess. what a treasure steve! i will have to inform my husband, steve, what his name signifies, never knew.

    well your bath is divine, love all your choices and following this renovation as i have a bath to do. isn't it fun when you love the results of a project and can sit and stare?

  15. that clipped corner is the best.

    you work FAST. you put my snail-paced projects to shame.

    beautiful marble. can't wait to see it all together, steve.


  16. Steve your calendar is fabulous! I'm like you I'm a sucker for anything out of the ordinary. I didn't realize all of our names mean something mine as it turns out means "bee". Thanks for the tease with your bathroom and I can't wait to see the finished results.

    Between yesterday and today we got everything mowed. We have another week of rain coming so it was either mow or we would need a machete to get through the yard.

    Enjoy your week!

  17. You are such a tease, King Steve!!! Can't wait to see more of the bathroom! Cool calender. Did you find it in Maine? We're headed there this week.

  18. Now I know why I took five years of French, so I could figure out what the letters represented. Such an interesting calendar, and I love what I can see of your sink console. I used BM's Revere Pewter in my just renovated guest bath and I love it. Stonington Gray is a favorite too, but I have never used Icicle. I love the green undertones. I already signed up for Bloglovin so I feel confident about tomorrow.

  19. I don't have a clue what that dang thing is but the bathroom...well now I am really looking forward to seeing it finished cause I know it is gonna be good.....

  20. Would the pegs from a Cribbage board fit in the spots??

    1. That's a good suggestion and I might look for an old cribbage board. It seems like the holes are different sizes. I might have to get small dowels and whittle them down.

  21. What a great find! I did not have a clue!!! I love it though!!! Your marble looks amazing too! I've got my Bloglovin all set . . . I think! Who knows . . .

  22. Ah, but Señor, it could also be Spanish,(Lunes, Martes, Miercoles…). Not to add to the mystery, but I’m also curious why there would be a hole for a peg in the sun? Interesting find.

    The sink is looking great and the paint sounds like a perfect match.

    Enjoy your week.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That's a good thought. And check out the next comment that came in at the same time,

  23. My last name also means Cross but in Spanish (Cruz). You might know that in the Spanish language the names of the week and the names on the months, except for January start with the same letters as in the English and French languages...same root. The months: Enero, Febrero, Marzo, Abril, Mayo, Junio, Julio, Agosto, Septiembre, Octubre, Noviembre, Diciembre. The days of the week: Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sabado, Domingo. Gorgeous bathroom by the way!

  24. oh i think the marble is gorgeous. it looks ancient! which is so good.

    i guessed it was a french calender...i really did.

  25. Bathroom is looking interesting! The calendar is really cool! I wondered what the holes were for, but when you mentioned pegs, I realized that had to be it. Great find!

  26. The calendar is enviable. I guessed it to be French. I wonder if its Canadian.

  27. what an amazing thing you have found!

  28. It could also be Spanish or Italian, they start with the same letters also. It's quite the find, I think. Bathroom's looking gorge!

  29. Oh, Steve! As usual, your design picks are stunning. How I wish I could fly you down here to do my house!

  30. Hope your grouting is going well-cannot wait to see this bathroom; all the components are sure to make a fabulous reveal!

    Where will your new-to-you calendar live?

  31. er.mer.gherd. i am LOVING what im seeing so far. you are sooo good at picking this stuff!

  32. cool find. I figured it out immediately so I was sad to see you gave the answer. haha.

    bathroom looking amazing!!

    still on holiday. hate typing on mom's laptop.

    xo terri

  33. beautiful
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  34. I dunno Calendar Boy....that 4 is not a French 4....says the girl who grew up in Switzerland. The bathroom is looking mighty pretty.

  35. Your bathroom looks wonderful...cant wait to see the finished project...

  36. Pegs to fit might be made from wooden chopsticks, which should be relatively easy to come by.

  37. Hi Steve

    Bathroom is looking the Carrera honed? Looks like it's been sitting in your bathroom for many, many years. I can't wait to see how it all comes together at the reveal :)

  38. Wonderful attention to detail with the console and the marble. This kind of detail is exactly why I enjoy your blog so much. I wouldn't normally think of something like that. I have learned so much, I always knew I had decent taste but really never knew how to pull it all together. You show how its done. Great post!

  39. Sneaky indeed - I keep coming back to see your lovely new bathroom LOL!!

    Loved this piece - the letter initials were logical to me (having grown up with French!) but I still can't quite work out why it highlights the last day of the month: am I missing something or just a bit dumb?! ;o

  40. OK, yes, I'm dumb. I get it now - days in each month.

  41. Use cribbage pegs for your calendar! I'm sure you can find some old ivory ones that would be perfect.

    Your bathroom making me all antsy to get started on our downstairs bath. One project at a time, though, or things will get out of hand. What am I saying ... they are already SO out of control ... All I hope is that it gets better before too long. There's no logical order to follow when renovating an old house, is there.
    Happy Sunday!

  42. Your calendar is fabulous! And I'm on pins and needles waiting to see the final shots of the bathroom. Such a great mix.

  43. It's a beauiful and unique piece and a fabulous find!

  44. I always think you do greys so well! The bathroom is looking very swish indeed.
    Quirky objets are such a goody to find. Well fossicked!